Sterling silver box chains 18″
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Go to Sales and marketing > Sales orders > All sales orders. In the list, find and select the order you have created for this task. On the Action Pane, select Pick and pack. Select Post packing slip.
Shipped: Your package has been picked up by one of Temu`s logistics partners and they are processing it with the seller. Currently, this can take up to 7 days as they work to deliver your package to you as soon as possible. Delivered: Your Temu package has arrived at its destination.
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Amazon missing packages:

Call 1 (888) 280-4331– speak with customer service for a tracking update. Ask neighbors if they received the package. Wait 36 hours after the expected delivery date and time to file a claim.

No. Shipped is not the same as delivered. When a package is designated as “shipped” the package has been loaded on a truck and departed for the final distribution center. That means the package could be anywhere between the origin location and the destination terminal.
When we say an item has been shipped, we typically mean that the item has left the warehouse. On the other hand, when we talk about delivery, we refer to the date when the package will arrive at the doorstep of the end customer.
If the seller hasn`t shipped the item within the timeframe they promised when you bought it, you can cancel the order. If you never got your order and the charge appears on your credit card statement, you can dispute it as a billing error. File a dispute online or by phone with your credit card company.
Does shipped mean delivered? No, “shipped” doesn`t mean “delivered.” When you get a notification indicating that your package has been shipped, it means your package is making its way to your destination. The package is between the seller`s location and the final delivery location (you).
If your order has been showing as “In transit” for ten days or more without any further updates, you would be right to think that your package might be lost. You can use the following phone number to call Amazon for a tracking update: 1 (888) 280-4331.
Amazon Customer Service handles all inquiries for deliveries shipped with Amazon. You can contact us if you need to reschedule a delivery or with any other questions you may have.
Use T-Code: VF01

Go to Logistics → Sales and Distribution → Billing → Billing Document → Create. A new window will open, then you can enter the Billing Type, Date and enter the document number you want to create.

VF04 is the transaction used to display the billing due list. It displays only those deliveries which are posted or whose PGI is complete.
An agreement between a seller and a customer concerning the sale and delivery of goods, as well as any services that are associated with these processes, on a specific date, for a specific quantity, and for a specific price.

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Cannot tighten the chain bar
ANSWER : Make sure the bar is positioned on the bar adjusting pin before you tighten cover. Adjust tension with bar adjusting screw, then tighten bar bolts.

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Chain saw chain is loose
ANSWER : Loosen the side cover nuts, then turn the adjuster CW to bring the chain up to the lower edge of the bar, then check to see if the chain will move fairly easily by hand. Tighten the clamp nuts and recheck tension. If chain seems to get loose quickly again, it may not be sharpened correctly causing heat to build in the chain. You should see no reflection of light from the cutting edges if filed correctly and the saw should require very little pressure for it to cut rapidly. Hope this helps!

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File size sharpen angles – Poulan 16" 38cc Gas Chain Saw P3816
ANSWER : 91sg ( hobby chain ) needs a 5/32 file, the top plate should be 30 degrees

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I am having problems with the chain coming off the guide rail of a Husqvarna 345. A new rail and chain was put on the saw recently. When the chain came off last time I noticed a lot of wear on the teeth that sit in the guide rail – in some cases the teeth were almost worn away altogether. The chain is getting oil. What could be causing this – I am wondering if the chain should be tighter.
ANSWER : It is possible that the clutch sprocket teeth are badly worn causing extra wear on the drive teeth of the chain. Remove the bar and chain to check the sprocket–you can determine the wear by comparing the area where the chain runs to the edges of the sprocket that are relatively unworn. If the sprocket requires replacement, the chain should be replaced as well. The chain normally should be loose enough that the chain can be moved by hand, but it should not droop from the lower bar edge. Check the chain oiling by running the bar tip at speed near some cardboard–it should throw off a thin line of oil after a moment or two. There should be an oil volume adjustment screw located on the under side of the case near the chain return area–turn CCW to increase flow. Hope this helps!

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Chain keeps coming off – Poulan Wild Thing 2375 18" Gas Chain Saw 2.5 Cuin
ANSWER : Open the chain guard.Once there look for a bolt that hold the chain plate.The chain plate has a large groove and the bolt.djust the chain by plull to the front until the chain is tight,but not too much,just test by hand if is move freely but tight.Reverse the procedure.If you need more help come back.Post / thumbs / testimonial are welcome!

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After cutting down a tree, my chain stopped or became jammed and now the chain is loosely hanging. How do I adjust the chain to get it back to working order?
ANSWER : This Remington OM is quite good, If not your saw the procedure is similar.

If it will not rotate freely there may be burrs on the drive links, this will help.

If you have more questions or need additional help please reply below and I will get back to you. Thank you for using FixYa and Good Luck. HTH

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Spark plug firing order – Farmall Tractor C ,super Av, Complete Gasket Set
ANSWER : Firing order for 96 lincoln mark 8, 4.6 liter

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How to replace chainpoulan pro 18" – Poulan Pro 42CC 2 Cycle Chainsaw, 18"
ANSWER : First lay the new chain out with the cutter teeth facing forward on top. You should wear gloves because it takes very little to inflict a deep cut with these chains.

Take the tool that came with your saw and loosen the two nuts (don’t take them off yet)that hold the sideplate on over the chain. Leave the saw setting on its bottom.

When the nuts are loose take the screwdriver end of your wrench (or a screwdriver) and loosen the chain quite a bit. Wearing the gloves, make sure when you pull it forward it moves very loose.

Now take the two sidecover nuts all the way off. You’ll see how the chain goes arpound the sproket. Push the bar back toward the sproket until it is loose enough to remove the chain.

The bar will come off too, and it is important to note the small nub that goes in the tensioning hole on the bar near the bottom of the saw, fairly close to the sproket. Keep the chain straight; I hang mine on nails driven into the wall in my shop. You can get them kinked up so that they seem they’ll never straighten out.

Take this time to clean all behind the sidecover itself, and the entire enclosed area. There will be sawdust, twigs, etc. I blow mine off with compressed air, but protect your eyes. Take something, toothpick, Qtip, or the like and clean the groove all the way around the bar, including the oil holes near the rear.

You should now be ready to insert the new chain, putting the bar with the slot lined up with the sidecover bolts, and gently get the chain on the sproket. This may take a couple tries before you get it right. When it is on (you’ll see you have to hold the bar up or it will tip too much) hold the bar in place with the tightener in the hole, and slip the side cover back on. Tighten the nuts just enough to hold the bar in place, then tighten the chain tension screw, while holding the bar. Tighten the side nuts more, until the bar is held in place.

When it is just tight enough to hold the bar but not prevent the bar from moving forward when you tighten it, tighten until you can still move the chain, but there is no visible slack in the chain. You should be able to grab the chain at the bottom and with moderate force pull it away from the bar about a half inch.

I like to pour a little oil on a new chain so it has plenty of lube. The chain will stretch because it is new. Run the saw at about 1/3 throttle for a minute, holding the end close to something to make sure the chain is throwing off a fine thread of oil. Then run it at 1/2 speed about another minute. Rev it a few times, make a practice cut or two, and it should by now need another slight tightening.

Good luck!


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