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While squeezing shut-off, pump sprayer until all liquid is expelled. 3. Continue squeezing shut-off without pumping to release all air pressure.
The most common reason sprayers leak is a worn or damaged component, whether that be a valve or an O-ring.

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Sprayer wont spray or hold pressure
ANSWER : We use the both the 425 and 475 solo sprayers most days at work and when they start to lose pressure ( after 6 months of daily professional use) we purchase a complete seal kit and put it through them. The only part I can’t work out how to remove is the inside cylinder, other than that everything else is easily removed and replaced.

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Trying to remove pressure tank from inside spray unit.

trying to replace all seals.

ANSWER : Dont !!!!! just buy a new one bout 100 bucks but if u want it comes out thru top but u have to take lose underneath
way too labor intensive for the price of new one

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How do you refill?
ANSWER : Remove all pressure by keeping the hose open until no pressure is left. place pump handle down toward tank. Turn count counter clock wise to unscrew. Take assembly out of tank then fill tank. Reinstall in reverse order.


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I have a SOLO 461 sprayer. After months of good service, the pressure from the spray jet drops after a few seconds of spraying. If I close the trigger, then re-open it, the spray again lasts just a few seconds.

I have taken the whole trigger assembly, and all jets etc apart, cleaned and re-assembled, without fixing it. Hope you can assist.

Thanks, John

ANSWER : If it is a diaphram style replace diaphram if it is a piston style replace piston how to’s are easy on both just take ur time and pay attention to removal process

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I have two 428 solo back pack sprayers both of the pumps have crackes in them where do I get parts. Help!!!
ANSWER : I have 428 with a broken pump handle. the solo co. has some parts.their ph. no. is 757-245-4228,i talked to a young man @ ext.352,name is shawnatin.if you can’t get the parts,i would like to offer you $5.00 a peice for the handles & shipping cost.just snapped today while working in my yard.

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I have a solo 425 sprayer. When I attempt to pump the sprayer, the handle wants to push back up. Very little fluid comes out of the wand. I have had the problem on an older model unit. I took the rubber piece out of the center of the cap and that solved the problem. That has been done already. ?????
ANSWER : I think you need to remove the pressure cylinder. I’ve had the same problem with my 425 and there is a screen on the cylinder that must be cleaned. To remove the cylinder, do all the disassembly in the owners manual. Then get a short piece of 2×4 or 2×2. Place the end of the 2×4 on the pressure cylinder through the top of the tank. Give it a good whack with the hammer. It may take more than one good whack to free it, but it will come loose. Then inspect/clean the screen. You are going to have to use some force to get it back in. Turn the sprayer upside down, insert the pressure cylinder, lay the 2×4 across the bottom of the pressure cylinder and use even force to tap it back in. Stop when you get to the O ring collar and do the rest by hand being careful not to pinch the O ring. It may help to lube the O ring with vaseline.

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How do you get the top off? – Roundup 2 Gallon Pro Garden Poly Tank Pump Sprayer (Roundup)
ANSWER : Howdy chloebuckski,This is a question that I get quite often. Here is the answer; with some pressure push the handle inward while turning counterclockwise. When you feel the handle sink in, keep turning and you’ve got it.Hope this helps,Coach Davecommunity.homedepot

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How do you get the top off a Roundup 2 gal. sprayer?
ANSWER : Release the pressure, push the handle down andturn it to the left.

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