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Using the Cursor Button , move the arrow to Set Time. Press the & buttons to adjust the clock to the current time. Press the Cursor Button again to set the time and move to the next setting, Start Water. With the arrow pointing to Start Water, use the & buttons to select the first time of the day you want to water.
HydroLogic® 2-Zone Digital Water Timer has two independently programmed outlets for two separate watering zones. The large, easy to read LCD screen makes programming a breeze. The two zone model also has the simple manual operation function for using a garden hose or when manual watering is needed.
Sprinklers should be set to run for about 30 to 35 minutes at a time twice a week. Your goal is at least 1″ of water a week for your lawn. When it`s hot and dry, double the water times while still trying to water just 2 or 3 days a week.
Zone – An irrigation zone is the area in your garden that is connected to the same valve. Examples include a lawn “sprinkler” zone or a shrub “drip” zone. Valves – Valves are the physical hardware that the controller opens and closes to distribute water to each zone in your garden.
Mechanical Sprinkler Timers

Mechanical irrigation timers are a type of sprinkler timer that uses a series of gears and cams to open and close the valve, which in turn controls the flow of water to the sprinklers. The number of gears and cams determines the amount of time that the valve is open or closed.

These fit on any outdoor faucet where you can set it like a kitchen timer for the number of minutes to run, then it turns off the water. This timer should be on every outdoor faucet during these dry times so you don`t leave the water on either.
If your sprinklers are not activating correctly, your wiring between the timer and valves may be broken or disconnected. Remove the protective cover from your timer and valve box to visually inspect the wiring connections. Each valve usually has two wires: one ground connection and one powered line.

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Timer has shut off to this valve but water keeps going through valve
ANSWER : Hi Check
There is no dirt in the valve
Normally Shut
Dirt will lift the diaphram

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Need operating instructions – Orbit 6 Zone Automatic Irrigation Watering Timer, Sprinkler Station
ANSWER : Go to Orbits web site and download instructions. Or since you have the least expensive timer known to man simply buy another one for $20.00 then you will have instructions and a spare timer. You will need it trust me.

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How to fix a melnor 4 zone digital timer with stuck valves?
ANSWER : Bleed the air out of each valve then re tighten bleed screw. if still stuck open then buy new diaphrams

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My melnor 3100 electronic water timer wont shut off
ANSWER : My acqua 3100 is locked with the valves, what should I do to fix?

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Pre-programmed times and zone 2 has soaker hose. When faucet turned on, why does zone 2 start and won’t stop until faucet turned off?
ANSWER : Valve to number two is stuck open

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Nelson water timer doesnt turn on manually – Nelson 2 in 1 Pre-Set Water Timer 56606
ANSWER : Is the tap on?

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I have a 12 station system with all 12 stations connected on my Orbit Timer Model # 57012. Recently I am having problems when I run a program. Zones 1-6 are fine. When zone 7 kicks in, zone 6 continues to run and both zones have minimal water pressure. When zone 8 kicks in there is virtually no water coming out of the heads. I have reset the system and have put zones 1-6 on B watering schedule and 7-12 on C watering schedule. (A watering schedule has not worked since day 1). The problem has continued. I was able to manually water each station last night so I know there is ample water pressure in the lines. Is this a problem with the unit or the wiring?

Thanks for you help. My e-mail is [email protected]



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I need a copy of the written instructions for the operation of Raindrip model HGR673CT. I just bought this model, but the instructions got lost. I cannot figure out how to use the water timer without the instructions.
ANSWER : Go to the manufacturers web site and download the instructions.

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