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Sadly there is no repair parts for these pitch it and buy a new one all we can do .

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Because garden hose reels do not necessarily come cheap, it would be for good measure to try and repair any signs of damage first before considering a replacement. Fortunately enough, most of the common issues that occur with garden hose reels are easily fixable.
Usually, leaks at the top of the hose are caused by a deteriorating washer. Before using a new hose, locate the washer and make sure it`s properly inserted into the coupling. Inspect the washer when you take your hose out of storage or put it into storage each season. Check the washers on your hose accessories, too.
To increase spring tension:

Adding wraps of hose will increase spring tension. This can be accomplished by pulling out approximately 10 feet of hose, hand feed hose back up through roller bracket assembly* until loop is large enough to slip over spool. Add two or three wraps until desired tension is achieved.

Highlights. If your hose leaks where it connects to the spigot, it`s most likely caused by a worn gasket, stripped adapter, or leaking connector. Connection problems usually cost around $2–$20 to fix. New garden hoses can cost up to $400, depending on the length and material.
Unfortunately it is not possible to replace the hose in the Auto Reel.
To mend a small hole or leak in your hose, try using electrical tape, duct tape or specially designed hose repair tape. Clean and dry the hose section before applying. Overlap the tape as you wrap it around the hose. Take care to not wrap too tight as the hose may wrinkle and the tape won`t seal.

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How can I fix a hozelock hose reel that has been pulled out too much and jammed?
ANSWER : You have to take the cover off and redo the hose you can re reel back in

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Just installed a new pull cord…the cord does not retract. How do I fix the problem?
ANSWER : The best way i found is to twist counter clock wise a dozen turns,hold the spool with vise grips,feed the roop through all holes you need to go through, into the reel knot, i burn the knot, keeps it from slipping out,then slowly let the spring bring the slak in when i release the vise grips!

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How do I fix Frontgate retractable hose reel – Frontgate Retractable Hose Reel Post – Frontgate
ANSWER : If the problem with your Frontgate retractable how is that it simply won’t retract, on the assumption that the hose hasn’t gotten off the coiling wheel and become tangled, and that there isn’t a problem with the hose distributor – which runs off a rubber drive belt, or some other mechanical problem, it is possible to re-tension the spring on a retractable hose.

The principle of these retractable hoses is similar to the energy that is stored in the spring when you pull the starting cord on your lawn mower – which then retracts the cord when you release the pull handle. With the hose completely recoiled, using the blade of a screw driver, you can pry off the triangular cover on the left-hand side of the unit. You’ll note four Phillips head screws which secure the round, black, plastic plate to the body of the caddy. If the tension is already “out” of the spring you can remove these screws and nothing will happen. If there is some residual tension remaining, the plastic plate may rotate clockwise a couple of turns when the last screw is removed (it won’t spin like an airplane propeller, so don’t worry . . .).

To re-tension the spring, I used a crescent wrench and opened the jaws so that the width matched the gap between the two slots you’ll see in the plastic plate, and inserted the wrench into the two slots (the wrench will be at a right angle to the plate, at this point. Then, while holding the crescent wrench in place, I used a metal bar, and inserted it through the hole at the other end of the wrench (for better leverage), and turned the plastic plate counter-clockwise five full turns. Then, while keeping the tension on the plastic plate, re-insert all four Phillips head screws, and fully re-secured the plastic plate.

If the inner spring isn’t damaged, this should restore the tensioning to the hose reel, as the spring will be further tensioned then automatically, as the hose is uncoiled – which will then be the stored energy that recoils the hose.

Chris D.
Severn MD

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All bar oil leaks from the bottom in a stream while engine is running
ANSWER : Take bar and chain off and clean oiler its not ably to close so to speak

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My chainsaw leaks oil out of a small hole or drain just below the base of the bar. is there anyway to way to stop this
ANSWER : Are you sure you aren’t talking about the chain oiler system? There is to be a small amount of oil to lubricate the bar and chain.

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2 cycle mantis tiller leaks gas thru the carb. – will not start?
ANSWER : If it leaks gas,it can **** have to find out whats leaking and stop it.

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Pump oil leak where pump connects to engine
ANSWER : With that few hours, you need to return it as the seal shouldn’t leak. Probably was improper pump assembly, so you should take it back, because it will only get worse and fail. Hope this helps you, Rick

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How can i fix a leak inside my hozelock auto reel
ANSWER : Just replace the O-rings inside. See pictures how to take it apart.

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