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Hi Glenn, Try “Grand” or “Concert Grand” if you haven’t already. Roland is known for great piano sounds. I hope this helps,Best,Mark

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1997 saw the release of the RD-600. Further refining the piano realism now synonymous with the RD series, the RD-600 featured the new PA-4 Hammer Action, which became renowned as being the most realistic action at the time.

If you`re looking for a keyboard that is portable and cheap, then you will also have some options. A digital piano is going to be more pricey, but if you`re looking for an instrument for your kid to begin piano lessons on, Roland makes high-quality digital pianos.
WEIGHT: 24.5kg / 54lbs., 1oz.
The RD-2000 does not have built-in speakers.
It was founded by Ikutaro Kakehashi in Osaka on 18 April 1972. In 2005, its headquarters relocated to Hamamatsu in Shizuoka Prefecture. It has factories in Malaysia, Taiwan, Japan, and the United States.
The world`s first digital piano based on digital synthesis paved the way for Roland`s history-making digital-piano family. Sales partner is established in Italy. The Hosoe factory (present headquarters) is completed. Production company is established in Taiwan.
One very desirable feature that the Roland does have over the Yamaha in this case, however, is the upright build. However, overall, the Yamaha is a better option as this piano is an ideal for intermediate or advanced pianists, and can go with the student from his or her intermediate period into the advanced stage.
Grand Piano Sound and Touch in a Compact Instrument

SuperNATURAL Piano technology powers ultra-expressive acoustic piano tones, while the 64-note Ivory Feel-G keyboard provides a true weighted-action playing feel.

* NOTE: This piano weighs 135 pounds (about 200 pounds boxed) and is best handled by an experienced professional piano mover to deliver, unbox, assemble, and place in your home. Deluxe Piano Bench (light oak only comes with bench pictured) High Quality Roland Headphones included*
The Roland Jupiter-6 (JP-6) is a discontinued synthesizer, manufactured and introduced by the Roland Corporation in January 1983.
As a guide, we can say $60 – $1000 will buy a keyboard for players of all skill levels. Similarly, around $400 – $1200 will buy a digital piano fit for a beginner or a pro. That`s still quite a broad estimate, so let`s get into it in more detail.
The RD700GX, released in 2008, upped the ante in this competitive part of the synth/keyboard market, not least because of its notably fine 88‑note keyboard, which had textured, ivory‑feel keytops and a convincing `notch` in the keystroke that emulated a good acoustic piano`s escapement action.
Los Angeles, CA, September 1, 2010 — Roland marks a new RD series milestone with the introduction of the RD-700NX, an instrument that raises the bar for onstage performance with its incredible sound, touch, and control capabilities.
The Roland G-800 was released in 1995 as a professional version of the “intelligent synthesiser” series of keyboards that started with the E-20.

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I have a Roland Rd600. Im just looking for some info and help on getting the best Real piano sound i can from this keyboard.
I appreciate any help

Thanks Glenn

ANSWER : Hi Glenn, Try “Grand” or “Concert Grand” if you haven’t already. Roland is known for great piano sounds. I hope this helps,Best,Mark

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My cub cadet quites mowing when it gets hot – Cub Cadet Street Sign- tractor lawn riding mower parts
ANSWER : Need to have valve jopb done bad valkv

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I have a john deere 737 mower and it started running on one cylinder. I bought a coil for it and put it on and had the same problem. so I looked into it a little more. I am not getting any spark at all if I plug both coils in. if I unplug the wire on one plug I will get spark on the opposite cylinder. if I reverse the process I get the same result on the other cylinder. so im getting spark from both coils but I can get spark from both when I have them both plugged. whats the problem. why will the same wire fire one cylinder and not both
ANSWER : You have the wiring hooked up wrong. The way you have it is grounding out the coil that isn’t working. I have ran into this problem at our shop only once. Only after contacting tech support was I able to get it right. Unfortunately I cant for the sake of me remember how I did it. I do remember that when I got it right, it didn’t look like it would work. I am frustrated at my self for not being able to remember.

