more. How do I fix this? Is there an adjustment?

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A link to a PDF OM for your saw follows.
A link to an IPL (exploded parts list) follows:

I think the Poulan equivalent saw is a “PP200”. The likely problem is the clutch faces are abraded away (engine print-item 19).
CM Small Engines have a matching part number (530069193) in stock but it it identified as a clutch washer (530069197), I think it indeed the clutch mechanism pictured and suggest you call them.
You might try cleaning the clutch faces as well.

R² Drive Link Outboard Clutch by

1. Check the IPL for your saw to see if any special tools are needed. Poulan (Craftsman, Jonsered, Husky) clutch removal tool part number 530031112 if needed, is under $5 from many sources (look at the visible area between the weights if 2 small round sockets are visible you need the tool).
2. There are metal piston stops available, when square (almost never) with the piston top these work well, if not square they have been known to punch through the piston. I suggest a length of nylon rope (nothing left behind) be used instead of the piston stop (retain 6″ ± so you can remove it). Make certain the piston is near the top of the cylinder before feeding the cord or it can fall through the exhaust port and damage the piston as it rises.
3. Most (99.9%) clutches have left hand threads (tighten it to loosen it). If a finger nail held in the thread and rotated clockwise comes off the shaft it is a left hand thread. If it pinches against the clutch it is a right hand thread.

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There are three main reasons for a chain to come off: Incorrect bar and/or chain for the saw; check to be sure that you are using the proper chain pitch, gauge and number of drive links to match the guide bar. Chain not properly tensioned; It is normal for a new chain to stretch and require frequent adjustment.
The carburetor might be clogged. A clogged carburetor is often caused by leaving fuel in the chainsaw for a long period of time. Over time, some of the ingredients in the fuel may evaporate, leaving behind a thicker, stickier substance. This sticky fuel can clog up the carburetor and cause the chainsaw engine to stall.
T Screw – Next, locate the T screw. This adjustment screw is responsible for adjusting the chainsaws idle. Begin by turning the T screw clockwise until the chainsaw chain begins to move. As soon as you notice it moving, turn the T screw counterclockwise slowly until the chainsaw chain stops.
If your chainsaw still starts and then stops working, check the air filter. Clean or replace the air filter if it is dirty or damaged. Another reason that your chainsaw starts and then stops working could be that the spark arrestor is dirty or clogged. If this is the case, clean it with a wire brush.
The most common cause of a chainsaw that won`t cut properly is a dull cutting chain. Try sharpening or replacing the chain. Need help finding your model number? The chain may not have the proper amount of tension.
The reason for that may be you`re using the saw at altitude or the carburetor adjustment has simply slipped. The saw also won`t operate well at speed if the air filter or spark arrestor or carburetor are dirty.
If the clutch pads are worn out, the motor will run, but the clutch pads will not engage the clutch drum. As a result, the chain won`t turn. Make sure that the stop lever is disengaged. If the stop lever is engaged, the chain won`t turn.
Although some hydraulic clutches can be adjusted, many are self-adjusting. Check in your car handbook or service manual. If slip occurs on a self-adjusting clutch, the clutch has to be overhauled. If drag occurs, the hydraulics may be at fault (See Checking and removing a clutch master cylinder ).
There should be approximately one half inch of movement in the chain up and down at a point half way between the front and rear sprockets. To change the tension loosen one of the axle-nuts and move the wheel forward or backward slightly and snug it up again.
Correcting the problem requires adjusting the idle screw – usually marked “I” – on the carburetor. The idle screw usually is near or behind the air filter. Adjust the screw to restrict fuel delivery by turning it clockwise with a screwdriver until the chain stops turning.
Check for any debris around the bar and make sure it`s not worn down. If it is, you`ll notice that the rails are shallow. If that`s the case, it will need to be replaced. You will also want to make sure your chain oiler is in good order and that the chain itself does not have any broken teeth.
Check for any debris around the bar and make sure it`s not worn down. If it is, you`ll notice that the rails are shallow. If that`s the case, it will need to be replaced. You will also want to make sure your chain oiler is in good order and that the chain itself does not have any broken teeth.

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Chain keeps slipping off when in use. – Craftsman sears 18" Chain Saw Chain ( Model 35084 )
ANSWER : Make sure the chain has not been damaged from past slipping by removing it from the machine and laying the chain out in a large circle on a flat surface. No part of the chain should be standing free of the surface–replace the chain if it does. The chain should be adjusted so that the chain just comes up to the lower bar edge, but not so tight that the chain cannot be turned by hand. Make sure the teeth are quite sharp for maximum cutting effect and minimum heat. Check the chain lubrication by running the bar tip at speed for a moment or two near some cardboard–it should throw off a thin line of oil. Don’t continue to run the saw if the chain starts to droop from the bar. If it is quite hot, allow it to cool which should re-tighten the chain. Hope this helps!

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I was using the saw as a chain saw last weekend to cut up an old tree stump when the chain came off. I don’t know how to access it to put it back on and don’t have a user manual. The saw belonged to my late father and I don’t know if he even kept the manual.
ANSWER : You will have to remove the cover on the side the chain bar goes into. There should be one or two nuts holding the cover on the side. The is also a chain tension adjuster you may have to loosen to put it back on. Make note of the direction of the teeth on the chain. It is an directional chain. The tension adjuster is usually a flat head screw on the front side right beside the chain bar.Unless it is a really old saw, manuals are available from most manufacturers for free download. See if you can locate a brand name and model number.

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I need a user manual for a sears 11329440 saw
ANSWER : You can download it from this site

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How do I start my craftsman 2.75/16 chainsaw
ANSWER : Start with new fuel then pump the primer bulb till it gets firm pull out choke and pull rope when it fires push the choke in part way and let it warm up .

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What does a spark plug gap at – Craftsman sears 18" Chain Saw Chain ( Model 35084 )
ANSWER : Hi, your spark plug gap should be the thickness of a hacksaw blade. use a hacksaw blade. sheers

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I”m putting the fuel line’s from the tank to the primer pump, and I can not get them together there are two connection on the carburetor how do all the hoses go?
ANSWER : The fuel line that has the fuel filter attached to it fits to the carburetors body and the return line goes to the primer plate on the carburetor.

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Where can a guy locate a manual for a Sears snowblower model C950-521250
ANSWER : A guy can try requesting it from

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Chain keeps slipping off saw – Craftsman sears 18" Chain Saw Chain ( Model 35084 )
ANSWER : Remove the bar and chain. Lay the chain out on a bench or table and examine for sideways bent/broken links, badly damaged cutting teeth, or damaged drive teeth. Inspect the bar chain-groove all the way around for any damage. Make sure the tip sprocket turns freely and is not damaged. Check the sprocket on the clutch drum for hooked teeth or other damage. Clean the small oil passages that feed oil out to the chain groove in the drive end of the bar. Start the engine and check the engine side port where the bar fits to–it should ooze out oil from the small port there. If everything checks ok, re-assemble the bar and chain leaving the cover fasteners finger tight. Adjust the chain until it pulls up to the bar, but not so tight that you can’t turn turn it by hand. Tighten the bar fasteners and re-check the chain tension. Start the engine and hold the bar tip near some cardboard–it should throw off a thin line of oil after several moments of running at speed. Hope this helps!

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