Cst2000 12 – Volt Cordless Grass Hog 12″ Trimmer/Edger with…

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The instruction manual for this model trimmer lists the battery as part no. 243215. It specifically states not to use any battery but this one. I see other part numbers listed for this trimmer, but I see some of the posts indicating that the terminal sizes are a slightly different size, making it difficult to connect the battery to the terminal leads. There are several dealers that list this particular part number, so look for them on the Internet at Amazon or eBay. Hope this helps.

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The run time of the trimmer is 10-15 minutes per battery on a fully charged battery.

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String advances to fast – Black & Decker String Trimmer Cordless 12" 18V
ANSWER : Make sure the string is correct in size and then suspect a defective head assy

Have a cst2000 but do not have the charger – Black & Decker Cst2000 12 – Volt Cordless Grass Hog 12" Trimmer/Edger with Auto Feed Spool Afs
ANSWER : The charger for the CST2000 is part #243248-00, but it is obsolete now. You could maybe find a used one for sale on eBay or craigslist, though.Good luck!

Where can I find replacement parts – Black & Decker Black and Decker & Grass Hog Electric Trimmer
ANSWER : You should be able to get what you need here. I looked up the Grass Hog for you. Hope this helps.http://www.dewaltservicenet.com/SearchResults.aspx?q=grass%20hog

Using too much string – Black & Decker String Trimmer Cordless 12" 18V
ANSWER : John the cord your using may just be a bad batch or cheaper one. Go and try a better quality brand.

My black and Decker 12v cordless weedeater will not charge
ANSWER : What type of cord can i charge it with

I have a GH400 Black & Decker trimmer/edger; and the line does not advance. I’ve put in a new line wheel and that didn’t help. Any suggestions???
ANSWER : Turn it over it must be in backward

Replacement cap I need to purchase a replacement cap for my black & decker grass hog. I can’t find themn any where. I need the black one. Can anyone help ?
ANSWER : Go to this web site , they have your parts .http://www.toolpartsdirect.com/blackdecker/blackdecker-41.html

The auto feed doesn't – Black & Decker String Trimmer Cordless 12" 18V
ANSWER : See my answer to this under B&D Grass Hog Electric Trimmer.