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“Chain Saw – 16” Bar, 3 Hp

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Any brand of 2-cycle oil for air cooled engines will work. Do not use outboard, snowmobile, etc. Sounds like the gas evaporated and the oil was left in the carb and clogged it up. You can try removing the air filter and spraying some gum cutter, carb cleaner or Sea Foam(my favorite) into the carburator. It will probably need to be diassembled and cleaned. Usually the hardest part of the job is getting the link and hoses unhooked.

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If the spark plug produces a spark and you are still having difficulties starting your chainsaw, it`s time to check the gap. The spark plug gap is an air gap between the ground electrode and the center electrode. If the gap is too small, the spark struggles to ignite the fuel and air mixture.
If your chainsaw still starts and then stops working, check the air filter. Clean or replace the air filter if it is dirty or damaged. Another reason that your chainsaw starts and then stops working could be that the spark arrestor is dirty or clogged. If this is the case, clean it with a wire brush.
If your chainsaw does not start, the fuel may be too hot. To prevent this from happening, always use fresh fuel and reduce your operating time when the weather is warm. If your chainsaw will not start, place it in a cool area away from sunlight for at least 20 minutes.
If a petrol engine chainsaw won`t start, it is usually due to an engine malfunction, specifically relating to the fuel system (which mixes the fuel with air and feeds this mixture into the engine`s combustion chamber) or ignition system (which produces the spark that starts combustion and thereby causes the engine to …
#1 Dirty carburetor

This is easily the top culprit. In fact, anytime I run into a chainsaw, string trimmer, lawn mower or other small engine that won`t start, is hard to start or runs poorly, I suspect a dirty carburetor first – and it`s usually the case. Gasoline begins to break down in as few as 30 days.

The fuel line may be clogged from stale fuel deposits, more reasons to cause your chainsaw to cut out when applying throttle. If a fuel line is cracked, it will leak gasoline and draw air from outside into the fuel line. If the line is leaking fuel, it needs to be replaced.
Check the air filter and spark plug on the Husqvarna 350. If the air filter is clogged or dirty, clean it or replace it with a new one from Husqvarna or an online parts house. You can test this by trying to start the saw without the air filter. Some parts houses offer maintenance kits that include the filter.
Smart Start is one of Husqvarna`s unique technology because when their chainsaws are installed with it, it means it`s extremely easy to start.
One tell-tale sign that a chainsaw has flooded is the smell of fresh petrol near the muffler. To ascertain whether this is indeed the problem, simply disassemble the part, pull the starter cord as if you were switching on the engine, then dry it, reassemble it and try switching it on again.
Get to work faster. Smart Start is Husqvarna`s name for the technology that evens out the increase of momentum that develops when the piston reaches its highest level. This makes it easier to pull the starter rope, which – in the long run – saves both time and money for you and your business.
Even if your saw is in ideal working order, it will overheat if you overwork it. Two ways to do that are to operate it with a dull chain and try to make it do something for which it isn`t designed, such as cut a curve.
My chain saw starts and then dies what is wrong? This could be a number of things and is most likely fuel or storage related. Over a short period of time, fuel will become stale. If the unit is stored with stale gasoline, the system will become clogged or restricted.
1. Dull chain and or improper lubrication to the bar and chain, sharpen and or clean the bars oil holes. 2. Air filter and fuel filter for restrictions and contamination, clean or replace as needed.
Fuel Filter is Clogged

When it`s clogged, this affects the flow of gasoline to the engine which then causes the engine to stall. The fuel filter will need replacing if it appears to be clogged yet if it seems clean, it may be a different problem causing the engine to cut out.

Generally, two-stroke chainsaw engines are built to conveniently run at full throttle without an engine breakdown. Therefore, running at any throttle speed below the full throttle is not advised. Cutting a thick wood or timber while running at a low speed or throttle can cause the blades of the chainsaw to become dull.
A bypass lever is located on the back of the frame, pull out on the lever to move the mower and push it back in before mowing.
A chainsaw`s carburetor mixes air and fuel to start the internal combustion engine. If fuel has been left in the engine for too long, it can become sticky and clog the carburetor, preventing it from starting. If the clog is minor, clean out the carburetor.
Considering the fuel capacity, there are better options for touring. But for better performance, speed and reliability (build quality), certainly yes.
With the right maintenance, your mower can live well and strong for about 15 years. With the peak season of mowing approaching: here are Husqvarna`s best tips on how to care for your machine.
Many chainsaw models can be started in what is known as `half-throttle` position. In this position, the chain can rotate – if the chain brake is not activated. There are two safe positions to start your chainsaw: on the ground, or with the saw between your legs.
Most modern chainsaws, string trimmers, leaf blowers and other small-engine two-stroke equipment recommend a 50:1 oil mix ratio, but some recommend 40:1 and older two-stroke equipment might even call for 32:1.
To begin with, grip the front handle with your thumb. Run the chainsaw at full throttle before making the first cut. While you are working it is recommended to stand away from the chainsaw at a diagonal angle. Avoid standing directly behind the chainsaw to avoid injury from kickback.
Information we found online suggests that Stihl Pro Chainsaws have a run time of about 2,000 hours. That means the saw would last you for a minimum of 5.5 years before dying. Keep in mind this time is rated for professional chainsaws and not for regular homeowner saws.

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Do I need gas and oil mix – Poulan Super 250a Chainsaw Plate
ANSWER : I think Poulan uses a 40:1 ratio to one gallon of gas, however I have always used 50:1 the same as my sthl saws with no issue. I would rather have more oil mix that to little.

I have a Husqvarna 340? with 16 inch bar. Has sat for a while but now will not start. It pulls fine but doesnt crank. Second, what type oil should i mix with the gas
ANSWER : Any brand of 2-cycle oil for air cooled engines will work. Do not use outboard, snowmobile, etc. Sounds like the gas evaporated and the oil was left in the carb and clogged it up. You can try removing the air filter and spraying some gum cutter, carb cleaner or Sea Foam(my favorite) into the carburator. It will probably need to be diassembled and cleaned. Usually the hardest part of the job is getting the link and hoses unhooked.

What oil and petrol mix does a Husqvarna 141 chainsaw use
ANSWER : ONE GALON OF GAS ON 7 ONZ OF 2CYCLE OIL.If you need more help post back!
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Do you mix gas and oil in this trimmer – Ryobi 30 Cubic Centimeter Curved Shaft Gas Trimmer
ANSWER : Yes. Verifythe ratio, either 40:1 or 50:1

What is the oil/gas mix ratio? – Husqvarna , No.455 Rancher, 20" Gas – Powered Chainsaw
ANSWER : 50:1 ratio 2.6 fl oz of 2 stroke oil to 1 gal of fuel

OIl gas mixture ratio?
ANSWER : One small bottle of oil from the auto parts store ( i don’t know the oz. size)to one gallon to one gallon of gasoline; mixed well

What kind of oil do I need to use in my husqvarna 16″ chain saw?
ANSWER : Unleaded fuel with Husqvarna two stoke oil mixed at 50-1, for the chain you need a non fling chain oil, both should be available from your local Husqvarna dealer.

What is the gas to oil mixture for the Husqvarna 340 Chainsaw
ANSWER : The fuel to oil ratio is 50:1. Be sure to use a modern synthetic saw oil available from home centers, hardware stores, and saw dealers. Premix in it’s own container with fresh fuel and be sure to shake the container thoroughly just before you fill the tank each time to prevent oil starvation. Hope this helps!