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Won’t Start I have replaced the battery, solenoid, ignition, air filter, spark plugs, and starter and cannot get the mower to crank. When I first switched out the starter (Which was the last thing replaced) it tried for the first two cranks and now it does nothing. The solenoid pops real loud when I try to start it and that is the only sound I get out of it. I get 11 volts to one side of the solenoid but don’t even get one volt from the side that the starter is hooked up to. I sanded down the metal behind the solenoid and got nothing. I tried jumping a wire from the battery straight to the starter and still nothing. If anyone could help thanks.
ANSWER : Unbolt the starter, and try it, to see if it turns over. make sure it is grounded or it won’t turn. next turn the engine over, to make sure it isn’t locked up, if everything looks ok then put the starter back on, check the voltage at the battery, a fully charged battery will read up to 13 volts, check your wires from the battery to the solenoid. make sure the eyes on the ends of the cables are making good contact. If the wires get hot you need to make new ones, this normally means it isn’t making a good connection, and low voltage going into you’re starter will make a spark in the windings and ruin the starter. It would be a good idea to use a little heavier wire than the facctory did . If you get power to the solenoid and when you hold the key in start psition you dont have any power on the other side of it,and you can hear it clicking, you will need a new solenoid, which would mean this was the cause of the problem. If everything is ok put your meter on the battery and try to start it. if it drops below 10 volts you might not have a high enough cranking amps battery.

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My new Husqvarna lawn tractor has had a bit of a problem with backfiring and smoking at startup since I purchased it new last summer….but it always ran perfectly so I didn’t complain. Now, however, it actually sounds “funny” when I’m riding on it. If I had you on the phone, I could make the noise (ha). It’s like the motor goes up and down in volume AHH uhh AHH uhh AHH uhh 1-2 second intervals…..with the continuation of an occasional backfire. I only have about 4 hours on the mower so far and as I said, I’ve never had a starting problem and it cuts beautifully….but I need to know if this is an issue that needs to concern me or if this is a common occurrence. Someone told me it sounded like there may be a bit of water in the gas….so we tried a small amount of a product designed to get rid of the water in a gas tank. Strangely, this seemed to help for about 20 minutes…..then it started making the rhythmic sound again. Help?
ANSWER : It’s called “hunting” and its caused by the engine running too lean. It needs the carby and fuel system cleaning out. Also the fuel shut off solenoid in the bottom of the carby needs checking for proper function. Regards Phil

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In 2006 I purchased an automatic transmission Craftsman lawn tractor, model YS 4500 / 917.276641. A couple of months ago, it started not going forward or back well. It would eventually work, when I did everything just right, but slowly. After another use or two, it quit moving at all. (It starts with no problem, and the blades work fine.) I looked at it until I noticed that the ground drive belt seemed crazy loose and while the pulleys were turning, it wasn’t. Thinking that didn’t seem right, I went to my local Sears and the salesman agreed it sounded like a loose belt, so he ordered me a Hydro Ground Drive Belt, part no. 140218. When it arrived, I noticed it’s white instead of black like my old one, and seems 6+” shorter. I attempted to install it per the instructions in my manual. I get it around the mandrel and idler pulleys with no problem, but there’s no way I’m getting it around the clutch pulley. In my further research, I’m wondering if it would more likely be the motion belt, anyway, if it’s a belt issue at all. I would appreciate any help/insight. Thank you!

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I have bobcat s300 600 hours it has noise in front left side when machine moves can anybody help me
ANSWER : Since you didn’t specify, I’m taking a guess it’s making noise only when you’re driving it, not when sitting an operating the bucket or aux. hydraulics. You have to describe the noise, is it a whine, groan, high or low pitched, grinding, crushing marbles, what? Describe the sound.

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Cub cadet 2135 blows fuses, it was fine until I changed the coil, could the voltage regulator be bad? what if I put the wrong coil on? I made jumpers and it gets real hot real fast but when i unhook voltage regulator it dosent get hot. also it dosent get hot when key is off or if I hold it in the start position im lost
ANSWER : Let me answer each of your questions 1 at a time, why did you change the coil? Was it because it didn’t run or for some other reason. What fuse is it blowing? The voltage regulator is only used for your charging system, generally stator is in the flywheel and the armature is bolted to the block under the flywheel. Your voltage regulator is mounted on the engine shroud. Your regulator will get hot / warm to the touch only with the key on it will get hot with the engine not running because there is no cooling air going over the voltage regulator. Your coil is in the ignition circuit it sounds like you have a wire croosed from when you changed out your coil. If this is not the case then you may have a bad coil.

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