13.5hp Briggs And Stratton Intek Lawn Mower Engine

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Exhaust valve and pushrod should be darker , pushrod due to heat , and the valve due to heat and carbon

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The intake valve is often larger than the exhaust valve, because as much mixture as possible has to get into the cylinder. The exhaust valve should be smaller, because burned exhaust gases leave the cylinder after the exhaust stroke, when the piston pushes the gases out of the cylinder.
It is made of aluminum and is the push rod used for the exhaust valve. Occasionally, the push rod in your engine can become damaged, and will need to be replaced before your engine runs at full capacity.
Sometimes referred to as overhead valve (OHV) engines, pushrods use only one camshaft. Most pushrod engines use a timing chain to connect the crankshaft to the cam. A timing chain`s durability often translates into lower maintenance requirements compared to timing belt-equipped overhead cam (OHC) power plants.
Control valves are a vital component of any piping system, but they are often smaller than the size of the pipeline they are connected to. This is because smaller valves can regulate more precisely, take up less space and have lower pressure drops when open.
Fresh air (intake) valves are larger than the exhaust valves, this ensures fresh air replaces as much of the exhaust gasses as possible within the combustion space when the cylinder is recharged.
How do you identify intake and exhaust valves? The intake valve has a flatter shape on top of the valve, the exhaust is more sloped into the valve stem. The exhaust valve will be a tan or reddish colour if it has been used, the inlet valve usually stays a metal colour.
Intake valves let air in, whereas exhaust valves let air out. They are shaped to have a slim stem leading to a flatter face, with the intake valves often being larger than the exhaust. Each valve is designed to only move up and down, not side to side.
In intake stroke, the opening is bigger to allow the sufficient amount of air or air fuel mixture to get in the cylinder. In exhaust, no need for wider opening because the pressure inside cylinder is enough for pushing exhaust gases outside the chamber.

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I can’t tell the difference between the exhaust and intake pushrods… one is lighter than the other. Is the light one the exhaust pushrod?
ANSWER : Exhaust valve and pushrod should be darker , pushrod due to heat , and the valve due to heat and carbon

Ive got a warning light on the dash it looks like
ANSWER : Tire pressure ,oil

My ballast making a humming noise but will not light up my 600w hps bulb?? small bit of purple light in the bulb when turned on but not lighting up?? tried a 400w bulb in hood with the 6oow ballast and that lights up fine but bulbs going far 2 hot. why wont it fire up my 600w bulb??
ANSWER : NANOLUX BALLAST 400W-1000W NANOLUX HPS and MH electronic ballasts can be light upE-MAIL :[email protected]:sznumberballastNANOLUX HPS and MH electronic ballasts can be light up

On my fiat 780 tractor i have a warning light coming on and not sure what it is as my manual has a different symbol to what is on the tractor instrument panel … its the bottom left colum and keeps comin on and off could u shed some light as my book says its the light for the hazard warning lights but its no … thank u mark

My offset solar lighted umbrella has a problem with the lights coming on….maybe after you click the switch 75 times it will light. We disconnected the cord at the collection unit and re plugged it in. They came on but the problem persists. Also one string of lights don’t come on. Is it because if one doesn’t work the others also won’t work? (Like some Christmas lights) or is it probably wiring? Took apart the switch and those connections look ok. Please help…I love the lights!

1998 John Deere 6410 MFWD cab tractor w/6500hrs. I have 3 lights blinking on the dash, the red stop engine light, the orange warning light, and a light that is located on the left hand side of the top row of lights (as seen from the seat), but does not appear in the owners manual I have. It looks like a gear with nothing in the middle. The lights all came on after plowing snow, no obvious signs of something wrong, hydraulic fluid level was fine prior to starting the tractor. Wondering about a sensor somewhere that might have gotten wet. Any Ideas?

One of my two hps bulbs is brighter than the other one the bulbs and one of the ballast are new the other ballast is a year old
ANSWER : Hi .. it could be the ballast .. an easy thing to do to troubleshoot this would be to swap the lamps. If the problem follows the lamp. then that is the problem. If the pronblem stays with the fixture, then I would replace the ballast in that fixture.

Grow lights don’t come on
ANSWER : Check out the power to the timer