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Look hard for the key!!

A locksmith is going to cost you.

Make a note to change to battery every year – kinda like a battery fire alarm.

Have a real careful look for that key – think of the money it will save you if you find it! ! !


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If your batteries are dead, you will need to hold a 9v battery (Like the ones you get in smoke detectors) to the connection points at the front of the safe, this should deliver the power you require to enter your code on the keypad.
If the battery runs out in the safe, it is as easy as possible to open it. Attach a new battery to the terminals on the lock panel, observing the polarity. Then enter the code combination and the device will open.
Do Not Panic… Your Code Is Still There! While it is inconvenient, being locked out of your safe because of a dead battery is only a temporary problem. You can rest assured that once you replace the battery in your lock, your combination code will still be there.
Simply take out the dead batteries and replace with new ones, firmly fitting the battery against the connectors in the right direction. After replacing the batteries, replace the keyless lock cover and fix it in place by tightening the screws.
Depending on what kind of keyed-lock safe you have, the answer here is both yes and no. ANY safe can be opened without keys, if you have enough time and the right tools. You`ll likely destroy the lock and/or safe in the process, but it`s doable.
When you can`t open your safe because the electronic locking system failed, override keys can be used to bypass it. They can be used in case you forget your combination as well. Most locksmiths have those keys in order to provide you with quick access to your safe.
Gun safe locks tend to have different types of locks–the most popular being mechanical or electronic. Mechanical safes require a key in order to get inside while an electronic lock is more like a digital pad that you enter your code into.
Certainly, a locksmith can always open the gun safe for you as well as provide you with a replacement key. Uniquely, the majority of gun safes can be opened by a locksmith with appropriate qualifications. Locksmiths are able to regain entry even when components such as hardware or electronic components are compromised.
In many cases, the manufacturer will have a record of the combination associated with your specific safe. To retrieve the combination, you`ll need to provide the manufacturer with the serial number of your safe. Once they`ve verified your ownership of the safe, they should be able to provide you with the combination.
Electronic lock safes

All you have to do is press the buttons on a keypad. Both combination and electronic locks don`t require a key, so you don`t have to worry about losing one. Also, they can`t be picked because they don`t have a keyhole.

Battery failure is the most common reason the electronic lock on your gun safe isn`t working properly. Typically this is because the battery is dead. But, your electronic lock might also not be working properly if the battery doesn`t have enough amperage.
Certainly, a locksmith can always open the gun safe for you as well as provide you with a replacement key. Uniquely, the majority of gun safes can be opened by a locksmith with appropriate qualifications. Locksmiths are able to regain entry even when components such as hardware or electronic components are compromised.

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Battery goes dead over night – Toro 42'' Zero Turn Lawn Mower Trailer Package Deal ()
ANSWER : First thing to do is find out if it’s the battery or the mower. Disconnect the battery and leave it overnight. If it’s dead in the morning, you need a new battery. If not, you either have a charging problem (not likely if the battery isn’t dead after using the mower) or you have a current drain.

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Ryobi troubleshooting Recently bought the two set package of 18V lithium batteries however the tool will not work. It was working however it has stopped . Tried two different batterie , both fully charged ,with no results.
ANSWER : The motor may have overheated and burned open. Use a multimeter to check resistance across the battery contacts in the tool with the switch closed. If it reads open, the motor has failed.

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Battery?, wiring?? Had a recent problem with blades not engaging. I have had also had a slightly older issue of battery not holding charge so i have to boost or jump start mower. I went out and bought brand new battery and after one usage it would not hold charge and blades will still not engage. Would the issue related to the battery effect the engagement of the blades???
ANSWER : If your Alternator didn’t charging the battery, even though you brand new battery will not last. So there is two possible cause, 1) Your Alternator is not functioning. 2) there is a wiring problem that causing your battery to discharge easily, but you check it after you switch off the key remove the battery negative terminal then touch it back to batt term. and see if there is little blue spark, if does your wiring system got problem. If not, so your Alternator do not charge the battery.

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Battery not charging. Light on charger is red for charge…it’s plugged in properly?????
ANSWER : Battery is bad.

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Today, purchased a Schlage security set-keyed 2 sides home security set that supposedly includes an F-51 series self re-keyable entry door knob.

Have self-re-keyed deadbolt to match previously purchased sets, but the F-51 does not allow me to re-key to match my other sets.

Per instructions, should use re-keying key to turn lock 30 degrees left to an 11 o’clock position, remove, insert re-keying key from previous sets, turn back to 12 o’clock position and remove. Latch should be re-keyed at that point.

F-51 does not allow re-keying key to be removed at the 11 o’clock position, nor any position except the 12 o’clock.

The objective is to have 1 key to open 3 deadbolts and 3 F-51 style door locks. For the 3 deadbolts, mission accomplished. For 2 of the 3 F-51’s, mission accomplished.

Label on box: FB52NSK V PLY 505 605 CN; Function Security Set-Keyed 2 Sides; Style Plymouth Knob; Finish Lifetime Bright Brass\Bright Brass..

Instructions say do not return to store of purchase.


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Battery reads full on the charger but mower acts like battery is dead and won’t start
ANSWER : It may show a full charge but when you go to turn the engine over it’s draining the charge and there’s not enough of cranking amps to keep it turning over. I would suggest installing at least a 350 cranking amps. This will not hurt the engine but it will give more power to turn the engine over to start. A lot of cheaper batteries are only 200-275 amps but don’t last long.

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How do you fix a battery problem with my lawn mower because it wont start but it is charged
ANSWER : I think the motor brushes are warn out and need replacing.

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Ryobi problems 18 v staple gun is loaded battery and shooting blanks
ANSWER : Check to make sure you don’t have a staple stuck under the hammer. If the spring feed is working, then something is keeping the staples from sliding under the hammer. Can you hear the hammer hitting? Does it leave an impression on the wood?

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