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Hello dhr…. Filling a water fountain just takes a wee bit of patience. Begin by adding enough water to cover the pump by a two inches. Turn it on. Then continue to add water until you have the look and effect you like and enough water to keep the water circulating steadily.

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They average about five gallons to fill them up and need to be topped off about twice a week. This water loss comes almost entirely from evaporation, Schopper said. The amount of water used in a week for such a fountain is the equivalent of a couple new-toilet flushes.
Water Pump Basics

A reasonable amount for a small fountain is 70 to 90 gallons per hour; 120 to 170 gallons per hour is fine for a medium-sized fountain.

As stated above, you need to have the pump constantly submerged with a consistent level of water in your outdoor fountain. Take note every day of the water level in your garden fountain. The pump will not cause the water levels to drop, but evaporation will so add water frequently.
Overfilling or underfilling the fountain can lead to splashing, spilling, excessive noise and an over-worked pump. Neglecting to Clean Your Fountain. Daily light cleaning and monthly heavy, thorough cleaning of the fountain is recommended to prevent algae and debris build-up. Turning the Pump On and Off.
Our suggestion is to operate pond fountains for 12 to 14 hours per day in order to accomplish the necessary aeration of the water while greatly prolonging the life of the equipment.
According to Vastu Shastra, flowing water in the Fountain symbolises the flow of money, happiness, and love. Therefore, keeping it in and around your home can bring you good luck and positivity.
Fountains work best when they are left running. Shutting off a fountain overnight may save you a few dollars in energy costs, but it leaves behind stagnant water that encourages bacterial overgrowth. That bacteria can even harm the fountain`s equipment if they are not removed from the fountain pump`s textured surface.
Water fountain pumps are meant to run 24/7. It is harder on the pump if it is turned on and off continuously. You should not need to turn your fountain off as long as there is enough water in the fountain for the allotted time.
The water flow must be 4” high min. The maximum angle of the water stream is based on the distance of the spout from the front of the unit.
Most fountain pools are 18″ deep, so be sure to provide a sufficient volume of water to produce the satisfactory effect.

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Beckett waterfall / fountain pump W1800 pops breaker everytime you plug it in, consequently it won’t run.
ANSWER : Sounds like there are too many things running on the same breaker. Try unplugging some of the other things on that breaker.

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Pump runs for a few minutes becomes hot and stops then starts again
ANSWER : Pump motor is overheating or drawing too much current and the safety is shutting the motor down. After a period, it automatically kicks back in (quite common). Replace motor (and safety which probably comes with, or is actually contained inside motor).


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I have a deep water well, it has not been used a lot in the last few years & the water is brown, can this problem be rectified
ANSWER : Hi Enslow, I can only guess that if the well hasn’t been in use for some time then it’s possible that if you run the pump and get brown water it may clear in time. My suggestion is simply continue to run the pump few a decent period of time that maybe a few days . As you do this take samples in say clear glass containers and see if there is improvement. So take samples every couple of hours and it will be apparent if the water is clearing or not. Make sure the pump is a decent distance from the bottom of the well.
Hope that helps

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I have a deep water well, the water is brown & does not seem to clear itsself even after we let the water run for an extended period of time. The well has not been used in excess for the last few
ANSWER : Do you have a filter this water going to be potable?
I would reccomend a water softener, and an iron filter for brown well water. We have used well water S Cal and Minnesota

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How high does this pump example high high can fountain top be if pump is at bottom?
ANSWER : From the photo on the box, it looks like it will through a nice stream 4 to 6′ high.

No details available though. Make sure the outlet of the pump is right at the water surface. You will need some rocks, bricks or a hidden floating platform to make it the right level.

If it is below water level, the fountain will be much smaller (may lose half of height for every inch below surface. 1″ = 3 feet stream, 2″ = 18 inch stream, …

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Culligan water filter is leaking – Culligan HF-365 Whole House Water Filter Housing
ANSWER : Turn off water
Remove filter and seal ring.
Look at mating surfaces.
Usually the cast metal has eroded away.
If it is the sealing ring , replace it. If it is the casting , replace the whole thing. Other brands may be an option.

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Half pumping flow – Laguna Hagen Pond Powerjet 900 Gph Fountain Pump Kit ()
ANSWER : Check to make sure all fittings are tight and no air is entering the lines, I know sounds like a no brainer.

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Fountain pump motor runs but no pressure to push water
ANSWER : You can try to force prime with a garden hose. Put the hose in ether side suction or discharge.

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