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I have a HUSQVARNA model 435 with a 16″ bar- This saw is difficult to start, it takes 15-20 pulls for it to start. If I shut it off, it will not re-start no matter how many times I pull the starter rope. I wait an hour and again it takes 15-20 pulls for it to start I have tried different fuel mixtures up to 60:1, no difference.When I purchased this saw last year it took many pulls of the starter rope to get it running. Help!
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The problem is in the ignition needs to be is under warranty.its warranty is life husqvarna and they will either send you a new one or send you to a husqvarna dealer to fix the problem.that is at no cost to you…………..let me know if this helped……………..

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On the plate, the top number is the Husqvarna model number, the second is the part number of the unit, and the bottom number is the serial number of the unit.
All Husqvarna chainsaws use the ratio of 50:1, this means that for every gallon of gas you will use 2.6 oz. of 2 stroke engine oil.
12 x 4.8mm Chainsaw Saw Chain Files & Handle For Husqvarna 435 435E 440E 15″
The letters on the screws represent High (H), Low (L) and Idle (T). The H screw regulates the Air/Fuel mix during high RPMs, while the L Screw does the same during low RPMs. The T screw regulates how much fuel is sent to the carburettor while idling until the throttle is pressed.
To find a chain replacement, you`ll need to figure out two numbers: Pitch: the distance between the chain`s drive links. Gauge: the width of the groove where the chain fits into the bar.
But as a general guide, a fuel-to-oil ratio of 50:1 is recommended for Husqvarna products up to and including 75cc. That comes out to 2.5 fluid ounces of oil per 1 gallon of gas.
If your Husqvarna chainsaw is run by a two stroke engine, it always needs to be fuelled with a mixture of gasoline and two stroke oil. Follow these steps to mix two stroke oil and unleaded gasoline for your Husqvarna chainsaw. First make sure that you mix accurately.
Typically a chainsaw with a shorter bar around 14” and smaller is enough for property maintenance, trimming, pruning, and cutting down broken tree limbs. On the other hand, cutting down small trees, thick branches, and cleaning up storm damage will need a longer bar around 16”-20” to make the job easier and safer.

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Hard to Start – Husqvarna 435-BRC-RB Chainsaw
ANSWER : Do you have good compression, good spark and is fuel getting into the cylinder.? More information is required

Husqvarna 345e Hard to start and when it does start it continues to run (chain).
ANSWER : I have a model 435 Husky that had the same hard-to-start problem–warranty service replaced the carburetor and it seems to work ok now. The chain that continues to turn can be fixed by turning the idle-speed screw (not the H or L jet screws) CCW a small amount until it can be accelerated then dropped back to idle to quit driving the chain. Hope this helps!

HUSQVARNA model 435 Difficult starting
ANSWER : The problem is in the ignition needs to be is under warranty.its warranty is life husqvarna and they will either send you a new one or send you to a husqvarna dealer to fix the problem.that is at no cost to you…………..let me know if this helped……………..

Model 435 Husqvarna chain saw not starting
dumped gas and refilled not starting new last fall but now cannot start. any help with this. thank you
misplaced manual and need to have advice please

Colk start trigger isi'nt working – Husqvarna Models 61-66, 266, 268, 272
ANSWER : More details needed. how not working

Have spark wont start – Husqvarna Chain Saw 18" 450 Model 966955438
ANSWER : If there is a good spark at the plug, it can be one of two things, either the piston has picked up in the cylinder ( remove the muffler and check the condition of the piston skirt through the exhaust port ) or there is no fuel getting the the plug ( replace the fuel filter in the tank )

Sputtered, died. Will not start anymore – Husqvarna Lawn Tractor – 54in. Deck, 26 HP, Model# LGT2654
ANSWER : Sounds like the carburetor needs cleaned and maybe rebuilt. If you can spray a little starting fluid (or a little carb. cleaner or anything volitile) into it and it starts and dies, you know it is in the carburetor.I hope this helps.

How do I make my oiler work, my chain is not getting oil. I have a Husqvarna 435 chainsaw
ANSWER : Remove the oil pump and check for dirt and debris in the oil way, there is a pick up filter sited in the base of the crankcsae, you will need to look between the spine of the fuel tank to see the screw slot plastic retainer.