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Throttle cable has gotten loose over the years and only opens throttle about half way
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There’s a little screw on the throttle cable connector that can be adjusted

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What is the correct spark plug gap for my STIHL trimmer, chainsaw or blower? The correct gap setting is 0.020″.
Increase Throttle Response with Aftermarket Throttle Bodies

More air volume and speed is a surefire way to increase horsepower and throttle response at any given RPM. It is easy to achieve this at high RPM when the engine sucks in substantial amounts of air on its own. But coming off idle is another story.

Most manufacturers specify 2-3mm of free play for the throttle to respond correctly and accelerate smoothly. A cable that`s too loose will give poor throttle response, one that`s too tight can result in a high engine idle speed and a sharp, sensitive throttle action.
Pry the plastic cap off if it is still engaged. Disconnect the idle air adjustment valve by locating and disengaging the electronic connector that holds it to the throttle body. Turn the idle screw to adjust the idle—turn the screw to the left to increase the RPM or to the right to lower it.
What is the correct spark plug gap for my STIHL trimmer, chainsaw, or blower? The correct gap setting is 0.020″.
Many spark plugs are tightened between 8-40nm (nanometer) and should be installed per the torque setting recommended by spark plug manufacturers. Moreover, it should also be done with a torque wrench (a particular socket wrench type) to avoid any over or under-tightening. But that isn`t all you need to know.
Along with this generic recommendation, engine performance can also be an indicator of cable issues. Poor full throttle operation may be a sign that the throttle cable has too much slack. An engine that is difficult to control or has an erratic idle may indicate that there is not enough throttle cable slack.
The fuel line may be clogged from stale fuel deposits, more reasons to cause your chainsaw to cut out when applying throttle. If a fuel line is cracked, it will leak gasoline and draw air from outside into the fuel line. If the line is leaking fuel, it needs to be replaced.
Expert Advice: Throttle Cable Adjustment. Whatever type of bike you ride, and wherever you ride it – on the road, dirt, or track – mastering throttle control is crucial. What your right hand does affects your bike`s suspension, that in turn changes your chassis geometry, altering the way your bike behaves.

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How do you adjust the throttle cable on a stihl FS200?
ANSWER : There’s a little screw on the throttle cable connector that can be adjusted

ANSWER : Easy… if the carb adjustments are still factory set the you just need to replace the muffler screen or also called a spark arrester.it covers the muffler exit….

My 290 isn’t oiling chain. I tried adjusting oil flow and still no oil?
ANSWER : You have to remove the bar and clean it out

How much does a trimmer throttle cable cost? – Stihl Trimmer Throttle Cable Km 40 50 56 70
ANSWER : 27 punuds including VAT – L&S Engineering

How to adjust chainsaw oiler on stihl MS230
ANSWER : You cant. the oiler on an Ms230 is preset and non adjustable. Make sure the oil worm gear isnt damaged

The tines on a honda f220 always spin and don’t change speed when clutch is engaged but speed up when throttle is increased. Adjusted cable with no luck.
ANSWER : I believe that unit utilizes a centrifical clutch. try decreasing the idle speed and see if the tines stop. They should then engage as throttle is increased.

How do I adjust the carb jet when it wont run?
ANSWER : Carl,I bought one of these,the engine locked up and it couldn’t be fixed,Stihl’s are junk,went and bought a huskavarna from Lowe’s,if buy your spark plugs,get them at Autozone,Stihl has a high mark up…

Need parts list for Stihl FS 75 trimmer – Oregon Scientific Complete Carburetor for Stihl 4122 Brush Cutter and 4226HS Hedge Trimmer
ANSWER : Look at your local lawn and garden place some times they have extra parts that you can use for your trimmer. Or call the company them selfs and ask them if they have parts.