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The starter rope is buried in the bottom of the unit. So you have to split the upper and lower halves of the blower to get to the starter pulley. The rewind spring sits right beneath the rope pulley so you have to be careful not to pull out the spring or it will be next to impossible to put back in! I would suggest pulling a video from an online parts source or youtube for details.

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Sometimes, when your starter rope will not retract into your leaf blower, it can be because it is jammed between the pulley and the housing, or it is wrapped around the hub. In this case, you will often be able to fix the symptom by simply opening the machine and untangling or removing the rope from where it is stuck.
Overtime, pull cords for light or electric shower switches can become discoloured or broken through daily use, and can be replaced quickly and easily by you.

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How do I replace the blower Fan Blade on my HOMELITE blower. How do I hold the shaft to keep from turning while loosening the nut?
ANSWER : You can stuff some rope into the spark plug hole, and then rotate the blower impeller to jam the piston against the cylinder head. Remember to leave some hanging out or you’ll be fishing….

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My 2008 chevy trailblazer doesnt want to start when I fill up with gas
ANSWER : Check the vent.

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I just need a manual for the Homelite Mighty Lite Gas Powered Blower Vac.
ANSWER : Do you have your model number?

You should be able to find your manual on this site:


The manuals are listed by their model number rather than their marketing name. Look for the serial number plate which should also have the model number.

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Starting cord does not retract on my leaf blower (homelite)
ANSWER : Take off starter mechanism, replace coil, or recoil if undamaged. then replace starter rope

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Where can I find a gas cap for the Homelite HB 100
ANSWER : You can get a Rotory one for a Lawn mower repair shop pretty cheap

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Homelite Leaf Blower won’t stay running
ANSWER : Hey .. Did you replace the inlet screen in the carb ?


Either the carburetor, block behind it, or the cylinder are loose. Common Homelite problem.

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I have a Homelite 26cc Blower Model UT09521. How big is the gas tank on the blower?
ANSWER : Http://www.homelite.com/system/manuals/blowers/UT09521_332_trilingual.pdf

The manual doesn’t show.

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I start twice (when I pull starter rope) then the rope won’t go back
can I know what happen
ANSWER : Your starter/recoil unit has malfunctioned. Disassembly/inspection down to the point where you can get the recoil off will be required. Remove the engine cover screws. The recoil unit may be part of the cover or may be under it. You will easily be able to access it. Replacement parts for your mower are readily available.

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