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This spring pulls the two pawls that hold the shift drum from both sides together, and if it is damaged, the shift drum cannot be turned, meaning that the gear cannot be shifted.
I`m guessing you are referring to the button usually found on the side of the actual shifter in an automatic. In that case, the button you are asking about is the overdrive-off switch. When you press it you should see an indicator illuminate on the dash saying something like “O/D Off”.
The gear shifter allows the vehicle to be put into different gears on a manual transmission. In an automatic transmission, the gear shifter is known as a gear selector. The gear shifter is normally located between the two front seats of the vehicle on a manual transmission.
About The Shift Spring

Shift Wheels manufactures the Spring which is an aluminum alloy, one piece wheel that has a design that includes multiple spokes with splits to fill the entire face of the wheel.

The throttle return spring allows your butterfly valve to return to its resting position as you release the accelerator pedal. Should this part become worn, damaged, or broken, it won`t be able to return to its resting position. This will cause issues as you accelerate, and poses a considerable risk while driving.
Malfunctioning Brake Light Switch

The brake light switch is the main culprit for your gearshift being stuck in the mode. It`s a small sensor located on the brake pedal that prevents the car from starting if the brake pedal isn`t depressed.

PUSH BUTTON SHIFTER. The GSM Push Button Shifter is an electronically controlled shifter that replaces the shift lever and offers precise, split-second shifting capability with the push of a button.
While gear shifter is a recognized and fine name, the more official name for what a gear shifter is called is a transmission lever. Other common names are gear stick, gear lever, and shifter. The gear shifter switches you between gears on a manual transmission.
Popping out of gear is a common problem when it comes to manual transmissions. The most common reason a manual transmission would jump out of gear is due to low or contaminated fluid, worn synchronizers inside the transmission, or improperly adjusted shift linkage.
Functions of detent pins

locking in place once the gearshift position has been located; ■ ensuring precise and secure gearshift by means of a defined gearshift resistance; ■ communicating a positive gearshift feel to the driver and a clear sensation that the gear has been engaged.

These shift lever extensions bring the shift knob up from the console and put it closer within reach. If you are looking to reduce your hand travel from wheel to shifter, these are the perfect item for you.

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Tiller tines won’t turn where put in gear.
ANSWER : The spring goes in first followed by the ball. The ball should not get in the key way because that is filled by the slider pins that go up into the spur gear that drives the tines. Actually the slider pins drive all of the gears by engaging different gears as the gear collar is moved up and down. The detent spring and ball is the mechanism that is supposed to hold the the clutch collar in place. Mine jumps out of gear when tilling any depth except very shallow. I have reinforced the shifting forks and replaced the pins on the end of it. I believe that the pins wear and the arms spread because i have to keep pressure on the shifting rod or it will jump out of gear when tilling. Even with the reinforcing, pressure on the shifting rod will wear out the pins on the shifting arm. This will be my 3rd reassembly and I am leaning toward the detent spring being weak and allowing the shifting collar to move too easily. I may order an new spring and ball and see if that helps. I am getting pretty good at taking it apart.

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The cord came out of my Pouland Pro model PPb430Vs leaf blower.

I took the unit apart put the cord back on the spool, put unit back together.

Pulled the cord but the cord did not re-coil??

What did I mis? If i try and pre-wind the coil with sring tention, I can not get the unit back together, as the coil will unwind as soon as I let it go.

ANSWER : I will give you instructions for fixing the recoil unit on a trimmer. The blower instructions are the same, just the configuration is different. The key is to maybe have someone help you.
OK…with the starter/recoil unit OFF the machine, with no rope in it, and no tension on it…..grasp the little nylon hub and turn it (clockwise is I recall) round and round 6-7 times until you feel the recoil spring get nice and tight…DO NOT LET GO OF IT!…hold it in place and then JAM the starter/recoil unit in place (still tight) inside it’s housing by either clamping it with a tool like vise grips or by sticking a screwdriver thru it and thru the vents in the cover. If you have ANOTHER person to help you…one of you hold it in place….and make sure it is lined up to where you can NOW insert the new lenth of pull rope thru the housing hole and into the hole in the pulley.. Always use new rope….Feed the end thru the hole in the recoil unit and tie it off, by wrapping it around itself outside the nylon hub and then screw the little self-tapping set screw back in holding the rope down. OK…then feed the opposite end into the hole in the front engine cover and attatch the T pull handle….Now mind you, you are still jammming or holding the recoil in place against the spring!…Now, unclamp it or unjam it and slowly let the recoil pull the NEW rope you just installed back onto the pulley. Make sure it is fastened well on top of the pulley around the nylon hub and also fastened well onto the T pull handle. That is it. Then reconnect your wires, put your throttle cable back thru the engine cover and reinstall the Torx screws in the cover…and you are done

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Cannot get the recoil spring on model 18r back in housing!
ANSWER : If it goes into a metal housing that is like a can lid with short sides and has one area that is open onthe side and the whole thing has a small hole in the center of the flat side….Take the metal housing, lay it flat on a table or other flat surface. Figure which way the spring would go. Lay the small end of the spring in the housing with the spring wire going out the open slot. Now all you do is wind the spring in by turning the housing. You must keep the spring in the housing with your other hand, maybe a flat piece of wood or something to hold the spring from jumping out. Once you have it all in the housing, reinstall it. If the spring is backward, CAREFULLY pull the spring out until it is no longer under tension, flop the spring over and go again…Good luck…Lee

