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Just put the choke on full and it will choke off. Both of my chain saws have a toggle switch that will interrupt the spark by grounding it. You cannot start the saws with out throwing that switch to on.

But you can just pull the choke on full and the engine will choke off.

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To fight back against diseases, remove all plant material from the garden, with the exception of winter vegetables or cover crops. In the fruit and vegetable garden, it is especially important to carefully dig up and remove decomposing roots to prevent the release of disease-causing microbes into the soil.
Plant Disposal

Generally speaking, it`s okay to put dead plant matter directly in the trash or the compost bin. However, if your plant is a victim of a pest infestation, it`s best to take extra measures to make sure your other plants don`t become infested too.

Why rotate? Rotation is critical in vegetable gardens. It helps to reduce diseases and balance nutrients. For instance, tomatoes are prone to one set of diseases and take up specific nutrients from the soil.

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How to get owner's manual – Troy-Bilt Pony Garden Tiller
ANSWER : Most of the time u can go to the place of sale and get one or just call
the company and get or go one line with tyap code and modal number a
and see if that helps.

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Garden tractor engine shuts off
ANSWER : Sounds like the operator present seat switch is not working. You can run the motor out of the seat, but not with the blades engaged. You didn’t list what model, but usually hte seat switch is connected to the negative side of the battery, and grounds out the magneto, so you can’t test it to ground. Put your tester on 12+ battery, and then to both sides of the seat switch. There is usually 4 terminals on seat switch. Some moodels have grey wires for the mageneto circuit, you can tell by whatever color also goes to the clutch switch too.

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Won't seal and hold pressure – Ace Hardware Acer Spray and Go Sprayer
ANSWER : Try smearing some Vaseline on the gasket that goes around the pump shaft at the top.

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Sprayer hose split after 2 uses – Garden Brand Outdoor Garden Utility Sink – Gb4000
ANSWER : Manufacture defect–operator abuse–

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Tiller will not stay running
ANSWER : The first thing I would check is the vent in the gas cap. If the vent gets blocked with dirt, a vacuum is formed in the gas tank; and gas will not get to the carburetor. There should be a tiny hole in the middle of the cap. Run a pin or needle down this hole and make sure it is not blocked.

There also could be a gas filter in the fuel line somewhere. This filter could be stopped up.

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Mower won’t turn over. It’s not the fuse. Also it was running good when it shut down.
ANSWER : You can jump it with your car to eliminate the battery, if it is not the battery then you might want to pull back on the lever that engages the blades, it start then . Good Luck Tim

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I have a 2 cycle Garden Way Garden Hoe model 352 and need a manual
ANSWER : Hello,The truth is that the user manual/instruction for your machine is not available anywhere online. The manufacturers of this unit did not make it available. I went further searching and couldn’t find any. The manual for this machine is a very scarce commodity.I would suggest you contact the manufacturer of this machine via phone or e-mail and request for the instruction/user manual from them. They might give it to you or direct you to a dealer where you can get the instruction/user manual.This is the best you can do to get the instruction/ manual you are requesting for.Go to Garden Way’s website, check “Contact Us” and you would see their e-mail and phone number.Good luck.

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Where is the primer – Yard Machines 21A240M000 Garden Tiller
ANSWER : The manual is available here: starting procedure is on page 11.The primer should be a rubber button above the fuel tank under the filter.

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