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Homelite XL 2 Automatic Chainsaw … free to shoot me a question or comment and I’ll do my best to answer as accurately as I can . … Homelite SUPER 2 Chainsaw OILER REPAIR & TEST RUN – Duration: … HOW TO ADJUST A Homelite Carburetor – Duration: 5:01. by smallenginemaster1 177,482 views.

How to Adjust the Carburetor on a Homelite Super VI Chain …

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Homelite Super VI chain saws are equipped with a Walbro HDC diaphragm, and …Adjust the idle mixture screw and idle speed screws clockwise one-quarter turn at a …Homelite Super 2 Chain Saw Oil Type · How to Replace a Carburetor on a …. MyRidevisit’Cars-My Ride’navigation-www’4 · Sell Your Carvisit’Cars-Sell …

Need carb settings for Homelite chainsaw – My Tracto

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Turn the high speed or main jet screw clockwise until the engine begins to slow. Then, turn the screw the other way until the engine begins to slow. Turn the screw back to the midpoint. Once adjusted, check engine acceleration by moving the throttle from idle to fast.
Adjust the low-speed adjustment screw on the left and high-speed adjustment screw on the right with a screwdriver. Turn the low-speed screw clockwise until you feel the needle touch the seat. Turn the low-speed screw back counterclockwise one and one-third turns.
Set idle speed adjusting screw, clockwise to increase rpm, counter-clockwise to decrease rpm. Idle rpm range should be 950 to 1050 rpms. Adjust idle mixture by turning idle mixture screw slowly clockwise until the engine runs poorly.
The idle speed screw (arrow 1) is located on the primary linkage. The idle metering adjustment screws (arrow 2) are located on the primary metering block on most Holley carburetors. A typical starting location for these idle mixture screws is between 1 and 1 ½ turns out from fully seated.
Q: How Do I Know if My Carburetor Needs Adjusting? A: Simply put, poor running conditions are a dead giveaway. A rough idle, poor throttle response, and excessive fuel consumption are all signs to look for. If the carburetor was sitting for some time or hasn`t been serviced in a while, you may need to clean it first.
The idle air control valve enables the engine to idle smoothly rather than stall out while the vehicle is stopped. It will continue doing so until you step on the accelerator and the vehicle starts to move again. In gasoline engines, engine speed depends on airflow, which is controlled by the throttle body.
Often, dirt in the idle circuit can cause a no-idle situation, where the engine will run well at road speed. Sometimes, removing the idle mixture screw, blowing compressed air into the hole, replacing the mixture screw and readjusting the mixture may cure this problem.
There are many factors that can stop your chainsaw from running, including a bad spark plug or dirty air filter. There are simple problems: a broken fuel line, bad fuel, wrongly calibrated high-low adjustment screw. Also, more complex issues like a damaged carburettor or an engine compression problem.
There are many factors that can stop your chainsaw from running, including a bad spark plug or dirty air filter. There are simple problems: a broken fuel line, bad fuel, wrongly calibrated high-low adjustment screw. Also, more complex issues like a damaged carburettor or an engine compression problem.
The most probable – and easiest to fix – cause of chain rotation while the chainsaw engine idles is a poorly adjusted idle setting on the carburetor. The result is that too much fuel is delivered to the combustion chamber when the throttle is released, and the engine doesn`t really slow.

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Does anyone know the carb. setting for a Homelite 45cc chainsaw. Or set up procedure??
ANSWER : Start 1.5 CCW from lighty seated then do as the link suggests.
Carburetor Adjustment by Madsens.com
CW is leaner; to lean will destroy the saw. If over tightened closed (CW) the adjustment screw faces are easily marred; marred adjustments are difficult to impossible to set properly.Clean the air filter; adjusting with a dirty filter can cause a run lean condition once cleaned and the saw run.
There are 2 wav (sound – idle & full – may not be highlighted) files that I find most helpful, I think you will too.

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I just started up my new 16″ Homelite and the engine starts, but the mechanism that powers the chainsaw isn’t rotating… any suggestions?
ANSWER : The engine needs to be accelerated to make the chain turn. The chain should not be so tight on the bar that you can’t turn it by hand. Make sure the chain brake is off by pulling back on the brake paddle which has a ‘toggle’ effect–it should snap over to the new position. If still having problems, it is time to return for warranty exchange or repair. Hope this helps!

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Chainsaw will not idle homelite – Homelite ZR10926 16 Chain Saw
ANSWER : Any more info?

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Replace bar and or chain …saw runs but not with the chain
ANSWER : The bar MUST be straight. Soak the chain with penetrating oil. If that doesn’t free it up, replace it. If it is kinked sideways–replace it. Never run a chainsaw with damaged parts.

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Carburator adjustment for Homelite xl 12 chain saw
ANSWER : Turn both screws CW to stops (lightly), then back out each CCW 1-1/2 turns. This should get the engine running if it will. If it does not, check the lower diaphragm on the carburetor for hardness or cracking. You appear to be running on prime only–the carburetor doesn’t seem to be pumping in fresh fuel. You may need to do a carburetor clean and re-kit. Check the fuel line condition and the fuel filter in the tank for plugging. Make sure the muffler and air cleaner are not plugged. Once you get the engine to continue running, warm the engine up. Open the throttle and adjust the H needle CW–the engine should start to speed up, but still 4-stroking. The proper setting is 4-stroking, but immediately 2-stroke when cutting. Release the throttle and adjust L needle CW so that the engine runs fairly smoothly, yet will allow the engine to ‘follow the throttle’. Set idle speed screw so that the chain stops turning, but the engine continues to run. Hope this helps!

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Chain brake will not release (homelite chainsaw)
ANSWER : The header says you have a Homelite saw and if this correct you can go to Homelite.com and look up parts or other information that you might need for your saw. There is also a contact us area. Good luck

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My saw idles way too fast – how do I adjust? – Homelite Gas, 20 In. Bar, 46 CC, Chain Saw, UT10520
ANSWER : Threr will be three adjuster screws on the carb ( will be holes in the cover so as to acess without removing any covers ) they will be marked L H and I( for idle ) or T( for tickover ). The T or I screw will adjust the idle speed, unscrew anti clockwise to reduce the speed.

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It seems that when the chainsaw gets hot, it shuts down and will not start?
ANSWER : Taking a wild guess at this problem,but you are probably using gas that has ethanol in it
gas with ethanol will burn up a small motor
try using non ethanol gas and see if that fixes problem

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