155HP DualHydrostatic 42″ Cut ZeroTurn Radius Mower

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Why is My Zero Turn Mower Weak on One Side? Your zero turn mower is weak on one side because of one or more of many reasons: traction adjustment being wrong, dragging drum brake, bad dampers, incorrect balance, tire compression does not match, or there is air trapped in the hydrostatic motor.
Because it`s an electronically-controlled system, it`s easy to alter the characteristics of electric power steering to suit individual preferences. Specifically, you can alter the steering weight to radically improve steering feel and high speed stability.
Insert an adjustable wrench on one of the lift-link adjustment nuts behind the driver`s seat. A lift-link adjustment nut is on each side of the mower. Turning the nuts counterclockwise lowers the deck, and turning them clockwise raises the deck.
You need to lose the nut on the adjustment bolt of the unit. You can increase the steering lever travel if you rotate the adjustment bolt in the counterclockwise direction. You can lower the steering level travel if you turn the adjustment bolt in the clockwise direction. Now you can tighten the nut.
Zero-turn mowers look a lot different than traditional riding mowers. You control the steering with levers on each side, rather than a steering wheel. While zero-turn mowers may look challenging to drive, they`re really very easy. The advantages are speed, responsive control, and tight turning radius.
These control rods are adjustable. By rotating the threaded linkage connector ferrules, the length and the resulting range of movement at the regulator valve can be altered.
Two thousand hours is generally the number you`ll hit without any major repairs.
The average life expectancy of one of these commercial grade engines is usually 3,500 hours with oil change intervals of 50 hours. Typically at 2,800 you can start to notice a lack in power, usually do to low compression.
Rough terrain also poses a problem for zero-turn mowers because their tires don`t have the same traction as larger tractors or industrial-sized equipment. You may find yourself struggling through grassy knolls and other obstacles without any assistance from your machine at all.

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My husqvarna zero turn mower has an auto safety shut off. I have isolated 3 (Brake, Left control level, and Right contol lever)trying to see which one was faulty, but I’m not sure where to go next. When I took the brake off, the mower stalled so I held the safety button down and when the brake was off the engine stayed running. But when I pulled the Left or Right Control level to move, it shut off, so I held those down to see if I could see which one was faulty. The engine stayed running, so I couldn’t figure out which one was bad. Every thing stayed running until I engaged the mower deck, and then it shut down again. I gave up at that point and figured I needed an experts help! Thanks, Jon Sable
ANSWER : There should be a switch under the seat. The system is designed to stop all functions if no one is setting in the seat. I believe the seat switch has failed.
Check it out and let me know.

Toro cutting off
ANSWER : Maybe low oil level, all mowers have a low oil cutoff. 30w oil.

Engine runs, blades turn but mower will not move
ANSWER : Look in front of back tired on frame, not deck, there are. 2 rods, 1 on each side, rods look like a L, it’s going through a little eye opening, push it backards, mower should move. If rod is pulled through opening and locked in, mower will not move..its a safety. Feather on mower

I have taken the lug nuts off back tire of my mower and it won’t move to slip off and it is in the air off ground.
ANSWER : Get a good size rubber mallet and hit it on the back side, or you can use a two pound hammer and a block if wood. Don’t hit directly in the metal rim with a metal hammer

My Z5426 won’t start. When I pull out the choke and turn the key, gas starts leaking out of the exhaust system just before it gets to the muffler. Last time it did start, it ran really rough. So, I turn off the engine and then tried to restart and that’s when I noticed the fuel leak.
ANSWER : Maybe bad fuel, fuel line leaking, flooding of the carburetor, since it did start and ran rough I am assuming that the gas was left set and more then likely this gummed up the carburetor, you will have to clean/rebuild it. If you have a can of carburetor clean you may be able to spray that into there and clean it up, I would not choke it to start it as it sounds like it got/is flooded/ing. Good Luck Tim

Fixya com replaced starter soleniod and battery and still just clicks
ANSWER : How is the battery on it. I had a car that sounded like and thought it was the starter at first. Turned out the battery cells were bad.

I have a husqvarna ez4824 zero turn lawn mower. When cutting grass it keeps disengaging. Any idea why?
ANSWER : Either a weak seat switch or your electric clutch is going bad!

Power to turn the blades is intermitent. What should I look for?
ANSWER : Loose connection, corrosion on connections. If this machine is new to you, do you have to have the brake or clutch on to activate the blades? I would lean towards wires/connections as the cause of your intermittent problem.