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Cable on edgeguard broken – Scotts Company Scotts Lawns Edgeguard Deluxe Spreader
ANSWER : Www.scotts.com/smg/…/index.jsp?..

I need parts for scotts precision flow model pf1
ANSWER : My Scotts Deluxe Edgeguard has broken. The cable that pulls the fertilizer feed door open (when you sqeeze the lever) has sheared off where the cable meets the body. Is there some way to obtain the part(s) I need? What about a repair manual so I can figure out what part(s) are required?

Need the setting for a Scotts Pro edgeguard broadcast spreader for pre-emergent
ANSWER : Hi, W/D here.The spreader setting instructions will be found on the back of the bag, and you will set your spreader gate opening accordingly.Best regards, –W/D–

I need a new spring is it replaceable – Scotts EvenGreen Drop Spreader
ANSWER : Yes, you will need to remove spring and take to hardware store or automotive parts store to match it up. Or you can look online at the parts list for your spreader and order it from Scotts directly.

I have a scotts edgeguars spreader on of the brackets on the right wheel has rusted would it be possible to get replacement parts or just to buy another spreader?Which would be more cost effective?
ANSWER : I am sorry to hear about the problem with your spreader. There is a chance that we have replacement parts available to ship. Please give Scotts a call @ 1-800-543-8873 at your earliest convenience to see what we can do to assist you.

Need some replacement parts for my Scotts AccuGreen 3000 spreader. The Pull-Handle on the main handlbar is broken. the lever snaped off. There is what appears to be a ‘rivet’ holding the handle to the handle-bar. Everything else works fine. Paul….
ANSWER : Contact Scotts online and they will Fedex the whole handle free, not just the lever. No kidding.

I have an older scotts drop spreader, called a precision flow control model and do not know what settings to use with the Scotts turf builder I have purchased.
The best way is to just place a small amount… like 5 lb in the hopper…start with it barely open and see how far you get,,, then compute from there what you need…
The settings they give you are guesamates at best and are often set to place too much… why not??? they are selling you a product!!


I need a replacement part for Scotts 73730 AccuGreen 3000 Deluxe Drop Spreader… the plastic part that holds the cable and threads into the dispensing lever.
ANSWER : I am sorry to hear about the problem with your spreader. Sometimes we have replacement parts for our spreaders. Please give Scotts a call at 877-465-5160 at your earliest convenience to check part availability. Hilary @Scotts