GT WG150 10 in. 18 Volt Cordless String Trimmer w/ 1 battery

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Each Worx 20V 2.0Ah battery is compatible with all 20V Worx tools – both garden tools and power tools – as well as all 18V Worx tools. PowerShare lets you share the battery and save money.
Great adapter to use 20V battery in MOST 18V tool. As mentioned in other review, works with 5ah batteries and smaller. Not all DeWalt 18V tools/accessories accommodate this adapter. WARNING: just like the AC outlet wall warts that convert 120AC to some DC voltage, they`re drawing power while in the outlet.
Going from 24V to 18V is like going from 12 to 9, so it will definitely work at a sufficient speed to be good in most scenarios. If you do not actually have overheating problems with the device you try to cool-down you can certainly use it at 18V.
All batteries and chargers are interchangeable with all the tools in the range, many of which can be bought as body only (without battery) machines – meaning you can save needless expenditure on additional batteries and chargers if you purchase additional tools for your tool kit.
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With an auto feed system, the trimmer will release more line whenever it starts to run short, based on an advanced internal system. The majority of models will have some kind of component that gauges the current length of the line and then releases more by taking advantage of the spinning taking place with the head.
It turns out that going to 20v MAX was actually done to avoid confusion, not to gain an edge. Really? Really. Apparently the decision stemmed from research where DeWalt reps observed buying behavior in a “secret shopper” setup.
Yes. Connect the batteries in series which means connect the positive and negative posts of the batteries with a jumper cable. you now have 12V battery which matches the output of the charger. The batteries do not have to be of the same capacity (AH) or in the same state of discharge.
Since 12V lead-acid batteries were originally designed for cars, there is a lot stuff that runs this way. 18V would be risky, I would not try to plug a 12V device into an 18V battery. But if you happen to have 18V for whatever reason, you can always use a DC-DC converter.
All products within the range share battery compatibility and batteries can be freely swapped between them.
Product Overview. Add versatility to your tool box with the 20V MAX* to 18V Battery Adapter Kit. This adapter allows you to use select DEWALT® 20V MAX* Lithium Ion slide pack batteries with DEWALT 18V power tools.
No. You can use it on a 20V drill. For a 12V drill, you use a 12V battery.

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The line keeps unwinding! The Worx trimmer seems to unwind the line when ever it decides too! What is the problem?
ANSWER : Hi,The spool can be defective, but it may be just affected by trash in the spool where it mounts to the machine. Look at this tip. There is a place at the end of it that explains how to clean and lubricate the spool. If you cannot fix the problem with this tip, replacement is probably your best option. Try it first. regards, –W/D–

Worx manuals how to change cutting diameter
ANSWER : It’s probably not a good idea to do that – the manufacturer designed it to cut 10″, and it probably works much better at 10″ than at any other diameter.

Bought trimmer last year…battery no good this year…will not charge
ANSWER : Check that your charges is working – charge light on the unit or test output voltage. If these are ok, you will have to buy a new power pack for your trimmer or get a battery specialist to make up one for you. This will be by far the cheaper option.

My trimmer does’t work longer then 20 minutes. I can only get part of my lawn done. it takes 3 days to get it done with my trimmer.
ANSWER : I hate to have to break the news to you, but it probably never will. The batteries sold with the Worx trimmers are very cheap. I recommend either buying a few extra batteries and keeping them all charged so you can finish the job or buying a gas or plug in trimmer.I had one of these last year and there is just no way you are going to get any more out of it. Sorry.

Im trying to figure out how to install the safety guard.Can you help me?
ANSWER : On this page you will find a tab for the owners manual. The regular site I use has no Worx machines listed at all. I hope this helps you. The tab for MANUAL is near the middle right of this page. Hope the assembly info you need is there.

I used my Worx trimmer successfully last season. This spring when I went to use it, it would not hold a charge. The light shows green on the charger but the trimmer only works for about a minute before it slows to a stop. If you press the on button again, it will go very slowly then stops.
ANSWER : Your battery is shot. I had one of these, the batteries are really cheap and don’t last long. If you can afford it, ditch the Worx and buy a quality trimmer at your local hardware store. If you are short on cash you can buy new batteries online.

What do we use to keep the worx trimmer/edger clean?
ANSWER : Sally once you finish using it give it a soft brush over then use some WD40 on a rag and lightly go over it. This should stop any grass sticking to it and keep it nice and clean.

I bought a Worx WG250E cordless hedge trimmer yesterday. The manual states that the battery takes one hour to charge and after one hour the green light did come on, however, when I put the battery in the trimmer it doesn’t work. Do I have to charge overnight on first use?
ANSWER : Initial charging should be over night,,