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Drip, or micro-irrigation, technology uses a network of plastic pipes to carry a low flow of water under low pressure to plants. Water is applied much more slowly than with sprinkler irrigation. Drip irrigation exceeds 90 percent efficiency whereas sprinkler systems are 50 to 70 percent efficient.
You should aim to run your drip irrigation system for ten to thirty minutes on the days that you water them. This will give the system enough time to deliver the water your plants require without over or under watering them. The type of plants and drippers you have will affect how long you need to run the system.
Install Irrigation Drippers

Center the dripper head in each pot, just to one side of where you plan to insert your plants (the dripper`s spike is sharp, so it`s easy to insert into the soil). Fill your containers with soil—making sure you bury the tubing under the soil. Then add your plants and enjoy.

Find a clear plastic bag that is large enough to cover your plant and pot. Water your plant and cover it with the bag, placing it in a spot without direct sunlight. The humidity created into this greenhouse will evaporate to the top, making little droplets of water which will in turn fall into the plant.
There are four main types of drip irrigation: soaker hoses (also sometimes known as porous soaker lines), emitter systems, drip tapes, and micro-misting systems. Each system has different features and benefits depending on your needs.
Drip irrigation is sometimes called trickle irrigation and involves dripping water onto the soil at very low rates (2-20 litres/hour) from a system of small diameter plastic pipes fitted with outlets called emitters or drippers.
In order for drip irrigation to be implemented, specific materials are required, including garden hose, drip irrigation tubing, micro bubblers, back-flow valve, tees & wyes, elbows.
Drippers, also referred to as emitters, are the end devices which deliver water to plants in a specific manner. By understanding the differences in emitter types, users can more easily select the right emitter for any application.
A good rule of thumb is to place a drip emitter evenly spaced along the plant line and a minimum of six inches from the base of the plant.
As a general rule, vegetable crops require 1 – 1.5 acre-inches of water per week. When plants are small, aim for the lower end and when they are large, the upper end. Additionally, when it is excessively hot and/or windy, plants may need more than 1.5 inches of water in a week.

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What is the valve lash adjustment settings on a craftsman 6.5hp tiller
ANSWER : Hi bbg713,I hope I can help you out. The valve lash (tappet clearance) on engines of approx this size should be 0.005-0.007 inches (0.13-0.18 mm) for intake valve and 0.007-0.009 inch 0.18-0.23 mm for exhaust valve (cold engine). Adjust tappet clearance by grinding end of valve stem to increase clearance or grind valve seat deeper to decrease clearance. I hope I have helped you a bit. Any more questions are welcome. Regards and good luck. Denis.

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I want to apply scotts grub ex. With an earthway spreader, what setting should i use?
ANSWER : You have scot’s i want bayers grub killer

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Need valve lash setting – Craftsman 21 Hp 42" Deck, Ys 4500 Lawn Tractor
ANSWER : .004 to .006 on both intake and exhaust. Keep in mind it has a compression release on the cam shaft exhaust valve side so if it is to tight it will not allow the exhaust valve to shut and will burn out with time as well as power reduction. Too loose will make it hard to turn the engine over,sounds like a low battery. I have had two of the Intec engines that the stud that the rocker arm pivots on pulled out of the engine head a little at a time and drove me crazy until it finally pulled all the way out. I would adjust on Mon, Wen, Fri .

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Need the valve setting for the intake and ext. on a briggs and stratton motor engine model # 130202-1035-07 serial # 75020607
ANSWER : .005″-.007″ intake

.009″-.011″ exhaust

Set clearance when engine is cold.

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John deere 2010 D valve adjustment setting
ANSWER : .030 in and ex.

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Karcher 3.97M Short cycles after trigger is released.
ANSWER : Dear csdamman,
There is a valve called the spill-valve. It is often called the control valve. This valve activates the micro-switch. When the gun is released, pressure builds up and compresses this spill valve. At the same time it puts off the micro-switch. This will then stop the machine. Now when the spill valve is faulty it cannot hold compreesion under pressure so it starts de-compressing and starts the machine again. This goes on in a cycle as you explained. So you have to change the spill valve. If the spill valve that operates the micro-switch is part of the upper head,…then the whole head must be renewed. Myself I rarely service Spill Valves. The best thing is to renew it. From your explanation it seems that you did not take notice of this Spill-Valve. Infact when you mentioned Pressure Switch, I do not know if you are refering to the spill valve. If you are….then saying that the Pressure Switch moves and operates freely, does not mean that it is OK.
In certain machines in the outlet…there is a small valve, coloured black and red or green and yellow. This sometimes when faulty, it gives the fault you mentioned. Sometimes an inlet valve gives the fault you mentioned. But from my expirience it is most of the time that the Spill-Valve is the fault.

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What i s setting on scotts lawn pro spreader to spread lesco momentum force weed andfeed 21-0-11
ANSWER : You can normally gauge it from the size of the granuals i think it is between 6 and 7

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Valve clearances for jd la valve adjustment only John Deere Tractor Model L A doesn’t cut it with this web site so that is the reason for this approach
ANSWER : 0.08mm-0.13 mm- intake top
0.13mm-0.18mm- exhaust bottom

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