30cc 17″ String Trimmer Zrry30530 Wcurve Shaft

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Pump the gas bubble near the black box air filter.
Start pulling the string.
Keep pulling until it turns.


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Clean the Exhaust Spark Arrestor Screen

As with plug fouling, too much oil in the gasoline, inferior oil, a dirty air filter and/or continued operation at less than full throttle will plug the screen with carbon deposits. This prevents exhaust gas flow, which leads to power loss.

Over time the air filter will need to be replaced as it becomes clogged with small particles and debris, starving the engine of air, causing a loss in power. Locate the air filter cover on top of the carburetor and remove it. It may be attached by screws or just a tab. Once off, remove filter, replace, and re-assemble.
One reason why one of these trimmers may die at full throttle is that too much oil is in the gas, which causes poor combustion. Improper operation, including overuse of the choke, can also be responsible. Poor combustion produces carbon deposits that foul the spark plug and exhaust port, making the problem worse.
The trimmer line is crossed on the spool: If the trimmer line becomes crossed on the spool while being loaded, this can cause it to refuse to come out during trimming. Be sure to load trimmer string onto the trimmer straight without crossing over the lines to avoid this problem while trimming.

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Murray owners manual
ANSWER : You mean the spindle assy ???

Manual I have a Poulon Weed Eater Model FLSST25 (featherlite 17 inch 2 cycle gas powered straight shaft string trimmer and I need a manual for it……..what is the gas to oil ration?
ANSWER : Typically 32:1 to 40:1 for all these models. Use 35:1 and modern 2 cycle oil and you will be fine. 🙂

I don’t remember how to start my weed eater;i’ve lost my manual
ANSWER : Hello,

Pump the gas bubble near the black box air filter.
Start pulling the string.
Keep pulling until it turns.


My stihl weed eater fs85 hard to start when hot
ANSWER : Try loosening the gas cap to relieve any pressure, then tightening it back up. Usually you will just need to barely unscrew it and then screw it back even before you pull the rope.

ANSWER : You can get a manual from the Weed Eater website.

Weed eater will start but the head will not rotate. its like some thing is not connected.
ANSWER : Hello snap77b:

From your Description it Sounds like the Shaft May have Slipped Out of the Power Head and the Drive Cable is Not Engaged to the Drive, the Clutch is Worn Out, the Drive Cable is Worn and Requires Replacing, the Trimmer Head has Slipped and is Not Engaged to the Drive Cable or the Trimmer Head Gearbox is Bad and Requires Replacing.
>>Send me the Model Numbers Off the Unit, Please. With these I can Locate the Proper Manual and Better Assist you.
Please, Do Not Hesitate, If I Missed Something or you Hit a Snag or this Does Not Correct the Problem, I am Here if You Require More Assistance. Hope this Helps. Let me Know What Happens, Please. May the All Mighty Bless You and Yours. Be Safe and Be Happy. Thanks.
Good Luck
jbridger (John)

Homelite weed eater model rx70
ANSWER : You can go to this website and find your trimmer manual. hope this helps.


Lost my manual for toro 418ze snow blower. cant remember how to start it
ANSWER : The gas is bad. You have to add preservatives to it before you store it. Now you need to drain the sour gas and put in new gas. Then try to start it again.