String Trimmer Cordless 12″ 18V

Remove batter from cst1000

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Fortunately, it`s not too difficult of a job, so let us walk you through it.
  1. Start By Turning The Ignition Off. …
  2. Find Your Car Battery`s Negative Terminal. …
  3. Loosen The Nut On The Negative Terminal With A Wrench. …
  4. Remove The Negative Connector, Then Repeat With The Positive Terminal. …
  5. Remove The Battery If Necessary.
25 mars 2021
  1. Step 1 Battery. …
  2. Remove the two 10 mm screws from the motor casing with a Phillips #1 screwdriver. …
  3. Pull the battery cover up and then slide it away from the motor to remove. …
  4. Remove the battery unit by pulling it out of the main body.
1 avr. 2022

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String advances to fast – Black & Decker String Trimmer Cordless 12" 18V
ANSWER : Make sure the string is correct in size and then suspect a defective head assy

Additional battery or charger
ANSWER : You can find extra batteries and chargers here:

Using too much string – Black & Decker String Trimmer Cordless 12" 18V
ANSWER : John the cord your using may just be a bad batch or cheaper one. Go and try a better quality brand.

I have a GH400 Black & Decker trimmer/edger; and the line does not advance. I’ve put in a new line wheel and that didn’t help. Any suggestions???
ANSWER : Turn it over it must be in backward

My battery won’t rechage after one year what’s the problem?
ANSWER : What you are realy supposed to do after you use the trimmer is run the battery out until it doesnt have enough juice to run any more. It is boring but your battery life will last much longer.

The auto feed doesn't – Black & Decker String Trimmer Cordless 12" 18V
ANSWER : See my answer to this under B&D Grass Hog Electric Trimmer.

String continuously feeds and cuts
ANSWER : Sounds like something is out of place. try again.

White lever. sounds like I have the samr problem. How do I replace it?????
ANSWER : Remove the cap the line/spool assy.them you will see the lever.
you can pull the lever by pliers gently or you can push the lever from the back if you can get in to the back.