Aqua-Pure AP102T Whole House Water Filter System

Acqua Pure whole house back wash filter. Need instrucitons to change out matter inside. thanks

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You should aim to sanitize your whole house water filter system at least once a year. If you have water with high TDS, such as well water, you may need to clean your filter housing more frequently. Hard water scale, sediment, and iron may all damage your filtration system over time.
How often should a dirt/rust filter be changed? Dirt/rust cartridges should be changed when a drop in water pressure is noticed, or every three to four months, whichever comes first.
Typical Whole-House Water Filtration Schedules

The typical water filter will need to be changed every 2-6 months.

Whenever you see muck buildup on the outside of your gravity filter cartridge, you can simply take it out and give it a clean. Or if you see the water flow slowly on your under sink or benchtop system, then you can just take it out, give it a scrub, put it back in, and it`ll be as good as new.
Tap on the filter with a screwdriver. This will unstick larger sediment. Place the filter in a bucket containing half a gallon of lukewarm water and a few drops of dish soap or distilled vinegar. Leave the filter for about an hour, then remove it and rinse again until the water runs clear.
You may not be ready to tackle car maintenance jobs like changing the oil or replacing spark plugs, but changing your vehicle`s engine air filter is an easy job that you can do. Doing this job yourself can result in big savings. Many quick lube shops charge up to $25 or more to change an air filter.

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I need to change the deck belt, but i don’t know what to loosen to accomplish this
ANSWER : Loosen the belt tension lever on the left side of the deck …. then remove the right side blade pulley black plastic cover to remove the old belt….. the new belt goes on easily…. 15 min. job

How to remove the blade on a tiger saw quick-change,model#737?
ANSWER : At the base of the blade where it attaches in the saw you will see a round in shape with ridges fixture. Turn it so the slot is in line with the blade. Then you will be able to remove the blade. If the fixture does not turn, move the blade up and down while you turn the fixture.

Primer bulb has hole, how do I change it? Edger will not stay running, need to change primer bulb.
ANSWER : Just take the old one off and take it with you.

Husqvarna iz4817 change oil light needs to be reset
ANSWER : The oil change reminder will flash at 49 hrs for 2 hrs then reset itself. It will do this every 50 hrs.

Blades turn but not fast enough to cut grass – John Deere 4020 Gas & Diesel Tractor Radiator
ANSWER : Sounds like one or two ploblems,,, change belt,,check tenion pully,,hope this help,, good luck

Changed spark plug, but still stalling after 1/2 minute
ANSWER : Simple answer get rid of the machine

When I engage to mow, the mower deck has a clanging sound. do I need to change the belt ?
ANSWER : Not likely a belt thing. Sounds like a bent blade, bent housing, bent spindle shaft. Perhaps something simple like a piece of metal or a rock jammed up in the housing.

Turn the key off and remove it from the machine.
Raise the housing up high enough to look everything over. Or maybe I should say to look everything under.
Rotate the blades to see where one might be hitting the housing or other object.

The belt usually does not contribute to clanking noises.

Can not get spool head apart to change line, tried pump pliers, pipe wrench, won’t unscrew!!
ANSWER : If you are sure that it screws on it may be a reverse threaded unit..