42 in. Deck 19.5hp Lawn Tractor

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This front engine riding mower provides an easy, hassle-free mowing experience. Its 19 HP* Briggs and Stratton ReadyStart engine has an easy and reliable starting system with no prime, no choke and features a 46-in. steel deck.
Most of the time, you can find the Craftsman model and serial number on the top of the mower. If you were standing behind it and using it, the identification tag would be on the top rear portion of the deck, between the wheels.

The model number is printed on the left side of the Product Identification Label, attached to the underside of the seat, and starts with the letters, “CM”.

Using the deck-leveling gauge, check the height between the ground and the deck rim at the adjusting point one. This gauge should then just slip under the deck`s rim. If adjustments are needed on the rear left deck`s rim area, you will want to turn the rear nuts clockwise and raise the mower deck.
Yes, you can fit a bigger deck to your mower, but engine power and deck size are often proportional.

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Craftsman riding mower lt-1000 leaks gas – Craftsman 17.5 hp 42 in. Deck Lawn Tractor – CA Model
ANSWER : Need to fix that. it may be a fire hazard.

How do i install a mulching plug on my craftsman lawn tractor?
ANSWER : It covers the hole on the deck

How can I get the belts on? – Craftsman 42 in. Deck 19.5hp Lawn Tractor
ANSWER : Lots of sweat and foul words sometimes even a lot of blood . Water Filters Lawn Garden Appliance Parts

What type of oil for 17.5 42 500 cc – Craftsman 17.5 hp 42 in. Deck Lawn Tractor – CA Model
ANSWER : I use straight 30wt.

I have problem with pulles an my craftsman 17 hp 42in

Need to add oil in my hydrostatic tranny – Craftsman 42 in. Deck 19.5hp Lawn Tractor
ANSWER : There a plug on top of transaxle.

Craftsman serial number051297e0015
ANSWER : 1997

20 Year Old Craftsman Lawn Tractor Steering Gear Slips
ANSWER : Check top of sector gear mounting plate for waer this is the gear that hooks to you steering gear . the plate that it mounts to will ware down causing it to be loos and slip . the only way i know to fix it is to pull the cross member out and take it to a welding shop and have it built back up.if the bolt is as tight as itcan go .