My Husky 1650 PSI power washer hose got a kink and water shoots out. I need an inexpensive way to fix it or where can I get the hose. It seems the nozzle and the hose are attached(one oiece)


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If the $$ that you Husky Dealer is asking is to tall, try a garage that make brake hoses. Take the hose with you and many times they can remove your nozzle and install it on a new piece of hose. MAKE SURE that they understand that this hose is for a pressure washer…DO NOT use just any hose…it MUST be a high pressure rated hose.

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The Hose Is Too Old or Worn Out

You should always inspect hoses regularly and always before use. Check for signs of wear, dents, kinks, abrasions, and holes. Minor problems become big ones under pressure. Before use, ensure that the hoses are securely and properly connected to your pressure washer.

While there are ways to repair a hose with the right tools and experience, it`s not recommended. Replacing your hose is very affordable, and the peace of mind you get knowing your hose won`t burst open and injure you is worth the investment.
Flex Tape may not work with all hoses, and is not recommended for applications with high water pressure (such as garden hoses and hoses in a car engine.) If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to our customer service team at (833) 411-3539.
High Temperatures and Heat Aging Cause Hydraulic Hose Failure. When hoses are exposed to extreme temperatures, they begin to lose their flexibility and stiffen. High temperatures cause the plasticizers in the elastomeric inner tube to break down, which then hardens and begins to crack.
Why do hoses burst? Hoses burst from an increase in pressure that causes weak points in the hose to develop and burst. This pressure can build up due to frozen water in the hose or a degradation of the material the hose is made of due to adverse conditions(ie heat, animals, weathering, etc).
If your leak is within a foot of the male or female end connectors, simply cut off the end of the hose and replace the garden hose connector with a new one. If your leak is more in the center of the hose, trim out the damaged section and splice the hose back together with a repair hose coupling or mender.
Whether they`re made of black rubber or stainless steel, washer hoses need to be replaced about every three to five years. If it`s been that long, or if the hoses are showing signs of wear, it can be easy to replace them if you follow these simple steps: Turn off the water supply.
Other Pressure Washer Maintenance

Lubricate the connections for the hose, spray gun and wand extension. Replace O-rings in the water-inlet, high-pressure hose and spray gun connections. Clean debris from the cooling vents. Inspect the muffler and spark arrestor if your machine is equipped with them.

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Cant get any pressure build up… acts like a hose to water flowers Unit is a Husky 2200 psi 3 nozzle pwr washer , about two years old with about 20 hours of use
ANSWER : Looks like you will have to get the diaphragm seals in the pump replaced

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My Husky HU 80709 gas pressure washer starts (most of the time) but if I shut it off to answer a phone call, etc.,I cannot get it started again. It’s like it has a vapor lock or something. Any ideas what is wrong, suggestions to fix it, will be very appreciated. Thanks! [email protected]
ANSWER : I have the same power washer.

When you go to restart it you need to hold the sprayer nozzle so the their is no pressure in the hose. It is even better if you take the tip off the spray nozzle and then while holding the spray nozzle open restart. It will start up real quick. I never start it now with the hose on or attached at least from a cold start. Kind of a pain.

I will also tell you this. This morning I had two bolts shear off the main pump. I have used it 5 times and have had it only a year. I am hoping this is a fluke since I really do like the pressure washer.

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My Honda 2600 psi power washer will not pull to start. It was running great then I allowed the neighbor to borrow it. He ran the washer till it was out of gas and proceeded to refuel and at this point it would no longer start. The pull cord is out about 4-6 inches out and I am concerned about taking the casing off myself.

Fearing that it may throw more off on the unit. If i take the casing off are there any spring loaded parts that will dismount?

What should I do? Spark Plug? Turn wrenches?

Please let me know

ANSWER : You should be fine to take the recoil off, there shouldn’t be anything that shoots out at you. You might want to check the oil level on the engine, many of the Honda engines won’t start unless there is enough oil in them. If your oil level is fine, check to make sure that your motor is getting spark.

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Cleaning head not working good
ANSWER : The only way to get down to the bottom of this is to get yourself the necessary fittings and high pressure gauge so you can read what the line pressure is while the trigger is released and applied.You have to get down to the source, find out what it is.Could be a bad pump, bypass valve, debris inside trigger, or spray tip is worn out or is too big for the unit it has been attached too (not enough GPM).

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Honda gcv160 wont dispence detergent – Craftsman 2600 PSI Honda Powered Pressure Washer
ANSWER : It will not draw soap while using pressure take out the nozzle or use the large black nozzle

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How do I replace the outlet valve on a Honda black max 2700 psi power washer that broke off?
ANSWER : For $290 is savings, I’d work at backing that piece out … someone has put it on.

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My Powercraft 9686 pressure washer has always been stored in my garden shed. It is 4 years old and when I used it last September the power washer had lost considerable pressure, as it was leaking water.

Can I fix it for a reasonable price?

Thank You.

John O D

ANSWER : Put some silicon spray in inlet/outlet then reattach hoses then run it will proform after a while do this everytime you store it pryer to sroring away………..

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