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You need to give close attenttion to the string wrap” arrows” or guides and see if there are holes the size of the string your using is correct size to fit into these “grip holes inside the casing.

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Here there can be two scenarios: The spool isn`t suitable for your trimmer. You`re not winding the line properly around the spool.
A clogged carburetor is most commonly caused by leaving fuel in the string trimmer for a long period of time. Over time, some of the ingredients in the fuel may evaporate, leaving behind a thicker, stickier substance. This sticky fuel can clog up the carburetor and cause the engine to stall.
How Does the Auto Feed Work on a String Trimmer? Auto feed trimmer heads use an advanced internal sensor that keeps track of the line length in the cutting head. As the line is about to run out, the sensor senses it and automatically dispenses a new line into the cutting head.
Cable ties as strimmer cord

Have you ever been in the middle of tidying the edges of your lawn when your strimmer cord gives up on you? Cable ties offer a great solution but if your first choice of ties break too, consider using thicker ones.

The most common reason for the cord refusing to rewind is a broken or worn out recoil spring. This tiny spring hooks onto the pulley and is stretched out when you pull the cord; when you let go the spring is meant to snap back to its original position.
There are a few possible reasons in which a string trimmer will excessively feed line. The incorrect type or size of line may be installed. Check the Operator`s Manual to verify that the correct trimmer line size for the model trimmer in question is being used. The indexing teeth, inside the inner reel, may be worn.

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I have a string craftsman weed wacker an the string that cuts the grass went inside the head i can see there is plenty of string left is there a way to get it back out so i can use it
ANSWER : Turn the big knob on the bottom LEFT to loosen it in order to access the drum with the line on it.

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I need a replacement head for my 25cc crafstman weedwacker gas line trimmer. I need the whole piece that screws into the bottom of the weed wacker. It is the whole part that spins when the wacker is spinning to cut the grass. I can not seem to find any help on this.
ANSWER : You can find a complete trimmer head replacement at Hyperparts.com. Go into the Lookup By Application section and select the make and model of your trimmer to see a list of the heads they offer.

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ANSWER : You can get a manual from the Weed Eater website.

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I can'get my engine to prime with fuel. – Craftsman Weed Wacker Lawn Edgers
ANSWER : Get a new carb on ebay for 10 bucks or rebuild it for 15 bucks +labor

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ANSWER : Take a look at the hole in the spool where the business end of the string comes through. There should be a smooth metal grommet or smooth short tube there. If the metal is missing, then the string is breaking because it rubs against plastic and heats up very quickly. Or the tube or grommet might have a rough or sharp spot. You might be able to polish it up with a Dremmel type of tool.

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What size trimmer string does a husqvarna 223L weed eater use
ANSWER : This string trimmer will use .080 trimmer line

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Weed wacker started and wacked some weeds then the strings stopped rotating but engine very strong
ANSWER : Pull off string housing check that all parts are there. run machine and see if shaft is turning– if it is then put housing back on sometimes I havent put the housing on properly. if shaft is not turning. then repair is needed. or just buy a new one. cost of repairs on this stuff is not worth the cost. unless it’s a profesional grade machine..

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Electric weed wacker motor smoking – Toro Electric Trimmer
ANSWER : If the motor is smoking it will be shot, probably cheaper to but a new machine rather than changing the motor.

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