44 Iinch 11.5 Hp Trailmower #T11544

Broke or wore out the belt. Purchased a new OEM belt and put on. Unfortunately i must have put it on incorrectly as it worked for about 20 minutes fine and then the belt just shredded. I found a diagram about how the belt should go on but obviously there must be more to it.


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Mower Won`t Start

First, check your gas levels. This might seem obvious, but many times, a mower that won`t start is simply out of fuel. If gas isn`t the issue, check your mower`s spark plugs and ensure they are connected, tightened, and cleaned. Your mower might struggle to turn on if the air filter is dirty.

There is approximately 4 inches of height adjustment. Rotate height adjust crank handle in a clockwise direction to lower the mower deck. counter-clockwise direction to lift the mower deck. Dense areas of material should be cut twice.
There is approximately 1 ½” to 4 ½” of height adjustment. Rotate height adjust crank handle(s) in a clockwise direction to lift the mower deck. A counter-clockwise direction is used to lower the mower deck.
Loose, Dirty or Disconnected Spark Plug in Your Lawn Mower: Check it out, clean off debris, re-connect and tighten. Dirty Air Filter: Clean or replace. Fuel Not Reaching the Engine: Tap the side of the carburetor to help the flow of gas. If this doesn`t work, you might need a new fuel filter.
If a mower is hard to start, it may be the result of a dirty carburetor and/or a clogged air filter. Use a screwdriver to remove the carburetor and clean any dirt out of it with a rag. Clean the air filter or replace it if it`s disposable.
Possible cause 1: In some models, when you tip the mower, fuel can leak into the carbon in the cap, which restricts the venting of the fuel system. This can cause the engine not to start, or only run for a few minutes, then quit. POSSIBLE SOLUTION: Leave the cap to dry out or replace it with a new lawn mower cap.

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What causes belt shredding on swisher pull behind mower, 44″ cut, 11.5 hp
ANSWER : They suck impossible to find parts supplier in Canada? If you know of one let me know thans

Need a main drive belt for 60” finish,how long is it? Swisher finish pull behind
ANSWER : They make a ajustable v-belt for problems like this.look on internet for ajustable v-belting. i forgot what it call we used it in a sawmill
if cant find get in toutch with me and ill find it for you

What size belt for my swisher 44″ pull behind
ANSWER : I just replaced the belt on my 44″ Trailmower and since I had to get it up and running without waiting for new Swisher 4220 belt I found an ordinary V-belt 1/2″X72″ whith overall with of 74″ works OK

Pull behind mower wont start
ANSWER : Does it have spark? is the fuel newer than 45 days

Belt diagram for 42in deck zt17542 swisher riding mower
ANSWER : Http://www.swisherinc.com/media/documents/ONZTR42_REV_02_01_2002.pdf

We need a photo of how the hydraulic belt goes on our mower. We lost our manual.
ANSWER : It should be fairly simple,if you remember always put the V of the belt into V pulleys and the back of the belt on flat or idler pulleys. Its fairly easy to figure out. I didn’t find a diagram of the belt system that runs the hydraulic pump. I hope this helps some.

My p.t.o. wont start my blades the engine runs but the blades wont start when i pull up the p.t.o on
ANSWER : Belt needs tightening or its brocken.Check first.

What size belt fits swisher 44 inch cut mod. no.t 11544
ANSWER : Our manual says 74″ part no. 4220. We just replaced one but can’t figure out how to adjust the tension.