When originally charging the battery, battery was very low. the red light lights up. showing it’s charging. when it is completely charged will the red light change color to maybe green or will it always remain red. being curious, thanks, rick

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Charging the Battery

Press 2/6/10 AMP button to begin charging at the 2 amp rate; the unit sounds a beep and displays charging current. The charger starts charging at 2 amp rate automatically if 2/6/10 AMP button is not pressed within 3 minutes after applying AC power.

As a rule of thumb your battery charger should be 10% – 20% of the Ah rating of the battery. E.g A 100Ah battery would require a 10 Amp charger as a minimum. To prevent overcharging, you should keep the charger size to within 30% of the total capacity.
Battery chemistry

The first thing to keep in mind is to make sure that your charger is compatible with the chemistry of your battery. Mismatching a smart charger with the wrong battery category or chemistry will fail to charge your batteries and can potentially damage them.

Is it better to charge a battery at 2 amps or 10 amps? If you want a faster battery charge rate, go with the 10 amps. Low charging current at 2 amps can be unreliable, but it won`t hurt if you have two chargers.
To check the voltage you`ll need a voltmeter, which can be purchased cheaply from most major automotive parts stores. Check the voltage of your battery using the voltmeter to help determine your next course of action. 12.6V volts or above – Your battery is healthy and fully charged. No further action is required.
No, a charger has to have more voltage than the battery being charged.
Example: A 200 Ah Gel battery requires a battery charger of at least 25 amp. When multiple loads are connected during the charging process (e.g., heaters, refrigerator, lighting) a battery charger of 50 amp is needed.
Positive first, then negative. When disconnecting the cables from the old battery, disconnect the negative first, then the positive. Connect the new battery in the reverse order, positive then negative.”

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Ryobi 18v One+ battery won’t hold a charge. I have two of them and neither one will hold the charge. The charger is the Ryobi 18v charger plus. I have the same problem. As soon as I put the battery in the charger (even if it is dead) the “charging”, and the “fully charged” lights both come on. Even if I leave it for a day the battery will not charge.
ANSWER : If it’s both of them then i am thinking you have a faulty charger. i have seen mine do that, i got a new charger and it worked properly.

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Battery not charging. Light on charger is red for charge…it’s plugged in properly?????
ANSWER : Battery is bad.

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Why is the red light blinking on the charger??
ANSWER : Either the battery charger or the battery itself is bad. The charger can be easily tested with a volt meter to see if it is producing the correct voltage to charge the battery. The batttery voltage can also be checked the same way. Some other users have had this same issue.

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I am having problems with the battery on my worx gt trimmer. It will not stay charged even though the battery charger indicates a green light. What am I doing wrong? I put it back on he charger it will read a red light and then switch to green after a few seconds.
ANSWER : You can determine exactly what is going on by using a small handheld voltmeter. They are inexpensive, easy to use and come in very handy. Just test the output of the charger (after noting what the volt-output-rating is) by touching the leads of the meter to the terminals on the charger. If the charger is working at all, this is not a dangerous test. Conversely, test the output of your batteries by touching the leads of the voltmeter to the terminals on them. I suspect the charger is bad because after they overheat, they quit working and some don’t last very long. I don’t think YOU are doing anything wrong, just maybe the companies that manufacture these 2 electrical products are.

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My battery is less than 1yearn and it is bad according to the blinking red light on the charger. can I get a free replacement battery/ the battery charged the first time I used it this spring. the second time I tried to charge it the rad light was blinking. please respond as soon as possible.
ANSWER : Usually batteries are not covered under a warranty, IF they worked in the beginning. It has a lot to do how it was stored in the winter, it could have been your problem and not the batteries.

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The Ryobi 18V battery will no longer charge in the charger.
ANSWER : If you have a battery that will still charge you can take the one that wont charge and place a small jumper wire in both sides of the battery. + and – Then put it in the charger. place the jumper wires + to + and – to – for one sec and you will see the yellow light go off and it will charge.

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Though my Worx WG781 cordless 36V, 19 inch lawn mower came with what appeared to be a fully charged battery according to the battery LED lights , it is suggested that it be put on the charger “over night” to insure a complete charge. The charger LED light is supposed to flip from red to green when charging is complete. The battery has been charging for nearly 12 hours and the LED light on the charger remains red. Is this normal?
ANSWER : I have a different problem. When I try to charge my batter, the red light comes on for about 2 seconds, then goes out. The battery is not charging. Out of frustration I purchased a new charger, and it does the same thing. Thinking the battery was the problem, Worx sent me a new battery, but the exact same thing happens regardless of which charger is hooked up to either battery. The red light comes on for a couple of seconds, and then goes out. Any suggestions appreciated.

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The battery on my Worx GT doesn’t seem to hold it’s charge. I have actually taken it directly off the charger when the light is green and it doesn’t have full power. Sometimes it does. The unit is 3 years old. Is this a normal life expectancy for the battery?
ANSWER : The first time the Worx GT worked great since then I took it off the charger and it won’t go more than five min. without going dead. I’m back using my gas trimmer what’s up ith th battery on the Worx Gt

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