42 in. Deck 19.5hp Lawn Tractor

I need to know how to install the deck belt on a LT1000 Craftsman riding mower with a 42in. cut. Model number is 917 271634
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The manual will cover it.


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Craftsman LT1000 42” Deck Rebuild Kit.
The “Deck Belt” goes around the pulleys right above the blades on the deck and then to a double pulley. The “Drive Belt” on your mower goes from the transmission, around an Idler pulley then over to the double pulley I mentioned before. The Drive belt also plays a role in making the wheels turn.
Usually there are two belts. One goes around two pulleys, a front pulley under the motor and one on the mower deck.
Usually there are two belts. One goes around two pulleys, a front pulley under the motor and one on the mower deck.
The top belt is the power clutch belt, also known as the PTO (power takeoff) belt. This is the easier one to replace because it`s on top and has a spring-loaded hand lever to remove the belt from the lawn mower for deck removal. The lower belt on the deck is called the arbor belt.

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Do they make a wheel kit for the deck on a LT1000?
ANSWER : These mowers are all made by just one or two companies. If you go to Lowe’s, and root around in the mower area; you will find they have two sets of generic wheel kits which seem to fit most all decks. You can pay more at a dealer or small engine shop.

What size belt is required for my 19.5 hp craftsman LT1000 42″ mower deck
ANSWER : Deck Belt Part #144959. Thet belt is 1/2 wide by 11/32 thick by 95.25 long. Sears Parts Direct lists it for $34.99 + Shipping..

Looking for a side discharge cover for the craftsman lt1000 model 971271813
ANSWER : Searspartsdirect.com

I need the belt digram for a 50″ craftsman lawn tractor, it has two belts on the deck.. any help?
ANSWER : You need exact model numbers. Go to www.searspartsdirect.com put in your model number and see parts list. Go to the right hand side of page and click on manuals.

I’m having trouble replaceing the motion drive belt on my LT1000 lawn tractor. The mowing deck is off, the old drive belt is off. I can’t get the belt around the transaxle pully. Any suggestions?
ANSWER : Often there is a keeper on the back of the pulley, and the belt must go inside the keeper. Get an inspection mirror up in there to look if necessary. Start by putting the belt on the transaxle pulley, then on the PTO pulley, then on the idler, last have someone sit on the mower and depress the clutch pedal while you put the belt over that pulley.

I am trying to replace a belt on the deck mower
ANSWER : If it’s a craftsman. Go to www.searspartsdirect.com and put in your exact model number (which you didn’t list) then when you get to the parts listing, look on the right hand side of the page and see if there is a link to manuals for your model , if so click on that. The manual should show you pictures of your belt.

Engagement cable once you have hooked to handle where does spring connect
ANSWER : Theres a bracket that swings under the deck pull on it to see that it tightens the belt, there should be a little hole on th bracket it self u have to look hardbut its there hook the spring up and try it out, hope this helps

Craftsman 917.270913 how long is deck belt
ANSWER : 1/2×95″