Just rebuilt carb on a Murrary 1008 tucumseh engine
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Hi type into Google search- Murray 1008 Tecumseh carby linkage photo -the photos should help ..good luck

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One of the more common questions we get concerns either the overwhelming smell of gas coming from the carburetor or fuel leaking out of the bowl or overflow. Both conditions are typically caused by a stuck or worn float needle valve.
Fuel Coming Out Overflow

Every carburetor is supposed to have overflow hoses so that if too much fuel is going into the carb it will come out of these hoses instead of flooding the engine. Any time you tip your dirt bike over, a little bit of gas will leak out the overflow, so that is nothing to worry about.

Vacuum leaks can be located with spray carburetor cleaner or a can of WD-40. If the area is obstructed by linkage or hoses, use an extension nozzle to pinpoint the area of the vacuum leak. If the engine speeds up when an area is sprayed, you are close to finding the leak.
Overflow occurs when the oil level in the float chamber becomes too high, and the gasoline that exceeds the height of the overflow pipe in the float chamber is discharged to the outside of the carb.. It also has no overflow pipe to discharge to the outside.
If the carburetor cleaner is sucked into the leak, the car`s engine performance at idle will improve temporarily. That`s because a carburetor cleaner is combustible and will compensate for the low air to fuel ratio caused by the vacuum leak.
The leak jet in the float bowl is a tuning device much like the other jets in the carburetor, which when used correctly will provide the engine with the correct amount of fuel.
It`s normal for the overflow pipe on a copper cylinder to drip when your water is heating. But if you find it`s running with water and causing your tank to overflow, then your water could be getting too hot. To fix this, simply adjust the temperature on your thermostat down a little.
Even if you`ve run your equipment dry as part of your usual end-of-season maintenance steps, some fuel can remain in the bowl of the carburetor. If you don`t drain the bowl, you might see some of the telltale white residue and related corrosion associated with ethanol blends.
The major symptom of a vacuum leak is very poor idle quality, stalling, Spitting back through the Intake, and a very lean condition at part throttle. This is the most common problem when doing carb conversions where either adapter plates are used or new intake manifolds are fitted.
Your valve cover gasket may be leaking for a variety of reasons. It could be shrunken, cracked or rotten, or your valve cover itself may be cracked or broken or one of the valve cover bolts may just be loose, allowing a little leak. Your car may have 1 or 2 valve covers depending on its configuration.
You can tell if your engine`s flooded when you spot these signs: Very fast cranking (the engine sounds different when you turn the key – usually a `whirring` sound) A strong smell of petrol, especially around the exhaust.
Loud Noises From the Leak

A leaking cold air intake will often make loud noises as air comes out of the damaged part. You may hear a hissing or whistling sound when your intake manifold has a crack in it. That will let you know that there`s a major problem.

The major symptom of a vacuum leak is very poor idle quality, stalling, Spitting back through the Intake, and a very lean condition at part throttle. This is the most common problem when doing carb conversions where either adapter plates are used or new intake manifolds are fitted.
If there`s no corrosion in the carburetor, you can choose to rebuild it rather than replace it. But rebuilding isn`t always cheaper, and it might not even do the trick. Sometimes you can buy a new carburetor for less than (or pretty darn close to) the cost of the rebuilding kit plus the cost of the chemicals.
If the leak is at the cylinder valve stem, attempt to tighten the packing nut. Be careful not to over tighten. If the leak cannot be stopped, move the cylinder into a fume hood, under a local exhaust canopy, or to an isolated, well-ventilated area to vent cylinder contents.

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What are the settings for the zama carb on a 330 homelite chainsaw
ANSWER : 1 1/4 turns out. Then let it warm up and adjust in up to 1/8

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Carb screws need adjusted i need to know the settings
ANSWER : Hi. Lightly seat the low screw and bring it out one and a quarter turns. Lightly seat the high and bring it out one turn. Adjust idle screw to suit. Regards Phil.

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I have a husqvarna 323L string trimmer. I stored it after running the tank & carb dry for about two years. I fueled it, then started it, & it ran for a minute then died like I turned the switch off. Since it would not restart, I found the fuel filter had broken off the hardened fuel line & it sucked gummy crap out of the tank & into the carb. Failing at cleaning the carb, I finally put a new carb on it & replaced the pump, hoses & filter. It has ran good till this year. I winterized it with stabilizer & left it with a full tank over the winter. The gas in the tank was gone when I got ready to use it this year. I filled the tank with premix, checked for leaks, then started it. It would run fine for about half a tank, start idling poorly (lean) then cutoff & refuse to restart till I refilled the tank. I finally found the tank had cracks & was letting pressure out of the tank & apparently this was causing the carb to lose it’s ability to siphon gas out of the tank. So I replaced the tank which came with new hoses & a filter, which I properly installed to the carb. It cranked right up, but when it runs a half tank, the carb quits sucking gas out of the tank. When I pump to prime the carb, it moves the fuel into the carb, but the pump never gets hard like it does when I prime the carb when the motor is cold. I have to keep refilling the tank, prime, & then it starts & runs until the tank gets about half empty. The new fuel filter is down in the gas tank properly, but It will not run after it shuts off until I refill the tank & prime. I’m baffled. New tank, new hoses, new filter, new carb, & I can find no leaks in the fuel system. It runs strong. The 323L is a two-stroke & it always cranks on the second pull from cold on a full tank. Any ideas?

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2375 ”wild thing” poulan saw hard starting after carb rebuild
ANSWER : Through trial and error on fairly new Poulin Pro, found that the usual 3-half turns for both high and low was too much (flooded) (Used to be good starting point on weed eaters years ago. So, turned both all the way in, and only backed out 1-full turn. (2-halves) Saw fired up perfectly, and ran wide open just fine. Try that.

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Carb settings for stihl ts 400
ANSWER : Standard settings: screw both in fully, unscrew H screw 1 full turn anticlockwise. unscrew the L screw 3/4 of a turn anticlockwise.

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Poulan chain saw after carb rebuild.
ANSWER : Is thereadjustment somewhere on the saw
I think there is 2 .

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Carb setting, can anyone tell me how to set the carb. how many turns?
ANSWER : I think 1& 1/2 turns out should get it to run; then adjust for max performance. Or just call your local lawn repair shop and get as answer.

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Runs full throttle but dies when let off gas, carb new, plug new, fuel line new, ?
ANSWER : It could be as simple as carb adjustment,if it was a new carb it will be set at base settings, which is just intended for running the machine ready for fine tuning for individual machines, unfortunatly you need a special tool to make an adjustment, part no. 530035560, once you have this tool you need to unscrew the L screw on the carb to richen up the idle mixture.

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