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Curved Shaft String Trimmer Design

Inside the shaft is a drive cable that provides a direct connection from the power source to the trimmer head without a gearbox. This drive cable is made of a flexible plastic that will allow it to fit the bend of the shaft.

Straight shaft weed eaters are better for edging than curved shaft string trimmers. Because they have a straight shaft, I have a much easier time using these weed eaters to edge around the yard.
Spin Direction

Just as a circular saw needs to eject sawdust as it works, a trimmer needs to eject debris from its cut path. If your trimmer spins counter clockwise, it ejects material from the left side of the tool and cuts best with the right side.

A grass trimmer is used to trim lawn edges where a mower can`t reach. A trimmer with a curved shaft is often used for easy trimming around lawns and flowerbeds. Machines with straight shafts and bevel gears are designed for more demanding jobs and they make it easier to reach under hedges, bushes and similar places.
Curved shaft string trimmers are easy to use in tight spaces and yards with plenty of fixtures. Their low weight not only makes them more comfortable to carry but also places them at a lower price point.
The most important factor to take into account when choosing weed eater string is its shape. If you`re simply looking for a good all-around option for trimming grass and small weeds, go with a round string, as it`s more durable, and less likely to break if it comes in contact with fencing or other landscaping elements.

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Weed eater will start but the head will not rotate. its like some thing is not connected.
ANSWER : Hello snap77b:

From your Description it Sounds like the Shaft May have Slipped Out of the Power Head and the Drive Cable is Not Engaged to the Drive, the Clutch is Worn Out, the Drive Cable is Worn and Requires Replacing, the Trimmer Head has Slipped and is Not Engaged to the Drive Cable or the Trimmer Head Gearbox is Bad and Requires Replacing.
>>Send me the Model Numbers Off the Unit, Please. With these I can Locate the Proper Manual and Better Assist you.
Please, Do Not Hesitate, If I Missed Something or you Hit a Snag or this Does Not Correct the Problem, I am Here if You Require More Assistance. Hope this Helps. Let me Know What Happens, Please. May the All Mighty Bless You and Yours. Be Safe and Be Happy. Thanks.
Good Luck
jbridger (John)

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Homelite weed eater model rx70
ANSWER : You can go to this website and find your trimmer manual. hope this helps.


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Replace nylon on weed eater head – Homelite Mighty Lite Lawn Trimmer
ANSWER : Go to:

See pages 14 and 15 for your information on stringing the head.

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Weed eater wont start,put straight gas in it.
ANSWER : If you didn’t mix any oil with the fuel,you probally burnt the piston and cylinder up.the only to find out if you did is to pull the muffler off and look inside the cylinder and see if there are any scoring on the piston.if there is you need to replace the piston and cylinder assembly.most cost $100.00 or more.usually they are not worth repairing.i know this is not good news but i hope this helped,let me know……………..

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My weed eater hedge trimmer runs for about 10 minutes and cuts off. It seems as though it is flooded, because it won’t start again until some time later. But it continues with the same pattern. I purchased a can of premixed gas/oil to make sure it was my mixture, to no avail. I have not replaced the spark plug yet, but I don’t think that has anything to do with it. Do you have any suggestions?
ANSWER : The plug can be the problem but also the air mix as well get the best plug you can

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I put to much oil in my weed eater, lot of blue smoke came out, then it stopped. if i pour some of the oil out and let it cool off will it be ok
ANSWER : Should be ok drain oil to correct level remove spark plug clean and dry plug,with plug out crank over to remove oil from cylender,make sure air filter did not get oil soaked if dry reinstall if wet replace. reinstall spark plug and start probably will smoke untill it burns off residual oil in muffler hope this helps

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Weed eater will not run in high speed but will idle
ANSWER : Lack of fuel is my first thought. Check to be sure the trigger control is working at the carb. From there I would suspect plugged fuel line or plugged carb, (most likely contaminated fuel) either way I would suggest someone that knows about these. Hope this helps

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The head will not spin on Troy Built weed eatter
ANSWER : Sounds like your flex cable has taken a trip south. Pull the shaft off the head and take a look at the flex cable. If flex cable is ok, they your clutch is defective.

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