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Typically the clear detergent hose is inserted into a container
or your liquid is poured into a receptacle on your power washers. In most
cases, the detergent is only dispensed under low pressure and not the high
pressure you would normally use.

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Manufacturers recommendation, use a mild soap or 303 Fabric Cleaner, diluted in warm water. Also recommend that you re-waterproof the fabric with 303 Fabric Guard after each washing.
Cleaning Stubborn Stains on Awnings

Prepare a solution of 1 cup of bleach and 1/4 cup mild soap per gallon of clean water. Allow mixture to soak into fabric for up to 15 minutes. Clean with soft bristle brush. Rinse thoroughly until all soap residue is removed.

NEVER use detergents such as washing up liquid, this will damage the proofing – your awning will leak!
Clean thoroughly your awning in 3 simple steps:

Afterward, clean the awning with a homemade vinegar mixture: mix 60ml of detergent and 125 to 250ml of white vinegar per 4l of water. Apply the product to the fabric and leave for 5 to 10 minutes to soak. Always clean a larger area around the stain as well.

Borax Brand Laundry Detergent

Borax is especially good at removing mildew and its smell from your clothing. Add 1/2 cup of Borax to hot water and then pour that into the laundromat`s washing machine after it`s filled with water.

To clean algae off your valance, fill a spray bottle with six parts water and one part hydrogen peroxide. Then spray the solution on the stain and allow it to sit for thirty minutes before rinsing it off. Repeat this process if necessary.
A lightly chlorinated water solution of 1 part bleach to 10 parts water can be used or speciality RV awning cleaners are available. Remember, only use a soft brush to stop scratching, use cold or lukewarm water, and always allow to air-dry fully before rolling up.
Patio awnings with a wet fabric (used in rain) should be allowed to dry out first before you retract them away, however, if the fabric is rolled away wet (ie the rain is persistent), the patio awning should be opened up at the next opportunity to allow the fabric to properly dry out and to help minimise any rippling …
We are often asked, “How often should I clean my awnings?” This will depend upon the awning material and location, but as a general rule, awnings should be cleaned three to four times per year for maximum lifespan and beauty.
Use acetone or dish soap on natural or acrylic fabric, and dish soap on vinyl canopies. If selecting a commercial product, ensure it is for the material being cleaned. Dish soap to clean, and water to rinse. Use commercial paint, grease or oil remover on natural or acrylic covers.
A lightly chlorinated water solution of 1 part bleach to 10 parts water can be used or speciality RV awning cleaners are available. Remember, only use a soft brush to stop scratching, use cold or lukewarm water, and always allow to air-dry fully before rolling up.
Always use a mild soap such as Ivory Snow, Dreft or Woolite. Water should be cold to lukewarm. (Never more than 100°F/38°C.) Rinse thoroughly to remove all soap residue.

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We have a Karcher and want to use it to clean Patio Furniture. Which detergent should we use with it ?
ANSWER : Any kind that you want as long as it’s liquid and not to thick (viscous).

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I have a preesure washer with a honda motor. will only start with air cleaner removed
ANSWER : The air cleaner filter may need to be replaced. Also, it sounds like the carbeurator needs to be cleaned. Get a can of aerosol carbeurator cleaner and spray four or five quick bursts into the air cleaner while the filter is off. Run the pressure washer for 30 seconds to get the cleaner into the carberator. Then let it sit for a couple of hours and repeat the process.

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I have a new model 20371 tor self propelled mower. Used it once. Won’t start
ANSWER : Change the plug.Check coil / wire.Clean or replace air filter.Check fuel tank for debri / grass or dirt.If there is grass or debri in the gas tank, you need to go through the carbruetor because the jets are possibly clogged……Hope this works…

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Chainsaw stalls Chainsaw is 4 years old and has a history of moderate use. After I ran the saw about 1 minute on plain gas (grabbed the wrong gas can – ouch) the chainsaw sputtered and stopped.

