ormal? The best I can tell from looking underneath is the brake does not release until I rock it…. ????

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If there is interference with the brake/clutch pedal, your gear shifter may not come out of the neutral position. Inspect the linkage between the clutch/brake assembly and wheels, as well. Any damage or obstructions should be repaired immediately since this also causes a safety issue.
Lack of Lubrication. Without adequate lubrication, the gears in the transmission can become reluctant and hard to shift. Check the transmission fluid level regularly and change the fluid based on the schedule recommended in the owner`s manual provided by Troy-Bilt.
Causes of Riding Lawnmower Won`t Move in Neutral

To check for a damaged drive belt, locate the belt cover on the side of the mower and remove it. Inspect the belt for any signs of wear or damage, such as fraying, cracks, or missing chunks. If the belt is damaged, it will need to be replaced.

The Transmission Is Stuck in gear

Low oil level or the incorrect type of oil. Problems with the linkage or shifter assembly. search for maladjustment, or wear or damage to rods, bushings, or shifter arms. Internal components: shift rail, detents, forks or a stuck synchronizer sleeve. Worn-out or broken drive gear teeth.

The most common cause of a stuck solenoid is the failure to replace your transmission fluid when you should. Over time, small bits of metal and other debris will get into the fluid (if you`ve ever seen black transmission fluid, this is what causes it). And this is what leads a solenoid to become blocked.
Malfunctioning Brake Light Switch

The brake light switch is the main culprit for your gearshift being stuck in the mode. It`s a small sensor located on the brake pedal that prevents the car from starting if the brake pedal isn`t depressed.

A full gas tank and oil reservoir are the essential first steps when checking why the lawn mower won`t stay running, but the problem could also be a dirty filter, clogged carburetor, improper fuel mixture, or a dirty spark plug.
In this case, the vertical component of the applied force acts in the direction of the weight of the mower. This the effective weight of the mower. Since the effective weight of the lawn mower is lesser in the first case, pulling the lawn mower is easier than pushing it.
The reasons why mower is not moving forward or reverse is that the battery is dead, or due to clogged fuel line. Additionally, malfunctioning transmission, or a broken drive belt, also a faulty spark plug, even when friction wheel isn`t in contact with the friction plate, or damaged Tires.
Pour penetrating oil into the cable (Photo 1). Grab the inner cable with pliers and work it up and down to loosen it. When the cable moves freely and all the penetrating oil has drained out, squirt silicone lubricant into the funnel to keep the cable sliding freely. Reinstall the cable (Photo 2).

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TROY BUILT RIDING MOWER MODEL13AX60KH011 – Troy Bilt 175HP Manual 42" Riding Mower
ANSWER : OK question

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Gas flooding air intake – Troy Bilt 175HP Manual 42" Riding Mower
ANSWER : Float is stuckor there is something between float needle and seatmine had dried out gas line pcs caught in itchanged the line took bottom off carb cleaned it out (carb spray)put it back together no more over flow

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Makes noise in reverse in rear end section – Troy Bilt 175HP Manual 42" Riding Mower
ANSWER : Make sure that the linkage is allowing it to go all the way into gear

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Pony wont start. i have replaced gas, cleaned carb, replaced plug. it will turn over but wont start. getting gas and fire.
ANSWER : Look to see if there is any trash under the seat.there is a safety device and if it is not making contact it will not start.try to put the mower in forward and engage the blades,while not running.push on the mower a few times then try to start it again,

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Show me where the choke is and how to unstick it.
ANSWER : Its just under the air cleaner in the top of carburator

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Won’t start after 3 seconds it stops
ANSWER : Try changing or cleaning the spark plug and scoket

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When mower lever is engaged the motor dies – Troy Bilt 175HP Manual 42" Riding Mower
ANSWER : There is a safety switch that may be out of adjustment when you engage the deck

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Law mower won’t turn over alls you hear is the starter
ANSWER : Your valves need adjusted. Not reasing compression.

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