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Get a chiltons repair manual this will give you step by step instructions

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This bike was built to handle both racing and harsh terrain riding. The engine was a 99 cc (6.0 cu in) single cylinder air-cooled system. The compression ratio was 9.4:1 and the bore and stroke were 2.1 inches by 1.8 inches. The whole configuration adds up to about a 10 hp output.
Many people just use XR100 to shorten it up and save time when typing it in or saying it out loud. With that said, the 1984 and earlier XR100 has an older design, which includes the lower performance dual rear shocks. In 1985, Honda officially renamed it the XR100R and went to a single rear spring shock.
The Honda XR100R top speed is 50 mph. However, If you or the previous owner geared the dirt bike down for trails, it won`t be as fast. On the other hand, if you (or they) geared up, it could go faster. Gearing plays a significant role in the delivery of your bike`s power.
One of the easiest ways to get more torque and horsepower from your XR100 is to give it a bigger engine. By adding a 120cc big bore kit (Amazon), you`ll be able to accelerate faster to get up hills quicker or pop the front wheel up to wheelie over logs with less effort.
Torque to 140 in-lbs.
The Honda XR is a series of four-stroke dirt bikes produced from 1979 onward. The models with an “R” suffix were the competition enduro models, typically not street-legal from the factory, while the “L” models were the street-legal dual-sports.
These rims are the normal supermoto sizes for full size dirt bikes. 3.5×17 front and 4.25×17 rear.
The Honda XR100R is another great option for kids. These dirt bikes are known for being strong, reliable, and low-maintenance. The XR100 is one of the best used four stroke dirt bikes for 8-year-olds because of the low seat height, smooth power, and Honda`s famous durability.
“The top speed of this machine is 250 km/h which makes it ideal for riding on gravel roads or tracks where you will have to go fast. … … if you use it on highways then it can go up to 180 kilometers per hour.”
This enduro bike has an air cooled, four stroke, single cylinder, 497cc engine with a compression ratio of 8.6:1, developing 32 horsepower at 6500rpm.
The engine is a 40 hp, air-cooled 644 cc (39.3 cu in) SOHC, dry-sump, single-cylinder, four-stroke.
How much HP does a XR600 have? A XR600 has about 46 HP at 6,000 RPMs.

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How to reset the timing on a 6.5 HP honda – Honda GX200-RH2 22mm Shaft 2 to 1 Gear Reduction 6.5 HP Engine
ANSWER : Good question first you need to find top dead center.if you cant find any marking on cam shaft remove spark plug. place thumb over hole and gentle pull motor over first will be suction next you will feel compression agaist your thumb this will be the power stroke as you pull motor over note when you first feel this and when this stops .this will give you a ball park idea of TDC.align the ignition system to fire here

How do you adjust the timing on a 1982 honda xr100
ANSWER : Get a chiltons repair manual this will give you step by step instructions

<!– from fixya rte –>Electrical diagram for Honda GX390 – Honda Gx390 Motor Inside Cover
ANSWER : Check out the manual here http://cdn.powerequipment.honda.com/engines/pdf/manuals/37Z5F602.pdf

How to reset the timing on a 6.5 HP honda – Honda GX200-RH2 22mm Shaft 2 to 1 Gear Reduction 6.5 HP Engine
ANSWER : The timing is fixed and determined by the position of flywheel on the crankshaft. If your timing is off, most likely the key holding the flywheel to the crankshaft has sheared. Remove the flywheel, inspect the key and replace if needed; reinstall the flywheel.

Hello i have a Honda GX160 and the engine will only run on choke if i close it the engine just splutters and thats it. it wont run at the norm i have replaced the carb the tank the air filter and the spark plug and know luck i have no more ideas as to what the problem really is thanks jord
ANSWER : Ii know you must have replaced the fuel filter. Did you replace the fuel line? It is obvious it is not betting enough fuel or it is out of time. Have you tried adjusting the jets on the carb? Have you checked the timing? There is a crankshaft key-way that may be bent just enough to get the engine out of time. And finally have you checked the fuel pump which I would suspect is your problem. The diaphragm may be busted.

Just purchased a new FG 110 tiller it seems to run fine for a while then I have to release the throttle to keep it from stalling out. It has less then 20 minutes of use. I have installed the oil. It will start back up immediately but then dies again. What is problem? Or should I return it now.
ANSWER : It sounds like you may have a “lean” carburetor mixture setting on the high side or full throttle. This carburetor may have limiters or special screws that will make it difficult for you to adjust. You may try contacting a dealer to see if they could try adjusting it for you or just take the unit back.

Honda HRR216 does not start at all ,what could be the problem
ANSWER : Hi arshadmalik5…

Check to make sure you are getting fire/spark at the plug, if so then do the following:Check/Clean/Replace your fuel filter if you have one.If the mower/weedeater/edger is over a couple of years old, then I recommend that you buy and install a new carburetor repair kit,because the diaphragm will get hard and that will cause it to be hard to crank.Sounds like you will need to clean the carburetor or replace your carburetor internal rubber parts like the diaphgram and O rings.Be sure to use compressed air to blow out all the fuel and air passages.Be careful when blowing out the passages, because there are sometimes small rubber type seats in the bottom of some of the passages.Sometimes you can get by with priming the carburetor or using starting fluid and letting it run a few times like that and it will flush the gunk out of the jets,but most of the time you will need to rebuild the carburetor.Keep in mind that the float for the carburetor must be level when you go to reassemble the carburetor or follow the instrucitons you get with the carburetor kit.When you clean your carburetor and remove the jet screws, you will first need to lightly seat the jet screws.But before you lightly seat the jet screws count the number of turns it takes to seat the jet screws from their original position.Be sure to mark the turns down on a piece of paper.That way when you put the jets back in, you know to lightly seat them first and then turn them back out to their orginal position before you started.
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My Honda 160cc lawn mower engine cut out when I hit a large clump of grass. Now I cannot get it to start. Has always started with no problems. What to do?
ANSWER : Has probably broken flywheel key ….. putting it out of time