It didn't seize, and the pull starter never became more or less difficult than normal. The engine would continue to start if I pressed the prime bulb and engaging the choke, but stall again after 10-20 seconds. The temperature that day was about 50 degrees F and I was running the saw with the “cold plug” installed (per warm weather running).

When it refused to keep running I did the following:
Flushed the fuel tank (that's when I saw the gas had no oil in it).
Ran hardware wire through all of the fuel lines.
Replaced the fuel filter and spark plug.
Cleaned the air filter with a nylon brush and compressed air.

Same behavior (start then stall in less than 20 seconds). I made at least 20+ attempts to start it.

I removed the carburetor and, though it looked perfectly clean, I took off the top and bottom covers then sprayed everything with automotive carb cleaner and blew out the passages with compressed air. The gasket and diaphragm looked new. No pinholes in the diaphragm when held against a bright light. I reinstalled the carb but got the same behavior (start then stall in less than 20 seconds). I again made at least 20+ attempts to start it.

I disassembled the short block and saw that the piston has some slight scoring on it. The ring is clean and I verified that the piston ring has .001 clearance between it and the piston ring groove all the way around with the ring held tightly in place (I was thinking that the piston might have become deformed if it did indeed get too hot when run without any oil premix).

The cylinder wall has no scoring and there isn't any signs of melted aluminum anywhere. The crank is clean as was the inside of the crank cover.

I reinstalled the crank cover using permatex non-hardening gasket goop and torqued the cover bolts to 10 inch pounds. I reassembled everything else per the exploded diagrams in Echo's “parts manual” for the CS400.

During assembly I took note that both the carb gasket and intake boot look like new.

Still the same result: press prime bulb once, engage choke, pull a few times and it starts but stalls after 10-20 seconds.

I'm stumped.

ANSWER : Not sure what to say other than its fuel starvation, if not already done replace the fuel filter in the tank, if no better i would suspect a massive air leak, so replace the crank seals, if there is no primary compression in the crankcsae fuel will not pull through the engine, good luck.

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Want to replace 11' patio umbrella canopy – Hampton Bay Patio Umbrella. 11 ft. dia. Solar-Powered Patio Umbrella
ANSWER : I have a brand new total upper 11 ft solar powered umbrella
on cape cod 5085661476

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Toro personal pace mower wont start
ANSWER : Carburetor needs cleaning and rebuilding

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In assembling my new power washer, I was unable to find where everything went EXCEPT how to attach and use the bottle for the cleaning fluid. The manual is very vague in this area. How do I attach the bottle to the unit for use, and how is the detergent released in the cleaning process? My unit is 15gpm, 1800 psi. thank you
ANSWER : Try at : Power Tool Parts and Tool Repair Diagrams.If you need more help come back.Post / thumbs / testimonial are welcome!

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Lawn Mower begins then stops before in use
ANSWER : Normal



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Mine did this.
It means that either not enough gas is getting into the engine. The gas you
pump in when you prime is enough to start the engine but not to keep it going.

There could be several things that cause this.
1. Old fuel:
Solution: Replace the fuel. Dump out the old stuff. If it is a year old it
won;t work.

2. A dirty carburetor:
Solution: Clean the carburetor.
Easy carb clean:
Pull the bowl off and use carb cleaning solution to clean it. (you can buy carb
cleaning solution a Wal-Mart in the automotive section. I have also heard acetone
will work but I have not tried it.) Make sure not to loose the little parts
like the pin.

Better carb clean:
pull the carb off the machine and clean each part with carb cleaner. There is a
youtube video someone else posted on how to do this.

3. Your gas/air flow is not adjusted properly.
To check:
Pull off or out the air filter. Try to start it.
If the machine runs longer there are two options: The air filter is dirty so
replace it, or the air flow is not adjusted proberly. There should be a screw
like thing sometimes called the “main jet” that you turn to adjust
the air flow. It is on the carburetor side or bottom.
If the machine dies faster or won’t start there is probably too much air flow
and by removing the filter you added more air. Adjust the “Main Jet”
as above.

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