Bilt Tb425cs 26cc 4 – Cycle Curved – Shaft Gas Trimmer with…

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that will show you how, and if thats not the right model, look to the right of that page for more ways

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4-Cycle SAE 10W-30 Engine Oil.
Unscrew the nut at the bottom clockwise, which will allow you to take off the blade. Remove another shield-layer. Still holding onto the flange, fit the strimmer-cutting head onto the shaft. Rotate anti-clockwise until it screws fully in place.
Engines on most outdoor power equipment operate well with 5W30 Synthetic oil. For equipment operated in hot temperatures, Vanguard 15W50 Synthetic oil provides the best protection.

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How do you change the line on the weedeater – Troy Bilt Tb425cs 26cc 4 – Cycle Curved – Shaft Gas Trimmer with Ez – Start and Speed Spool
ANSWER : Http://

that will show you how, and if thats not the right model, look to the right of that page for more ways

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What type of oil does it use? – Troy-Bilt 4-Cycle Curve Shaft Gas String Trimmer #41ADT41C966
ANSWER : I think all of these 4-stroke trimmers use SAE 30HD oil. I recommend synthetic. If you use synthetic, you can get away with using a multi-viscosity like 10W-30 if you can’t find straight SAE30 synthetic, but don’t use muti-viscosity conventional oil in these machines.

What should gap be between ignition module and flywheel magnets on troybilt 575ss 4 cycle weed trimmer? It is a year 2006 model.
ANSWER : Pull the module back, tighten it up and align magnets on flywheel with module. Put a business car between them and loosen the module. It will move against card. Tighten the screws there. It’s set.

I have a troy-bilt TB514CS 4 cycle gasoline trimmer that the pull cord only pulls out about half way, not allowing me to start the trimmer. what can I do to solve this besides go to a mower shop?
ANSWER : You need to recoil the spring.

I put new gas and spark plug in but it will not start wasrunning great last fall?
problem is probably due to a fuel flow problem, have a look at these tips: this helps!

How do you repair a leaking gas line? it leaks between the gas line and the tank
ANSWER : Possibly, but it might start coffin and spluttering if you fit one.

My troy bilt trimmer tb20sc rope is hard to pull. It all of a sudden stopped working. Took it all apart. Pull on rope off of trimmer,it still works fine. Took off spark plug, piston is moving up and down. When I manually turn the flywheel it turns freely about 3-4 to turns, and then its like it get stuck. What is my problem?
ANSWER : Jard you need to check that the bottom head is clean and there are no obstructions. Then check that the coil is in tight and the nuts are not loose. Finally have you been using the correct fuel mix? Clean the fly wheel with some lubricant spray and sand paper and re assemble.