No. Pro60 Black Lawn Edging 60 – Ft

How do you install Suncast eco edge lawn edgin. What kind of stakes are used, and which side of the boarder do they go on?
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The easiest method requires the use of an old-fashioned edging tool. A rounded one with a half-moon shape will be easier to use, but an Ice Scraper will work too. Just place in into the soil and work a thin narrow trench for the edging to fit into. Then you can tuck the edding into the trench.
There are both platic and metal edging stakes. Home Depot and Lowes both carry them. They should go on the inside of the edging so that they are less visible.

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What`s the easiest landscaping edging to install? Generally, no-dig edging is the easiest edging to install. For most no-dig edging products, depending on the condition of the soil, it takes just minutes to lay the edging out and pound a few stakes into the ground with a rubber mallet to keep it secure.
  1. Plan Your Garden Edging. Decide where to place your garden edge. …
  2. Clear the Planned Area. Once you have outlined the area, use a shovel to dig up sod. …
  3. Level the Area. Use a hand tamper or shovel to level off the area. …
  4. Cover the Area. …
  5. Spread Sand. …
  6. Begin Laying Bricks. …
  7. Plant Your Garden.
Outline the border of the lawn edging to assure an accurate and straight installation. Dig a 6 inch deep trench using a trenching machine or straight edge spade shovel.
Place the plastic edging into the trench.

Push the edging firmly into the trench and against the garden bed. Make sure that the top, decorative edge is just at the surface level of the trench. Note: Place the edging into the trench so that the lip on the bottom points toward the garden bed rather than the lawn.

After the pavers have been set in place within the design, position the paver edgings along the outside perimeter of the installation.
The principle to remember is this: your pavers are only as stable as the base they`re sitting on. That`s why you`ll need to lay a substantial gravel base on top of your dirt. Use road base gravel so that you get the right mix of fine and coarse aggregates for the best compaction.
Steel Edging

Steel is the strongest type of metal edging, is the most long-lasting, and is available in painted colors or in a natural, weathering finish.

Curved lines shape informal garden beds and add interest to pathways. Straight lines evoke a sense of order and a more formal crispness. Horizontal lines create a soothing sense of stability.
For those on a budget or with soft ground in shaded areas, plastic edging can be a great option, but it`s not suitable for everyone. In some instances, metal garden edging is the best solution.
Rubber edging works well next to driveways, sidewalks, planting beds or around trees. Some types have flat construction that is designed to prevent weeds and unwanted growth. Rubber is often considered the best lawn edging for underneath fences and around flower beds.
For those on a budget or with soft ground in shaded areas, plastic edging can be a great option, but it`s not suitable for everyone. In some instances, metal garden edging is the best solution.

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How do i add transmission oil – Ariens Lawn Tractor 46"" Riding Lawn Mower 936053"
ANSWER : Should a plug or cap on top of transaxle.

Need assembly instructions – Suncast ~~ SUNCAST CORPORATION ~~ Storage Building Resin 93w x 94d x 87h 311 cubic ft Taupe
ANSWER : You can go to . Select your storage building CLick on that building, then go down and select installation manual. Here is an example.

Drive gear does not engage – Tecumseh Lawn Boy Push Mowers Insight Silver Powered Series – Sens – A – Speed Walk Behind Mower – 10685
ANSWER : Cable adjustment,broken V-belt, bad gear box.

How do i install a mulching plug on my craftsman lawn tractor?
ANSWER : It covers the hole on the deck

Hi – my son put gasoline in the oil tank of a new lawn mower. It was used twice. I took it to a small engine shop and they got it working again. The guy at the shop said he almost ruined the engine and charged my son $200 to fix it… What does the manual about gas in the oil tank?
ANSWER : I don’t recall it saying anything about simply due to the fact we are supose to know not to do that; however, if it is working, I wouldn’t worry about it.

Bosch electric lawn mower wont start, how do I fix it?
ANSWER : Cable damaged …renew cable . ..if does not work try condenser.

My lawn mower cranks fine and runs fine, however, the wheels will not self-propel, anymore. I’m not sure how old the mower is, as I purchased it used, but it worked properly for the first four or five months that I’ve had it. Any recommendations?
ANSWER : First of all clean all the gunk from all the drive wheel areas and where the drive belt operates as well as the pulleys Check the belt as it could be broken or stretched. Maybe should replace the belt and lubricate all the working areas as well as wheels. Check the shear pin as well.

Replacing safety switch under seat – how do I get it and replaced?
ANSWER : Some of the switches you need to remove the seat cover to install the switch