BN62 3hp 230 v Spa Pool Pump Motor 2speed (AO Smith)

There aren’t any shut off valves going to the pump only to the filter
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If the pump is above water level there is no need for valves. If the pump is below water level, partially drain pool until water level is below pump, then install unions and shut off valves when you remove the pump.

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Shut off the pump. Go to the back of the filter and unscrew the drain plug. Turn the pump back on and let the water run until it reaches the point where you want to drain the water out. Turn the pump back off and put the plug back into the drain plug.
You have three options for how to drain an above ground pool: siphoning water with a garden hose, using a submersible pump, or using your pool`s drain adapter. If you only need to partially drain your pool because you need to adjust your water chemistry, siphoning the water out with a garden hose is an easy option.

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My pool pump makes a buzzing noise but there is no water circulating into the pool and no suction what-soever. What could be the problem?
ANSWER : First, Check your voltage at the terminal with a voltmeter. If it is within 10% of what is stated on the name plate, try the following suggestions. If is is more than 10% off, call an electrician. Common problems that cause this humming with no suction in these pool pumps are:-Take the pump apart and look for rubbing that could be causing your pump to tighten up. -Check for a seized motor. If the motor has seized up, you will have to have it repaired or replaced.-It could be a winding switch or capacitor problem. Again, a pro will have to service it.

How to remove a underground swimming pool pump
ANSWER : If the pump is above water level there is no need for valves. If the pump is below water level, partially drain pool until water level is below pump, then install unions and shut off valves when you remove the pump.

How do I “bleed” air from pump ? Motor runs, but it does not pump water.
ANSWER : Check the suction side and see if it is clear to allow water flow.

Why is my sand pump filter not cycling pool water; the intake line along pool wall seems to be clogged.
ANSWER : I had this issue on a hayward. Bottom line, look at the secondary filter on the intake. I had a huge amount of leaves in there. When you open it up clean the basket and let the water flow for a minute. Also, back wash your filter.

The noise sounds like a much louder humming sound; Temperatures were well below freezing here last night
ANSWER : I’m not sure what your humming is much louder than. But if you had a freeze your pump may have froze and you will need to ck for leaks after thawing. You could have cracked your pump or hurt the seals. After you check for this, you can check for a weak start capacitor in your motor, as the cold can affect these also. Good luck.

My pump is no longer working my pool water is starting to turn green, I shut down the power but I can’t seem to open up the pool pump to clean the basket can you give me any suggestions?
ANSWER : First get some liquid chloriene in the pool start with about four gallons. Loosten the lid ring then turn the pump on and back off after a few seconds. If your trying to get the pump housing open do the same thing with the lock ring that holds it closed.

My pump is running however it’s pressure is less than 10 psi and the heater on the pool will not run.
ANSWER : With the Jacuzzi Magnum pool pumps, low pressure is going to likely be cause by one of the issues below. Try these troubleshooting tips.
1.Pump not primed
2.Leakage of air into suction system
3.Impeller clogged
4.Valve in suction or discharge line partly closed or suction or discharge line partly plugged or too small. 5.Plugged basket in skimmer or hair in lint strainer.
6.Dirty filter.

Index sand filter pump SF 20110 will not blow water into pool
ANSWER : I don’t know how much time you are giving it, but sometimes when I start my pump, it’ll take 20 minutes or so for it to start a full stream of water. Also, make sure the valves are turned to the unlock position on the incoming and outgoing hoses.