Wild Thing 2375 18″ Gas Chain Saw 2.5 Cuin

How do you re assembly brake handle unit on Poulan 2150 after cleaning, which way does spring sit in handle
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Hello Larsens;
A Poulan “2150 Predator Gas Type 6” IPL follows (may not be your saw)(the LE suffix is a Wood Shark) http://www.ordertree.com/modelinfo/PWE/2150-Predator-Gas-Saw-Type-6/75.2150-Predator-Gas-Saw-Type-
There is no breakdown, they want you to order a new cover $20±. The cover appears on different print names with different models (Handle & External Assembly) above.
Poulan.com (all)
The dash number of your serial number is the type.

Do you have a friend with a cover you can look at? The brake will need to be lached open (enlarged) to refit the clutch cover on your saw.

Detail A here is a good representation of a Husky chain brake, they are all similar and this may be helpful.

If you have more questions or need additional help please reply below and I will get back to you. Good Luck. HTH
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A: The spark plug gap on all products is . 025-inch.
Poulan suggests a ratio of 40 parts fuel to 1 part oil.
For most racing applications, you usually want the plug gap to be between 0.020 and 0.040 of an inch. Most engine builders seem to settle around 0.035 of an inch.
Poulan is a brand name of the Swedish manufacturer Husqvarna AB.

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Poulan 2150, chain oiler not working. Chain is getting very hot.
ANSWER : Try to pour some gasoline only in the oiled tank and look if the gas comes out, if not the tank is clogged .

Poulan 2150 will not start
ANSWER : Take the muffler off and look inside.there is probbaly score marks on the piston.if there are the unit will need a piston and cylinder.starting fluid does nothing but burn pistons up,it drys the cylinder out so it has no lubercation

How do you reset the safety guard on a Poulan 2150?
ANSWER : You should be able to pull it straight back untill you hear it click.Pushing forward sets it.If it doesen’t click it may be broke or just to dirty to work.Take the side cover off and clean it out best you can.

I have a poulan 2150 chainsaw and the chain never stops spinning. how do i adjust it to stop spinning when i am not cutting?
ANSWER : Firstly consult your manual regarding carburettor settings. There should be a high and low speed adjustment on the saw, often called or labeled as “L” and “H”. These are often located on the main motor body, closer to the handle on one side and require a screwdriver or similar to adjust. They might be buried and you have to look down the adjustment holes in the outer body to see the screws. Basically you need to adjust the “L” or low idle screw.Firstly, warm up the chainsaw and allow it to get up to temperature… The blade, as you say will probably be spinning still with hands off the throttle… Grab your screwdriver and adjust the “L” or low idle screw turning it counter-clockwise (at least on most saws) very slowly until the chain just stops turning on the bar. If you go to far you may stall the motor. You just want the chain to have just stopped moving on the bar, and that is your “L” setting position…Has to be done with a warm engine though.Please rate this solution on FixYa!Thanks.

What is theair gap setting poulan 2150 2.1c i
ANSWER : .025″ or .6MM is the spark plug gap I assume air gap is what you were referring to is spark plug?

No oil for the chain
ANSWER : With the bar and chain off, start the engine. Does oil come out of the side port on the engine? If so, clean all of the holes at the drive end of the bar including the small holes that lead into the chain slot plus clean the chain slot itself. Compressed air works very well for this purpose. If oil doesn’t come out of the port, then (Is there oil in the tank?) there is a problem with the filter (in the tank) being plugged or the lines to and from the pump are damaged or kinked as well as the pump being in trouble. Some pumps have very fragile plastic drive gears.

Poulan 2150 won’t run full idle
ANSWER : You should be able to get parts for your carb. at an outdoor power and equipment type of store.

I need a repair diagram for a poulan 2150 that shows just where each gasline goes. Anyone know where to go?
ANSWER : Delete this entry… it has been answered at least 3 times.