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You need a puller, the clutch is on a beveled shaft and the “binding” is needed or the clutch would work its way off. the puller needs to grab the shell of the clutch and press on the crankshaft.

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Disconnected, dirty or fouled spark plugs are common causes for engines that won`t start. For small engines, spark plugs typically need to be replaced every season or after 25 hours of use. You should also check to make sure the spark plug gap is set correctly.
Use carburetor cleaner to remove deposits, clogs & debris

Luckily, you can take care of many of these problems quickly and easily; often without even removing the carburetor from the engine.

The retainer nut on most of our riding mower blades are a 5/8″ thread diameter. This sized thread diameter nut normally requires a 15/16″ wrench or socket tool in order to remove/install.
If your blade doesn`t and you weren`t able to reference it to the old blade, look at the cutting edge of the blade. Most lawn mower blades rotate in a clockwise direction (counter-clockwise when viewed from below), and as such have the cutting edge on the right side.

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How to take off carbarator – Briggs & Stratton Briggs Stratton Lawnmower Lawn Mower Short Block
ANSWER : Usually there are two screws. On some newer mowers the same screws hold on the Air Cleaner housing.

What Gap for spark plug on 3.5 hp engine? – Briggs & Stratton Briggs Stratton Lawnmower Lawn Mower Short Block
ANSWER : .030 or 76 MM

<!– from fixya rte –>Backfire, and will not restart – Briggs & Stratton Briggs Stratton Lawnmower Lawn Mower Short Block
ANSWER : Lost valve seat my have to short block engine take in for valve job but be prepared if thet say your need a short block valve job 150 .00 to 200.00 short block 600.00 tp 800.00 dallars

How do I remove the blade and the sprocket piece that holds the blade on?
ANSWER : Looks like it might have a pin thru the shaft then use a gear puller.lots of penetrating oil too

How do I remove and clean air filter? – Briggs & Stratton Lawn-Boy 10640 20-Inch 6.5 HP Gas Powered Lawn Mower
ANSWER : There should be a square of plastic on the side of the engine which is opposite of the muffler. It has a small hex head with a slot cut in it. Remove this plastic cover and the air cleaner should be inside of it.

John deere 240 brand new electric clutch. went I throw the swtich it clicks but doesn’t engage….
ANSWER : Adjust the clearance between the plates,9/16 wrench and turn the three nuts on the clutch one at a time about 1/4 turn each,retry the clutch,repeat until it works normally.

Have an old Dynamark riding mower with 8 hp briggs and stratton motor. having a problem getting mower to start. getting gas to the carburator but not to the plug. blew air through block and was getting plenty of air to plug and am getting plenty of compression from cylinder
ANSWER : Sounds like you need to clean the carburetor. Check that the float and needle are not stuck and clean all the holes and passages.

How do you check if a spark plug is good on a lawnmower
ANSWER : Take it out and look at it put the wire on the end hold it to metal and crank it over to check for spark no spark doesn’t mean the plug isw bad but a bad coil if the plug has build up of carbon replace it