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The grass bag part number is #532410668. It is the bag only. The frame is sold separately. Try a mower shop in your area.

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Check your grass bag isn`t clogged

If the lining of your grass bag is clogged with old grass you should clean it using a jet wash, air line or simply a brush and water. Once clean the air should flow through the grass bag more efficiently and improve the grass collection.

A dull blade will not cut the clippings as finely as a sharp blade, causing the mower to leave clumps of grass on the lawn. Another cause of poorly cut grass is a damaged blade. If the blade strikes something solid such as a rock, tree root, or a buried pipe, the blade can be badly bent or even cracked.
My lawn mower is not picking up grass!

Check that the grass collector is correctly attached and assembled. If your grass collect is a fabric one check for dry grass or debris stuck to the inside. Use a hard bristled brush and give the inside a brush – air needs to circulate through the fibres to maximise grass pick up.

Because when grass gets too long, your mower is forced to chop off way more than a ⅓ of each grass plant. This in turn will result in a clumping nightmare. That`s why we recommend you set the mower deck to around 3 and ½ inches and mow more often. Never remove more than one-third of the blades length at a time.
Your lawn mower spits out cut grass pieces that begin flying around during mowing because you are cutting grass that is too long or wet, using dull mower blades, or there is a blocked grass chute. Other reasons include a dirty mower deck or the grass bag being loose.
If you use a walk-behind mower, your best bet is a push lawn sweeper. It`s light and maneuverable, and it makes picking up grass trimmings much easier than using a broom. Plus, since your clippings will be neatly collected in a hopper, you can add them to your compost pile or garbage can when you`re done.
The short answer is yes, according to lawn care experts. Leaving grass clippings on the lawn can actually be healthy for the grass, as it helps build a strong and nutrient-rich soil. This practice is known as “grasscycling,” and it has become increasingly popular in recent years.
You may not realize it, but using a grass catcher on your lawn mower is an extra step that adds time to your mowing and is completely unnecessary. Furthermore, you might actually be harming your grass unintentionally!

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How long does Roundup take to kill weeds – Roundup "" Weed & Grass Killer
ANSWER : 5-7 days

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How to respool the line on grasshog electric grass trimmer
ANSWER : The empty spool can be refilled with 30′ of size .065″ nylon line. Make sure you run the line in the direction of the arrow embossed on the spool.

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I have the Gh1000 Grass Hog and when using it, the cutting trimmer line went away. Help!
ANSWER : Replace the line….It is a consumable part. It that your question??

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String problem I am having a problem with my B&D Grass Hog weedeater and edger. The string will not advance. Please give suggestions on how to fix this problem. Just to inform you, I am woman, so your instructions may need to be made rather simply. LOL Thank you in advance for your assistance and I look forward to your answer as the grass is getting rather deep. Donna
ANSWER : Donna, take the spool that holds the string off. Look to see which wat the string is supposed to be wound onto the spool. If the string in on correctly, check to see if one or more of the turns of the string is overlaying itself. If there is overlap, clear it out by unwinding enough to unlap it. If the string is going the wrong way when you check it, remove and save the string from the spool, rewind it in the correct direction, put it back onto the machine and see if that corrects the problem. Woman or not, you are smart enough to ask, you are smart enough…Good luck…Lee

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We have the Black & Decker Grass Hog xp 7.2 Amp 14″AFS. I lost the manual for it and need to know how to thread the spool.
ANSWER : You should be able to download a new manual at the following link. I hope this helps.


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I just got a grass hog trimmer that used to belong to my sister. The line is not feeding and I don’t know how to restring.
ANSWER : The cap on the bottom pops off, and there is a spool in there. Sometimes the line melts to itself in spots and you just have to free it and if you feel you need to then you can cut some off.I hope this helps you out.

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Spindle not turning although motor is working fine
ANSWER : The motor drives a heavy duty flexi cable to the head. Get online to a B&D website find your parts list, then ask your B&D agent the likely price of a replacement before you dismantle. It may not be worth it.

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How long do I have to charge the battery for the grasshog?
ANSWER : Go Here and select type there are multiple types for your model. then select if you want to print or email the owners manual then in the manual there is a section called “CHARGING THE BATTERY” read this section to learn how to saftly charge your unit battery while maintaining maximum battery life.Thumbs Up if this Helped!!!

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