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You will have to get into the gearbox. It isn’t too hard but is time consuming. Sounds like the drive for the tiller has broken. Could just be the chain in the gearbox for the tiller drive.

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Tiller: Why won`t my tillers wheels or tines turn? A broken drive belt, bad transmission or problem with the clutch cable can prevent a tiller`s wheels and tines from turning. Check the drive belt and replace it if it`s worn or broken.
Forward rotation tillers are low-duty tillers best suited for small jobs like garden spaces and soil that is already well aerated. They require more passes to get the desired results. Whereas, reverse rotation tillers are heavy-duty tillers perfect for large-scale jobs.
Each tine consists of four blades curved in opposing directions. Blades one and three are curved pointing in toward the tiller; blades two and four point away from the tiller. The inverted tines keep material from accumulating on the blades. The outward pointing tines are the heavy cutters.
Worn or damaged tines, broken tine shaft clevis pins, a worn drive belt, a faulty transmission, a problem with the clutch cable, improper depth-stake setting or bad soil conditions can cause a tiller to do a poor job turning the soil.
If the rotary tiller still doesn`t start:

Check that the fuel tank isn`t empty: if necessary, add fuel. The fuel must be fresh, of good quality and clean: make sure that no dirt, water or incompatible fuel (such as petrol-oil mixture, if the engine is a 4-stroke) gets into the tank.

A rotary tiller with forward facing tines won`t reach as far into the ground as a reverse tiller, but It will have a finer texture. In contrast, a reverse tiller will take more horsepower, but it will reach further into the soil while making it a rougher texture.
The RF rotary tiller is a twin way operating compact machine. Its gearbox is designed for its rotor to work in dual direclon i.e. forward & reverse. The reverse tillage function helps perform deep tillage along with fine pulverization in the first pass itself.
Rear tine tillers break up hard ground and till it into soft garden soil that can easily be cultivated and sowed. They allow you to loosen soil effortlessly without the exhausting labor.
Pull up the levers under the handles.

On a tiller with the tines in front, the forward motion is controlled by you. To prevent the tiller from moving forward when the tines are engaged, you`ll have to pull back on the handles while pushing down to lift the tines out of the soil and hold the machine in place.

Tillers can cut through smaller roots without much problem. The maximum size of roots that the machine can cut through depends on the tiller`s size and power, as well as the blades` size. However, running into overly large roots can stop, or even damage your tiller.
One of the most common problems, especially because rototillers often sit unused for months, is stale fuel or a clogged carburetor. If you know you have fresh fuel, you can check for carburetor blockage by spraying a small amount of carb cleaner into the intake and attempting to start the engine.
After repeated use, the tines, or blades, dull and wear down. No matter what type or brand of tiller you own, these blades will need to be sharpened or replaced to keep your machine working properly.

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Tines wont turn
ANSWER : Without really knowing what is broken it will be tough to give a firm idea of the cost. However, you can head over to They have a great detailed parts break down and costs associated with it. Looked up your part numer and can find at this link:

How to find replacement clutch cable M T D rear tine tiller with no sereal number
ANSWER : You can do what i did and resoider or re crimp the cable go to the hardware store and buy a generic cable and fabricate your own.i did this for my 2 year old mtb lawn tractor as i was too cheap to spend the 50 buck for a crappy 1/8 thick cable that the manufacter knew was going to fail.I used a spare throttle cable from my vw dune buggy and cut it to fit.

I have a MTD yard machine rear tine tiller. Goes forward and reverse but tines wont rotate. How do I fix?
ANSWER : You will have to get into the gearbox. It isn’t too hard but is time consuming. Sounds like the drive for the tiller has broken. Could just be the chain in the gearbox for the tiller drive.

The tines work fine the tiller will not pull in foward or reverse
ANSWER : -Possibly wheel’s locking pin is broken or broken gear.

Good luck.


Why won’t my brand new tiller stay running? Starts, runs a few seconds, then stalls.
ANSWER : Sounds like its flooding
the float needs adjustment or seat needs cleaning or replace

158 series Mower starts but stops running .Do filters need changing ?
ANSWER : It probably wouldnt hurt to replace filters and clean carb that should fix the problem

Need operators manual for MTD tiller 214-430-000
ANSWER : Go to MTD website to obtain manual or google manual by model number followed by the word mtd or tiller

How may yards in a mile – Mtd Products Yard Machines 158CC Tiller
ANSWER : 1,760 yards = 1 mile