Curved Shaft Trimmer Bump Feed Replacement Line

I want to replace the entire cutting head on my homelite HLT-15 weed eater and need to know if there is a key pin or some way to remove it

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change your trimmer head is because after a while once it gets worn down too much it`ll then struggle to feed your trimmer line. you may begin to notice this problem when you start to bump. against surfaces or it`s extremely hard for it to feed more trimmer line out have a look at.

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My homelite seems to running right until i cut into wood then the engine just dies for some reason
ANSWER : Not right ideal settings!

Chainsaw will not idle homelite – Homelite ZR10926 16 Chain Saw
ANSWER : Any more info?

I need to replace the whole trimmer head and I dont know how to get the gear case off so I can put the new one on. Can anyone help?
ANSWER : To replace the trimmer head you don’t need to replace the gear case. If you look closely about a 1/4 inch up from the safety guard you’ll see a hole in the side of the “gearcase” assemby. (you may have to clean the old dead grass clippings off to see it) You can shove a rod into the hole that will stop the head from spinning freely and I believe you spin the head clock wise (reverse threads) to remove the head.

How old is my homelite chainsaw xl-12 serial number 2621590
ANSWER : Http://

How do i fix a rope on the recoil?
ANSWER : You can get a replacement rope kit at Home Depot or any home improvement center. Mine was 3 bucks.

I have a Homelite HLT26CDNB line trimmer. It chews through line very quickly. I’m wondering if the way I put new line on the head is the reason. Can’t find good instructions, please help if you can.
ANSWER : After near-divorce over our Homelite Fiasco 2000, we discovered that the line holds out if you only run it at about 60% throttle.

How do I replace line on spool – Homelite Mighty Lite Lawn Trimmer
ANSWER : These diagrams and instructions from YOUR owners manual say it best. Please see pages 13 & 14.

Motor runs well but trimmer head does noy rotate
ANSWER : Remove the shaft and pull the drive shaft cable out and check to see if its broken or stripped at the ends.