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There should be an attachment that connects to the air intake that covers the fan turbine preventing any injuries occurring from contact with the blades it also will prevent the motor from turning on if its not installed properly. Then the outlet tube needs to be connected thus converting it into a blower. You mentioned that you purchased it used so it may not have come with these items.

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If you have a small yard and are diligent about keeping up with leaves as they fall—or if you want to surgically suck up leaves from around bushes and flower beds—the vacuum mode on your leaf blower can save time and effort.
A blower uses high-pressure air jet flow to blow the leaves away, while a leaf vacuum uses high suction power to suck the leaves inside the collection bag. If you want a better dirt disposal method, choose a leaf vacuum. But, if you want to have a cleaner garden within a short span of time, choose a leaf blower.
Leaf blowers and leaf vacuums both are powerful tools that can make yard cleanup easy. Either type of equipment will help you remove leaves and other kinds of debris from your property far more quickly than a rake would.
Over time, leaves and loose dirt also settle in light shafts and drainage channels around the house, and should likewise be removed at regular intervals. Both wet and dry dirt can be quickly and effortlessly sucked in with a wet and dry vacuum cleaner.
Vacuum cleaner cum air blower

This air blower can be used as both, vacuum cleaner and air blower. It comes with a vacuum bag for suction that will collect dirt and dust. The blower has a lock button that maintains the airflow during operation.

Leaf blowers are often better used for larger areas and places where you have room to create larger piles of leaves. For these larger jobs, a leaf blower is by far the superior choice. Quick clean-up: While a leaf vacuum is convenient, it requires you to move much slower to pick up all the leaves.
Blow leaves onto a tarp

Fire up your leaf blower and start in the farthest lefthand corner of your lawn. Start blowing the leaves into a pile, onto a tarp near the edges. Once you blow the leaves on a tarp, it will take only a few minutes to clean up and dispose of the clippings.

Blowers can largely be classified into two categories: impeller based and positive displacement. Impeller based blowers have fins that radiate outwards from a rotating central axis. Positive displacement blowers use a mechanism of filling and emptying chambers at the inlet and outlet, respectively, to create flow.
Electric leaf blowers are definitely worth it if you`re looking for a quick and easy way to clean up your yard. They`re lightweight, easy to use, and don`t require any gas or oil, so they`re much more eco-friendly than gas-powered leaf blowers.
Damp, Wet Or Soaked Through

There is a difference. If the leaves are damp then it shouldn`t be a problem, a little wet with a powerful jet will still work well but if leaves are soaked then best to leave well alone until they have had time to dry a little.

Operating a gas leaf blower can cause permanent hearing loss in 2 hours and can impact 90 nearby homes. The low frequency noise of gas blowers travels further than the noise from electric blowers and penetrates through windows more readily. Gas blowers create much more noise impact than electric blowers.
A leaf blower makes short work of clearing the leaves from your lawn. Not only does this reduce a job that could potentially take hours to mere minutes, but it is also significantly less physically demanding work.
Just because it is called a leaf blower, does not mean it should be limited to that function. The powerful blow is great for drying and clearing dust, snow or anything else that needs removing quickly.
Once you blow the leaves on a tarp, it will take only a few minutes to clean up and dispose of the clippings. To do this, fold the tarp over the leaves, hold it together tightly, and carefully drag it away.

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Older leafhog don’t know how to change over to blower instead of vacuum model Bv2500
ANSWER : Remove the vacuum tube completely from the bottom of the machine and make sure the impeller cover closes completely. Remove the collection bag off of the blower outlet. Now attatch the blower tube to that outlet on the blower. Done.

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How do i change black and decker leaf blower to vacuum
ANSWER : You have to remove the plate that covers the fan bla des intake than witch hoses some covers are spring loaded and just flip up

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Poulan gas blower 30 c back pack blower ran fine stoped will not start no spark
ANSWER : Check switch is bad if not coil bad if not getting spark

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Electric b&d leaf blower will not turn on
ANSWER : Open the covers while unplugged and see if a wire came unplugged

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I have a Toro 51598 electric leaf blower. Last year a breaker in the electrical box tripped and the blower naturally stopped. But, the episode seemed to have damaged the variable-air-flow-dial which on the blower – it was either on or off, nothing inbetween worked. This year, after some solid hours of operation, it just stopped working regardless of where where the variable-air-flow-dial was set. It is worth replacing that variable-air-flow-dial and some related components, or is there likely something else wrong with it? The bushings seem fine.
ANSWER : These machines are considered “disposable” items and most service centers won’t even repair them, saying that it is not “cost effective.” I have never come across a parts list for one other than maybe the plastic housing on them (they may exist), but costwise you may be better off getting another tool unless the Toro is still under warranty.

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Fuel lines split hoe to rerplace – Craftsman 4 Cycle Blower/Vac
ANSWER : Hi Rick…Hope this is what your looking forBud

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I am not getting a spark
ANSWER : No spark can be a bad switch *(need to go in and unplug it from the ignition module and retest) or your ignition module has given up the ghost.

Get a t-handle set and go online and look up the parts. A module might cost more than a new unit….I think we both know what that means! Be safe and good luck!

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My blower seems to not want to go to ful throttle
ANSWER : This happened on my older Ryobi as well. Turns out it was the fuel lines. The ethnol in the gas made the lines swell up inside.

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