, No.455 Rancher, 20″ Gas – Powered Chainsaw

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This is not good, and not easy to fix, the bolt is an interference fit in the composit crankcase, there is a square on the back of the bolt that fits into a moulded opening on the inside of the tank, if this square has destroyed the bolt will just turn, all you can try to do is increase the interfernce fit in the tank and hope this will hold enough to tighten the nut, to do this drain the oil tank, tap the bolt from the ouside pushing it into the tank, shake the bolt out of the filler hole, take a centre punch, and punch the shank of the bolt where it sits in the tank, this will slightly increase its diameter, if you have a frendly engineer, have him knurl the shank, make a small mark on the thread at what will be top dead centre ( this will aid getting the squre in the correct position ) thread a piece of thin wall tubing, or thin wire through the bar hole and out through the filler hole, connect it to the thread of the bar bolt, and carefully pull it in, once the thread comes though to the outside of the bar pad, turn it with your mark at top dead centre, now use a nut and a spacer to pull the bolt in, you could use some adhesive on the shank as well, sorry this is a bit drawn out, but it would realy need a new tank.

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Husqvarna 455 Chainsaw 20″ 3/8″ Bar and Chain – OEM.
The oil adjusting screw is just below the base of the chain and guide bar. Turn the screw counterclockwise toward the plus symbol, “+,” to increase the guide bar oil flow or clockwise to the minus symbol, “-,” to decrease the bar oil flow, says Garden Tools & Instruments.
There are five sizes of guide bar compatible with the 42 Special: 11-, 13-, 15-, 16- and 18-inch guide bars. The standard guide bar for this saw is only 13 inches long, however. At full power, the chain rotates around these bars at 17.9 meters per second.
Oregon Chainsaw chain for Stihl Chainsaw 20″ Bar Length 72 Drive links 3/8 Standard 0.05 Gauge.
Stihl uses larger shoulders on the mount bolts, therefore, the bar opening is much larger than Husqvarna`s. Husqvarna mount bolts are further apart in spacing, so the slot for the bar is longer than Stihl`s. So, I`ll show you how to overcome those differences to easily mount a Stihl bar on a Husqvarna saw.
These bar adapters allows you to run 12mm Stihl mount chainsaw bars on many Husqvarna chainsaws. Great for those operators who run both brands of saws, because you only need one type of bar now, one with a 12mm Stihl mount.

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Where is the blade oil lines on a 455 rancher

My husky 455 rancher is not oiling the chain properly. I have tried to clean all the oil ports on the bar and saw but it still is hardly pumping any oil to the chain. What could be the problem? How does the oiling system work?
ANSWER : The problem is very likely to be a clogged but more likely faulty internal oil pump (especially if your chainsaw is old).Hope it helps.

455 rancher not oiling – Husqvarna , No.455 Rancher, 20" Gas – Powered Chainsaw
ANSWER : May be stoped up at chain.

Where do i find the oil lines on a husqvarna 455 rancher

455 rancher engine bogging down and starting to smoke
ANSWER : Make sure you are using the correct fuel mix. Check fuel tank vent, prone to blocking an can effect the performanceClean air filter, check Spark plug.

Husqvarna rancher, leaks oil when saw is off. where rubber hose meets pump, seems to fit together well but still leaks out. drains full tank of oil. any fixes or better parts.
ANSWER : The hose is leaking. You will have to replace the hose. You do not have to disassemble the saw in half as many seem to think. Just some of the parts that are in the way. You can insert a wire and pull the hose out from the oil tank along with the filter. It goes in and you remove only the parts that are in the way where the hose comes out.

Not getting oil to bar and chain – Husqvarna , No.455 Rancher, 20" Gas – Powered Chainsaw
ANSWER : Release the chain brake and remove the bar and chain. Clean the side of the engine where the bar fits to, then start the engine. If the pump, lines, and filter are good, there should be oil oozing out of the port. If not, one of the above components is defective. If ok, then clean the small holes in the drive end of the bar that run out from the large holes to the chain groove on each side. They commonly plug due to sawdust and dirt accumulation. Hope this helps!

Loose chain The bar will not tighten anymore, it's maxed out on the adjustment. So there is too much slack in the chain. This is a 20 inch bar and chain.
A new chain good for the first month or so and then the bar will no longer tighten enough to tighten the chain.
ANSWER : If you have atleast 1/8″ of teeth still on chain .take a link or 2 off good to go saved you beer money.