Pond GreenFree 36W UV Clarifier – up to 8800gal

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A Uv-clarifier is simply placed after your filter on your return line.

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When it comes to installation, place the UV clarifier where it won`t be flooded. It is waterproof, but should never be submerged in water. We suggest mounting it onto a dry flat surface, like the lid of the canister pond filter. And always connect the UV unit to a GFI outlet or circuit to protect against shock.
Generally, the better, and most common, placement is right after the filter. In fact, a lot of the biological filters (that have a uv light built in) place this uv light after the filter itself. There are a couple of good reasons for this: The uv light works more efficiently when the water flowing along it is clearer.
If installed correctly, Aqua Ultraviolet guarantees your green pond water will clear up in 3 to 5 days while using the device. Consider this piece of equipment if you want minimal pond maintenance, if you`re suffering from murky green water or if your pond is subject to direct sunlight and warmer temperatures.
First look and make sure the lamp is glowing. Your UV should have a clear portion that allows you to see if the light is burning. You should never look directly at a glowing UV lamp. If it is not working the lamp is bad, the ballast is bad, or there is an electrical problem.
In general, ultraviolet pond lights should last for a year to a year-and-a-half. Many pond owners will replace the bulb once a year, usually in the spring when it is getting warm enough to clean the pond thoroughly.
Depending on your pool`s level of cloudiness, it can take 2-3 days to clear up your water using pool water clarifier. You`ll need to balance your water and run your filter 24/7 while the clarifier is at work.
After clearing algae

When: Use a water clarifier after you`ve killed an algae bloom as it`ll help to coagulate dead algae particles in your pool water. If you`ve got green in your pool, you`ll need to attend to that issue with chlorine and an algaecide before anything else, and fast.

The single-celled, free-flowing algae within your pond water is then exposed to these high levels of ultraviolet light. This light destroys their DNA and kills them. The damage caused to the algae`s DNA through this light also causes them to flocculate (clump together).
The algae has to flow in front of the UV lights for them to work. This means you`ll either need a lot of lights or more than one type of filtration. You pond also has to have the right speed of water flow. If it`s too fast the pond UV lights won`t work.
Safe and Effective

Add 1 teaspoon (5ml) of clarifier for every 10 gallons (~38 liters) of aquarium water. Each raised mark on the side of the bottle equals 10ml. Freshwater systems will begin to clear in several hours. Repeat as needed, allow 48 hours between doses.

All you have to do is add the clarifier to the water and wait for it to do its job. Pool Clarifier is good for mild cloudiness. If your swimming pool water is just a little cloudy, but you can still see your pool floor, a clarifier is the right choice. And it`s a nice option to use after a pool party.

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How do you set up a tetra pf3 filter to a tetra uv3 clarifier, i need a diagram
ANSWER : A Uv-clarifier is simply placed after your filter on your return line.

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