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How to remove carburetor
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Before replacing the carb remove the muffler and run it the muffler has a screen inside that gets plugged up with carbon then replace the fuel line from the filter to the carb they crack and **** air instead of fuel

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Husqvarna 235 16-Inch 34.4cc Chainsaw.
Size: 2.5mm ID X 4.5mm OD x 400mm L X 2 PCS.
All Husqvarna chainsaws use the ratio of 50:1, this means that for every gallon of gas you will use 2.6 oz. of 2 stroke engine oil.
A fuel / oil ratio of 50:1 is recommended for all Husqvarna 2-stroke products.
This method involves looking at the base of the spark plug insulator (white part of the plug) for a slight coloring on the insulator just above where the insulator comes through the steel case. If the mixture is too lean, it will leave no color, while a rich mixture will cause the fuel ring to become more prominent.
Common signs include reduced engine performance, black smoke coming from the exhaust, backfiring, overheating, or hard starting.
Single Cylinder Engines

Husqvarna use our highly durable FJ180V engines. Discover the benefits of their exceptional build-quality for you and your business.

The muffler decreases the amount of noise the engine makes. If you delete the muffler, it will make the engine`s sound louder. You can “delete” a muffler in one of two ways: by removing the muffler entirely or by installing a muffler delete pipe.
The exhaust system up to the muffler is what is responsible for proper engine and emissions performance. The muffler`s only job is to muffle the sound of the engine as it is amplified through the exhaust pipe. With that said, you should be able to remove the muffler without any loss of power or major issues.
This 46-inch Husqvarna lawn tractor comes with a 2-cylinder Kawasaki engine with an automatic drive system and electric PTO.
Pitch, Model# 240.

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Husqvarna 235 is not oiling.Hole and groove on bar have been cleaned. The saw does drip oil with the bar off when running.All parts are clean but bar is not getting oil.Hope you can help,thanks.
ANSWER : With saw running and high speed hold saw close to a piece of wood and check for oiling. If still no oil, then use air pressure at hole in bar to clear.

Bought a hasqvarna 235 won’t start brand new out of the box. Any solutions
ANSWER : If you have followed all of the manual instructions for starting the saw, take the saw back to where you got it and ask for a replacement under warranty.

Chain will not rotate; which part needs to be replaced?
ANSWER : Try to turn the chain by hand–if moves freely, the clutch assembly under the cover may be overly oiled. Remove the bar and chain, then wash the clutch drum and shoes with carburetor spray cleaner. Make sure the chain brake is not set. Hope this helps!

What information can you tell me about a Husqvarna chainsaw model 61 with serial number 6136460. Does it indicate the year?
ANSWER : Most of the CDI modules have been superseded to part no# 544018401check with your local dealer to verify.

How do you replace a chain on a Husqvarna 235e
ANSWER : Take out the chain guard.Once there you will look at a bolt holding the chain plate.Untight the bolt and adjust the cahin,but not too tight just test by hand if it moves freely but tight.Usually a gap of about 1/4 or less is enough,tight and guard back.If you need more help come back.Post / thumbs / testimonial are welcome!

We have a husqvarna cth 170 and we cant seem to reverse it… have any ideas on how?
ANSWER : I have a Husqvarna YTH2348 that clicks when i try to start… I had the battery tested and changed the solenoid and still won’t start. How do I check the starter????

Husqvarna 240 want start at all – Husqvarna Chain Saw 18" 450 Model 966955438
ANSWER : Sounds like the ignition module or spark plug. The ignition module is what controls the spark plug that gives your saw the firing capabilities. Before you purchase one of those, replace the spark plug and see if that works. The 240 is a newer husqvarna; so I am skeptical to say it is the ignition module. However, any new product can have a bad part on it. Your saw may have gotten flooded and won’t start. Make sure your gas mixture is 50/50 gas to mixing oil. Always use fresh gas. If you make up gas and don’t use a whole gallon at a time, put some fuel stabilizer in the mixture; so it will still be fresh the next time you use it.

Can not see how to replace primer bulb fuel line at fuel compartment. Can’t see how to get to it
ANSWER : Usually, removing the carburetor should allow sufficient room to work. Good luck!