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Where is the coil on a simplicity lawn tractor the coronet series and how do I change it.

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The ignition coil connects to the rotor, and the rotor spins around inside the cap. The coil passes a high-voltage pulse through the rotor each time it passes a contact in the cylinder, transferring its power to the engine.
The coil will work efficiently and put out the same voltage either way it is hooked up, but the spark plugs are more sensitive when it comes to polarity, hence our second and more important definition. Coil polarity should be such so as to provide negative polarity to the spark plugs center electrode.
Crank the engine over (do not start it) and the needle of the voltmeter should show an upward swing to the plus or positive side (don`t worry about taking a reading). If the needle swings down to the negative side and gives a negative reading, your coil is hooked up backward.
The ground or “path of least resistance” for the secondary side of the coil is the gap between the electrodes of the spark plug. If the electricity exiting the secondary can find and easier path to ground through a damaged spark plug wire, boot or grime on the side of the spark plug, it will cause a misfire.
The connectors you are referring to are commonly called the ignition coil pigtails, or simply ignition coil connectors.

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Simplicity wont move foreward or backward but the trans will engage in disengage to push aournd. there is tension on it when its supposed to be engaged and not when its disengaged i was mowing with it and it just stopped moving
ANSWER : The key on the shaft may be sheared. Remove the wheel and check the keyway.

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Why wont the mower deck on my Simplicity Broadmoor restart after 45 minutes of mowing and I turm it off and restart it. only have the problem once it has warmed up from use
ANSWER : May be having compression loss or fuel vapor lock

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Will not go up inclines – Simplicity Regent 22hp Briggs & Stratton 44" Deck Tractor Lawn Mower Warranty
ANSWER : Key is sheared or missing on axle.

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What year is simplicity model 1693920 serial no 06613
ANSWER : Need the code no, One after serial No. First no. is the year.

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What year is model 1693920 seriaj\l no 06613
ANSWER : The third groud no, If 06613 is the no. 2000, june

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Install a new selenoid & I hook up the battery, And the tractor want to start??? I think the wireing is hook up Okay. Don
ANSWER : Hey don,

The key switch supplies power to the coil, it has nothing to do with the cranking circit. When you press the start button it supplies power to the solinoid, that in turn activates the starter motor. You can crank the engine even if you dont have power to the coil. Which is what I think you have happening. On the coil it has two small wire under two small nuts with a big wire in the middle going to the distributor. The two small wires are marked with a + and -, The + side should have 12v with the key turned on and 0v with it in the off position. The – Negitive side goes to the points. Check the points for burned, stuck, worn out lob on cam, if you have no spark. If you have spark, you need to address the fuel, Try spraying carburetor cleaner ( not either) into the carburetor to see if it fires then quits, this proves you have a fuel issue.

Make sure your battery is fully charged, and that the ground is a good one.

Hope this helps

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I have a simplicity 7116 6-speed does not want to go forward in first gear what is wrong
ANSWER : From what I found it sounds like the hydro pump is failing .

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Ford 9N problems;
Changed plugs, wires, cap, rotor, points, and ignition coil.
Point gap at .015, new condensor.
6 V battery fully charged. No voltage drop to ignition coil.

Results, no spark.

ANSWER : You might check ground. some of these units were ground positive. did you switch the posts?This would cause problems since the electrons are on the inside of the condinser. Good luck Joe

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