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A spindle is one of the most essential components of a riding lawn mower. It is the part of the mower that is responsible for spinning the blade and allowing it to rotate as the mower moves across the grass. Without the spindle, the mower would not be able to cut the grass effectively.
Step 3 – Loosen the blade bolt

Wearing safety gloves, begin to loosen the blade bolt by turning it counter-clockwise. Depending on the type of lawn mower that you have, there may be one or several heat treated blade bolts to undo, which may or may not have special washers attached to them.

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How do I remove the top lock nut from the spindle assembly. The spindle broke at all 4 restraining bolts when I hit a rock

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How do I remove the clutch on an Echo chain saw??
ANSWER : Backwards to the rotation of the motor, all you need are basic tools to do this.

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Automatic shutdown computer trojen virus detected remove trojen virus please solution this virus
Start your computer in safe mode…..

then download a program called Malwarebytes….

This program will fix you up…..


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2005 Craftsman DYT 4000 18.5hp Briggs: As I was cutting I heard a whirling sound as if a belt was slipping on a pulley. The sound went away after a second or two, and then the deck began to vibrate. By that time I had shut the mower down. This occurred without hitting anything in the lawn. After examination, a pulley appeared to have loosened on top the mandrel. When I removed the top bolt I realized the bolt was not loose at all. The pulley itself was loose due to the grooves from the mandrel scoring a circle in the pulley where it is normally notched. Of course, the mandrel also had the notches round off in the corresponding area. When I dropped the deck and removed the belt, the blade and mandrel turned easily. I thought it would have been locked in place. After looking over the entire deck I noticed that the idler pulley spring was missing. Could this one little $2.00 spring have caused all of this damage? I can’t find any other reason for it.

Also, I have purchased two new heavy duty mandrel assemblies and a replacement pulley and spring. Are there torque specs for the mandrel housing bolts, and the mandrel top bolts? Should I use anti-seize or lock-tite in these areas? Thanks…

ANSWER : DCJohnson, let me start by saying that the only thing you may want to put on the bolt would be a anti-weather, some of these come as anti seize, but it must be patroleum based. You definatly dont want lock tite in these areas due to the climate changes. This could prevent you from EVER getting that bolt out with a wrench again.

As for the tourque specs, the ft-lb specs really aren’t that important, especially if you dont have a tourque wrench, which will guess you have. SO to get that out of the way, i would say roughy 35 ft-lbs of tourge would be fine. This is how i always judge my tourque by hand

1. Hand tighten the bolt until you feel your bicep working to turn it.
2. Then pull the wrench to you with the force equivillent to pulling yourself out of a chair or equivilant position. (typically 1/2 up to 1 full turn after reaching a tightened state.) you will know when its tight because you will here creeking sounds form the bolt. DOnt go more the 1 full turn if you do hear the sounds


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Why can’t I remove front wheels? Ihave removed all bolts and screws; something seems to be locking the wheels on.
ANSWER : The bearings are no doubt shot, but the wheel should still come off. Check closely and see if there is a cauter pin which needs to be removed.

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What should gap be between ignition module and flywheel magnets on troybilt 575ss 4 cycle weed trimmer? It is a year 2006 model.
ANSWER : Pull the module back, tighten it up and align magnets on flywheel with module. Put a business car between them and loosen the module. It will move against card. Tighten the screws there. It’s set.

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I need to replace the pto clutch on my cub cadet 2160, how do I remove the outside bolt? it turns with the engine
ANSWER : Best way is to use an impact gun. second way would be to use a pipe wrench on the shaft if theres room. use some liquid wrench to loosen it up too

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I hit a rock while mowing and now the mower is vibratating badly? What do I need to Do?
ANSWER : Either the blade or the crankshaft is bent.check bladefirst,if bent change out the blade.if this doesn’t work the crankshaft is bent.from there it depends how much you want to spend on that unit.the crankshaft is high dollar part

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