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How do i rewind the recoil spring on my craftsman lawn mower?
ANSWER : Normally these small engines use a clock spring to retract the rope.
Remove the cover on the top and you should find the spring either broken or the tab where the spring end has broken off or jumped out of the mount.
You will need to pre-load the spring with enough tension to retract the rope.
Remove the pull handle from the rope, load the spring and then wrap the rope around the pully holding the pully and spring in the loaded position. place the end of the rope through the hole and tie up the handle. The rope should pull and retract without being installed on the engine.
Best explained here…

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How does the spring on the throttle trigger supposed to be placed to maintain tension for a working lever on an Echo 2100 grass trimmer? What is the trick to placing the spring correctly on the trigger mechanism? I have placed the spring on the plastic trigger mechanism, but there doesn’t seem to be any tension for the trigger to spring back. I placed the cable first in the slot of the trigger and then place the spring into position, but the trigger doesn’t spring back into the starting position. What am I doing wrong? There seems to be only one way to place the spring on the trigger mechanism. Can you please provide me with some sound advice or e-mail me a picture of how it is suppose to be assembled in case I’m doing something wrong? Thanks, Don

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Can’t get the clutch cover back on. The brake is set on instead of off, and now doesn’t fit won’t snug back into place over the clutch. Am fiddling with the inner spring, but can’t muscle it into place.
ANSWER : Secure the clutch cover like this:
Reset Chain Brake by Dolfoff
Please follow this link,
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If you do not have a vise a large C clamp to a work surface might work, you may still need a block or two of wood.

use pliers or a crescent wrench and rotate the spoked part clockwise until it latches open. This one it latched.

If you have more questions or need additional help please reply below and I will get back to you. Thank you for using FixYa and Good Luck. HTH

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How to install recoil spring – Husqvarna Chain Saw Chain 16"
ANSWER : Remove the starter cover, with the cover off remove the centre fixing screw in the plastic pulley, remove the pulley, be carful that the old spring does not fly out, new starter springs will be in a keeper, place the it into the cover make sure the looped end is located onto the anchor point in the cover, push home and take away the keeper, re fit the pulley and securing screw.

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I need to rewind the spring and starter pull cord. I need to understand how all the parts fit together
ANSWER : I had the same problem. I had to take it apart and rewind it manually. To do this: Step 1:There are 4-bolts to remove on the orange plastic section the screw into the motor housing (one of them is hidden inside the orange plastic housing, you’ll see an opening for it). There are also 3 screws in the black plastic exhaust housing that screw into the orange plastic housing, find those and remove.Step 2:Carefully remove the engine from the plastic housing. I didn’t disconnect the throttle cable or the electric wires (points) just kind of worked around them.Step 3:The mechanism is kind of crappy. There are two black pieces with a spring in the middle, and a metal disc on the bottom with a ribbon coil on the underside of it. The top plastic piece is what turns the flywheel when you pull the cord. The spring in between connects the two plastic piece. This is probably what popped out. There is a piece sticking up on one end, which inserts into the hole in the top black plastic piece. If you remove the little guardrail things you can probably remove just that piece. KEEP TENSIONS ON THE PULL CORD. Once you remove that top black piece, it should start to recoil.Step 4:If it did recoil, put the spring back in the top plastic piece, and then put the plastic/spring combo back into the the bottom plastic piece, there is a little groove for the bottom of the spring to slide into. Then put the little guardrail screws back on. Make sure the big metal wire thing hasn’t slipped down into the shaft of the weed whacker. That needs to go back into the motor, as it is what gets spun and in turn spins the strings. As you start to put the motor back in, you may have to pull on the pull cord a few times to get the flywheel and plastic piece to line up. Once you hear the motor start to catch, then you should be able to wiggle it back into place and put back all of the screws. Then give it a shot. If it pulls out again, you may have to drill a new hole into the top black plastic piece for that spring to slide into (this is the crappy design part).Step 5: If the pull cord didn’t retract, you need to remove the other two pieces (lower black plastic piece and metal disc with ribbon). The metal ribbon has a nub on the outside that hooks onto a plastic piece in the bottom of the orange plastic housing. You’ll need to wind it around once or twice to “charge” the ribbon, then wind the string back on the black plastic piece. The black piece should slide into the center of the metal disc and catch the inside of the ribbon. Once you get these two together, again, make sure the metal ribbon piece is wound once past normal and then you have to slide both parts together down into the housing catching the metal ribbon loop over the orange plastic nub. It’s tricky, it took me a few tries. Once you get that you can try and test the pull cord, you’ll see it pull out and feel it retract due to that metal ribbon. Then go back and do step 4, where you put the upper black plastic piece with spring back into place and replace the little metal guardrails.This whole thing took a few tries, and the pull cord still gets stuck out. It’s a major pain to say the least, but after the 5th time fixing it, you’ll be a real pro.

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