Electric Pressure Washer 1800psi 145 GPM Induction Motor …

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You Have a Clogged Nozzle or Hose

This can be easily remedied by taking a quick look at the screen – if it`s caked with crud, simply remove it and give it (and the area around it) a good cleaning. You may also want to check the pressure washer pump inlet screens and filters while you`re at it.

Most pressure washers today feature onboard detergent tanks. Pressure washer soap dispensers make cleaning much easier as you can move your pressure washer around without worrying about moving a bucket. Some, however, will not have these tanks and will require the use of a bucket to insert your detergent hose into.

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The motor got hot & smoked so I assume I need a new motor. To open the case one needs a really long shafted Phillips screwdriver. Any ideas of where to get a motor an the long shafted screwdriver?
I live in Minneapolis.
ANSWER : As for the motor two of the best suppliers that I have found are washer specialties or grainger industrial supply. They both have distributors nationwide so you should have no trouble finding one nearby.The screwdriver you can get at auto zone or napa. Hope this helps you. Thanks. For the motor you will need h.p. rating manufacture name voltage rating and shaft diameter. The model number would be helpful to.

Detergent won't come out of washer – McCulloch FHH18A Electric Pressure Washer
ANSWER : The pick up line sounds like it is blocked…probably by soap that has hardened in the line…take it off and clean it with hot water….squirt the garden hose up the line to help free up stuck gunge in line..take time with it and all will be fine…..remember to run clean fresh water thru soap pick up line after every use.

I have used the McCulloch (FH180A) three times over the course of two years. On my fourth use the pressure washer just surged on and off and I would get a tiny spray from the gun each time it surged. In other words it would do nothing. Please help… very frustrated. Thanks
ANSWER : Sounds like the problem could be low input water flow or pressure. There could be crud on the intake where you hook up the garden hose, there could be some other sort of blockage. Try hooking it up to the hose and pull the trigger (with the power switched off) and wait to see if water comes out the tip. Also look at the tip(s) themselves. sometimes a piece of crud gets into the hose and then clogs the tip.

My power washer does not let the soap come out when you turn the soap control on
ANSWER : You have to use the SOAP nozzle (Black Tip)  It is a low pressure nozzle.  The venturi effect prevents the psiphon under high pressure

Craftsman 1700 leak – Craftsman 1700 PSI, 1.3 GPM Electric Pressure Washer w/ Steam Cleaner
ANSWER : Craftsman 1700 pressure washer 1700 elect. with steamit sucks down the soap down when I wash my golf cart. I do it fast any way slowing it diwn

Kranzle electric washer will not suck up soap
ANSWER : Hi, if it has a chemical injector on the machine then the pressure at the lance will have to be lowered for it to pull in soap. it works on a similar principle to how carburetors on cars pull in fuel, bernouli principle. high pressure at one side of an orifice going to low pressure at the other side which causes a negative pressure ( vacuum) which should pull in the soap. there should be a non return valve at the orifice (hole) which prevents the water back feeding into the soap container, it is quite common for this valve to get stuck, it is just a ball, spring and o ring , and the ball sticks to the o ring. if it is this system then take the soap pick up pipe off the injector and just push the ball off it’s seat with a bit of wire.If it is a high pressure soap system then that is different, but they usually work with an injector in my experience.try taking the high pressure hose off the front off the machine and running it, if it has an injector on it it should pull in plenty off soap.hope this helps ,andy

How do i hook up a hose to the power washer – McCulloch FHH18A Electric Pressure Washer
ANSWER : Have you tried looking on the back of the machine?

1750 psi Electric Pressure Washer: My pressure washer is losing pressure and is pulsa…
ANSWER : If the pressure washer is pulsating then that is a sign of check valve failure. You may be able to clean of replace the check valves. Replacing the head is the wrong way to go. This is completely unnecessary. If you can tell me the model number of your pressure washer then I can assist you better in pointing you in the right direction.